Zeeroh Syz Ohmz

0=Leeng Syz Ohmz Vrs (Haoh=#)1: Theeree:

0=Leeng Syz Ohmz Vrs (Haoh=#)2: (Zero=Pin Yin Ling)

0=Leeng Syz Ohmz Vrs (Haoh=#)3: Leeng Iz: Nown Leeng Izm Ohr Vrb Leeng Aiz.

Wrd Zero = Pin Yin Líng )

NexT Zhong Lang Pin Yin KonsepTs Wr Fruhm:

- líng
- zero

Thuh Wrd "Zero" Iz RehpreezehnTed By Thuh Zhong Lang Syn 〇 SpeLd In Pin Yin Az líng.

BaesT Fruhm Heereeng

Thuh NexT TekST Wuhz Fruhm:

líng…English translations

zero, nil,
naught, 0

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(Zeroed=Linged) In Yeeng Voyss Sownd Chahrz

0d=Leengd Vrs (Haoh=#)1: Theeree ( Zeroed = Língd )

Suffix -ed Vrs (Haoh=#)1: Suffix ed Uv (Zeroed iz 0d iz Lingd) Saiz Ohm Uv Saiz KLass LisT Uv AhL Spundj KunTree.

Suffix -ed Vrs (Haoh=#)2: Suffix -ed Pronunciation

Suffix -ed Vrs (Haoh=#)3:0: (in verbs, past participles, and some denominal adjectives):
Suffix -ed Vrs (Haoh=#)3:1:0: * (after a vowel or a voiced consonant other than a /d/)
Suffix -ed Vrs (Haoh=#)3:1:1: * enPR: d, IPA(key): /d/
Suffix -ed Vrs (Haoh=#)3:2:0: * (after a voiceless consonant other than a /t/)
Suffix -ed Vrs (Haoh=#)3:2:1: * enPR: t, IPA(key): /t/
Suffix -ed Vrs (Haoh=#)3:3: * (after a /d/ or /t/) same as below

Suffix -ed Vrs (Haoh=#)4:0: (other denominal adjectives):
Suffix -ed Vrs (Haoh=#)4:1: * (US) enPR: ĭd, IPA(key): /ɪd/ or enPR: əd, IPA(key): /əd/

0d=Leengd Vrs (Haoh=#)2: Non Aiz Eeng Nonz Then Iz Nond And Thus Iz Non.

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