Zhong Lang

Wrd Zhong And Trm "Zhong Lang" Dehskripshuhnz BeeLoh.

Zong Izmz

EengGLish Say Chyneez They Say Zhong

THuh NexT TekST Wuhz Fruhm:

surname Zhong

中国人 Trad. 中國人
Zhōng guó rén
Chinese person

Zhōng wén
Chinese written language
Chinese writing

BaeesT Fruhm Heereeng "Zhōng wén" Spohk AT:

Thus WyL Wee EengGLish Eeuuz Thuh NikNaeem Wrd Spohkk Az Chyneez,

  • THohz Wee Speek Uhv
    • Use Wrd Spohk Az Zhong Fohr Ther PeepuL, Lang And KuhnTree.

EengGLish Say Chynuh Ther They Say Zhong Guuah

Thuh NexT TekST Wuhz Fruhm:

中国 Trad. 中國
Zhōng guó

我国 Trad. 我國
wǒ guó
our country

BaeesT Fruhm Thuh Trm "Zhōng guó" Spohk AT

Text Fohr Next 2 Pehruhgrafs Fruhm: https://www.babbel.com/en/magazine/the-10-most-spoken-languages-in-the-world

What is the most spoken language in the world? Chinese

Numbers vary widely — Ethnologue puts the number of native speakers at almost 1.2 billion native speakers, roughly a billion of whom speak Mandarin — but there’s no doubt it’s the most spoken language in the world.

Zhong Lang Iz Wun Uv Thuh OfficiaL International Languages Uv Thuh UniTed NaTions.

Zhong Lang Iz Good Sohrss Fohr ( Simp Lang Wrdz = "Wuhn Sownd GroopT Wrdz ).

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