ReeGahrdeeng Wrd EngLish Uv Thuh AhL STaiT Syz Ohmz Paidj LisT :

Yeeng Vrs (Haoh=#)1:

Pruhnuhnseeaeeshuhn Uv Wrd English Iz ( IPA: /ˈɪŋɡlɪʃ/ )

Yeeng Vrs (Haoh=#)2:

Yeeng Vrs (Haoh=#)3:

Yīng In IngLish Voiss Sownd Chahrz } Iz: Yeeng.

Yeeng Vrs (Haoh=#)4:

{ [ IPA ɪŋɡlɪʃ ] In EngLish Voice Sound Chars } Iz IngLish.

Yeeng Vrs (Haoh=#)5: ɪŋɡlɪʃ In Yeeng Voiss Sownd Chahrz Iz IhngLihsh

Yeeng Vrs (Haoh=#)6: ETymoLogy Uv Wrd EngLish:

English (adj.)

  • The adjective in Old English meant "of or pertaining to the Angles."…
  • After 1066, it specifically meant the native population of England (as distinguished from Normans and French occupiers), a distinction which lasted about a generation.
  • Old English, "belonging to the English people;" late 13c…

Yeeng Vrs (Haoh=#)6:

Thuh IngLish Lang Iz:

Yeeng Vrs (Haoh=#){ [ Grwp 7 ] Sub 0 }: See ALso=AhLsoh:
Yeeng Vrs (Haoh=#){ [ Grwp 7 ] Sub 1 }: * FuhnehTik IngLish
Yeeng Vrs (Haoh=#){ [ Grwp 7 ] Sub 2 }: * Yeeng Voiss Sownd Chahrz