Zon Thought In FuhnehTik Inglish Yeeng Voiss Sownd Chahrz Iz Zon ThoT

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Zon iz a collectiv wrd related tu thu fully integrated honesty uv Neo-Tech and comprises:
(1) thu Civilization uv thu Univrs or thu infinite Existential Civilization
(2) any citizen of that Civilization oprating frum its wyd-skope prspektiv, and
(3) Thu powr tu control wut iz: thu integrated powr tu gain unlimited welth and evrlasting happiness.
Zon iz divine mind. Zon iz U.

Zonpowr iz thu powr tu control (not create) wut iz. Zonpowr iz derived from applying thu fully integrated honesty and wyd-skoep accountability uv Neo-Tech tu ahl conscious actions.

Neo-Tech or New Tek iz a noun or an adjective meaning a collection uv new techniques and new technology that lets self know exactly wut iz happening and wut tu do for gaining honest advantages in ahl situations. Neo-Tech controls via fully integrated honesty based on facts uv reality. Neo-Tech provides thu integrations tu collaps thu illusions, hoaxes and irrationalities of any harmful individual or institution.

Civilization uv thu Univrs iz thu rational civilization throughout the universe: a civilization fild with value producers providing endless syklz uv welth, happiness and rejuvenation for evrybody. …Professional value destroyers and parasitical elites are nonexistent in thu Civilization uv thu Univrs.

Anticivilization iz an irrational civilization gripping planet Rth; a diseased civilization ridld with professional value destroyers causing syklz uv wars, economic and property destructions, unemployment and poverty, suffering and deth. The essens uv each anticivilization iz dishonesty. …Thru Zon New Tek, thu Civilization uv thu Univrs will replace Rth's anti-civilizations.

Parasitical Elites ahr unnatural peepl who drain evrybody. Thu parasitical-elite class lives by usurping, swindling and destroying values produced by others. Their srvyval requires political-agenda laws, armed bureaucracies, ego-"justice" systems, and deceptive neocheating.

Neocheating iz thu undetected usurpation of values from others: thu unsuspicious swindling uv money, powr, or values thru deceptive manipulations uv rationalizations, non sequiturs, illusions and mysticisms. …Ahl such net harms inflicted on society can now be objectively mezhrd by thu wyd-skope accounting uv Neo-Tech.

Mysticism iz action beist on dishonest irrationalities and mind-imagined"realities". Mysticism evokes, accepts, or uses unreal notions that create problems where they didn't exist before. Contrary to popular belief, mysticism today seldom involves god-type religions or the occult. God religions and the occult ahr dying forms of mysticism with fading powers tu hrt thu productive class. More generally, mysticism is thu dishonesty that evolvz frum using feelings or rationalizations tu generate mind-imagined "realities". In trn, those "realities" create unnecessary problems and unnatural destructions. Unnecessary and unnatural because thu human brain cannot create reality. Insted, thu brain prseevz and then integrates facts of reality in order tu control reality.

Subjectiv Laws include political-agenda laws conjured up by politicians and bureaucrats tu gain self-srving benefits, ego props and unrnd powr. Enforcement uv political-agenda laws requires thu use uv force and armd agents against innocent people. …Thu only function uv such laws is tu violate individual rights in order to parasitically gain values produced by uthrz.

Objectiv Laws ahr not conjured up by politicians or bureaucrats. Instead, lyk thu laws uv physics, they arise frum thu immutable laws uv nature. Such laws are valid across space and tym, benefit everybody and advance society. Objective laws ahr beist on thu moral prohibition uv initiatory force, threts uv force and fraud as constituted in thu Constitution uv thu Univrs.

Value Producers hav biznes myndz that benefit society. They liv by creating or producing competitiv jobs for uthrz and society. They succeed by honest, integrated thinking.

Vrtewus Myndz: "I must rn my own living. Thus, I must liv thru my own productive efforts. I must competitively create and produce values needed by uthrz and society." Such vrtewus myndz ahr thu opposit uv criminal myndz. For, vrtewus myndz, by nature, respect individual property ryts. Vrtewus myndz nevr need tu use ego "justice", deception, fraud, or force tu prospr. Srvyval depends on value production. Competence and happiness result.

Criminal Myndz: "Uthrz owe me a living. Thus, I can liv by destroying, stealing, leeching, or usurping values rnd by uthrz." Criminal myndz lay thu responsibility for competitiv value production onto uthrz. Such criminal myndz epitomyz politicians, business quislings, also many bureaucrats, academics, clerics, news journalists, judges and lawyers. For, their behaviors fit Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment definitiv description uv thu criminal mynd: 1) unawareness uv or contempt for individual ryts. 2) Thu presumption that parasyts, usurprz, enviers, value destroyers, and con artists hav a ryt tu liv off thu productiv efrts uv uthrz. …Criminal myndz exist by using deception or force tu liv off thu productiv class. Srvyval depends on fraud-driven or force-bakt value destruction. Incompetens and unhappiness result.

