Earth Constitution Article 13 - Directive Principles for the World Government

It shall be the aim of the World Government to secure certain other rights for all inhabitants within the Federation of Earth, but without immediate guarantee of universal achievement and enforcement. These rights are defined as Directive Principles, obligating the World Government to pursue every reasonable means for universal realization and implementation, and shall include the following:

Equal opportunity for useful employment for everyone, with wages or remuneration sufficient to assure human dignity.

Freedom of choice in work, occupation, employment or profession.

Full access to information and to the accumulated knowledge of the human race.

Free and adequate public education available to everyone, extending to the pre-university level; Equal opportunities for elementary and higher education for all persons; equal opportunity for continued education for all persons throughout life; the right of any person or parent to choose a private educational institution at any time.

Free and adequate public health services and medical care available to everyone throughout life under conditions of free choice.

Equal opportunity for leisure time for everyone; better distribution of the work load of society so that every person may have equitable leisure time opportunities.

Equal opportunity for everyone to enjoy the benefits of scientific and technological discoveries and developments.

Protection for everyone against the hazards and perils of technological innovations and developments.

Protection of the natural environment which is the common heritage of humanity against pollution, ecological disruption or damage which could imperil life or lower the quality of life.

Conservation of those natural resources of Earth which are limited so that present and future generations may continue to enjoy life on the planet Earth.

Assurance for everyone of adequate housing, of adequate and nutritious food supplies, of safe and adequate water supplies, of pure air with protection of oxygen supplies and the ozone layer, and in general for the continuance of an environment which can sustain healthy living for all.

Assure to each child the right to the full realization of his or her potential.

Social Security for everyone to relieve the hazards of unemployment, sickness, old age, family circumstances, disability, catastrophes of nature, and technological change, and to allow retirement with sufficient lifetime income for living under conditions of human dignity during older age.

Rapid elimination of and prohibitions against technological hazards and man-made environmental disturbances which are found to create dangers to life on Earth.

Implementation of intensive programs to discover, develop and institute safe alternatives and practical substitutions for technologies which must be eliminated and prohibited because of hazards and dangers to life.

Encouragement for cultural diversity; encouragement for decentralized administration.

Freedom for peaceful self-determination for minorities, refugees and dissenters.

Freedom for change of residence to anywhere on Earth conditioned by provisions for temporary sanctuaries in events of large numbers of refugees, stateless persons, or mass migrations.
Prohibition against the death penalty.