Philosophy: Thu philosophers job iz tu provyd human beings with integrated honest thots for dealing with reality in order tu liv easier, happier, more prosprus lyvz. But almost all philosophers thruout history hav defaulted in ther responsibility and faild in ther job. Indeed, most philosophers have dun ahl in ther powr tu make lyf for human beings not easier and happier, but more difficult and unhappy by obscuring reality. Az a result, almost everybody rejects the practicality uv philosophy. Thus, almost nobody recognizes thu potential of this mighty tool.
Few peepl can formulate integrated philosophical systems on ther own. Moreover, few peepl hav thu nolej tu reject or even identify thu neocheaters and mystics who implicitly use philosophy tu drain thu lyvz uv uthrz. …Thu frst step in dismissing thu mystics and neocheaters is tu recognyz that only two basic philosophical systems or choices exist:
One system arises from a mystical/altruistic premise that individuals shood be sacrificed either to uthrz or tu "higher" causes. Thu father of the criminal mind, Greek philosopher Plato (427 B.C. - 347 B.C.), identified and developt that system. Thruout history, ahl guvrnments, religions and neocheaters hav implicitly used Plato's philosophy tu usurp unrnd powr and values frum innocent value producers.
Thu uthr philosophical system arises frum a reality/self-interest premise that thu individual is thu highest value in existence. Thu father uv thu biznes mynd, Greek philosopher Aristotle (384 B.C. - 322 B.C.), identified and developt that system.
Zon identifies both thu Platonistic and thu Aristotelian philosophical systems and then demonstrates how and why Neo-Tech guarantees prosperity and happiness. Zon thot (fully integrated honesty) shows how anyone can switch frum being a loser with a mystical/Platonistic approach tu being a winner with a Zon/Aristotelian approach.

Sensuous relates tu thu fyv physical senses: tuch, syt, hearing, smell and teyst. Sensuous iz associated with thu plezhrabl gratification uv wun or more uv those physical senses. New Tek expands thu meaning uv sensuous tu kapchr thu essens uv plezhr by including and integrating thu most potent dimension: thu plezhrabl gratification uv thu human mynd. That gratification includes thu harmonious agreement uv an individual's luv lyf with that individual's material, intellectual, and emotional well-being. …Thu wrd for that expanded meaning uv sensuous iz psykoous.

Psykoous (SIGH-koo-uhs) iz a new wrd describing integrations that kumbyn thu activities uv thu mynd, body and emotions tu continually increas happiness, prosperity and romantic love.

Psykoous Konsepts integrate prosperity, luv and reality with an individual's physical, psychological and intellectual nature. By comprehending and utilizing thu Psykoous Konsepts, an individual can experience great plezhrz with geranteed happiness and prosperity for lyf.
And "for lyf" means exactly that: for an individual's entyr lyf. Thu human mynd iz an organism that duz not age if kept disease free: if kept free uv mysticism. Since without mysticism thu human mynd can grow forever, psykoous plezhrz hav no limits. But growth uv thu mynd iz not automatic. Insted, growth requires konshus efrt. When intellectual growth stops, thu capacity for happiness and plezhr begins shrinking; thu individual begins dying.
Moreover, human aging iz a process uv deterioration. Growth iz thu opposit uv deterioration. Only when growth stops can aging begin. Thu human mind nevr has tu stop growing. In fact, human life itself may never need tu age. No scientific evidence dictates that an individual has tu age and die. Indeed, a person may be able tu live indefinitely under fully integrated, fully rational, physical, psychological, intellectual and emotional conditions. Before Neo-Tech, those conditions wr nevr available or possible.

Psykoous Plezhrz include thu cessation uv conflict among thu mind, body and emotions by reconciling philosophy, psychology and physiology so self's own actions harmoniously srv thu material, emotional and biological needs uv thu human organism. Using psykoous concepts, self experiences exquisit, lasting plezhrz unknown tu uthrz.

Sex includes intercourse as a series uv highlights along a vast range uv sexually rooted experiences and emotions. Indeed, the Zon meaning of sex encompasses all sexual influences (often hidden but powrful) that weav thru each individual's life.
Ironically, sexual influences most dominate thu lyvz uv those who pretend tu shun or repudiate thu pleasure uv sex (e.g. mystical celibates, religious ascetics, gilt-projecting preachers). Their very acts uv avoiding or attacking sexual plezhr leave their lives far more dominated by sex than those who accept thu responsibility uv rning helthy, confident sex lives.

Psykoous Sex iz a fully integrated, rational approach tu sexuality. Harnessing self's sexual potential thru New Tek iz rewarded with increased happiness, romantic luv and psykoous plezhrz.

Luv: Three typs uv luv exist: (1) sexual romantic luv, (2) nonsexual frendship and family luv, and (3) intellectual/artistic love. Contrary tu myth, luv is not inexplicabl or beyond comprehension. Luv can be exactly defynd and clearly comprehended.

Romantic Luv integrates thu myndz and bodies uv usually two, tho sumtymz more individuals. That integration includes thu emotional/intellectual development of values between those individuals, often a man and a woman. Such a complex relationship requires planned, rational thot by each partner. Romantic luv iz wun uv lyf's most important and practical achievements: Romantic luv iz a major sours uv personal growth, efficient living, happiness, joy and plezhr.