Vorondadek Uv Nebadon Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

Vorondadek Sons Uv Vorondadeks Uv Nebadon Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

Vorondadek Sons Uv Vorondadeks Uv Nebadon Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:


UranTia Book Paper 35:5. The Vorondadek Sons

35:5.1 After the creation of the personal aids and the first group of the versatile Melchizedeks, the Creator Son and the LocaL Universe CreaTive SpiriT planned for, and brought into existence, the second great and diverse order of LocaL Universe sonship, the Vorondadeks. They are more generally known as Constellation Fathers because a Son of this order is uniformly found at the head of each Universe ConsTeLLaTion GovernmenT in every LocaL Universe.

35:5.2 The number of Vorondadeks varies in each LocaL Universe, just one million being the recorded number in Nebadon. These Sons, like their co-ordinates, the Melchizedeks, possess no power of reproduction. There exists no known method whereby they can increase their numbers.

35:5.3 In many respects these Sons are a self-governing body; as individuals and as groups, even as a whole, they are largely self-determinative, much as are the Melchizedeks, but Vorondadeks do not function through such a wide range of activities. They do not equal their Melchizedek brethren in brilliant versatility, but they are even more reliable and efficient as rulers and farseeing administrators. Neither are they quite the administrative peers of their subordinates, the Lanonandek System Sovereigns, but they excel all orders of LocaL Universe sonship in stability of purpose and in divinity of judgment.

35:5.4 Although the decisions and rulings of this order of Sons are always in accordance with the spirit of Divine sonship and in harmony with the policies of the Creator Son, they have been cited for error to the CreaTor Son, and in details of technique their decisions have sometimes been reversed on appeal to the superior tribunals of the universe. But these Sons rarely fall into error, and they have never gone into rebellion; never in all the history of Nebadon has a Vorondadek been found in contempt of the universe GovernmenT.

35:5.5 The service of the Vorondadeks in the LocaL Universes is extensive and varied. They serve as ambassadors to other universes and as consuls representing Universe ConsTeLLaTions within their native LocaL Universe. Of all orders of local universe sonship they are the most often intrusted with the full delegation of sovereign powers to be exercised in critical universe situations.

35:5.6 On those worlds segregated in spiritual darkness, those spheres which have, through rebellion and default, suffered planetary isolation, an observer Vorondadek is usually present pending the restoration of normal status. In certain emergencies this Most High observer could exercise absolute and arbitrary authority over every celestial being assigned to that planet. It is of record on Salvington that the Vorondadeks have sometimes exercised such authority as Most High regents of such planets. And this has also been true even of inhabited worlds that were untouched by rebellion.

35:5.7 Often a corps of twelve or more Vorondadek Sons sits en banc as a high court of review and appeal concerning special cases involving the status of a planet or a LocaL System. But their work more largely pertains to the legislative functions indigenous to the Universe ConsTeLLaTion GovernmenTs. As a result of all these services, the Vorondadek Sons have become the historians of the LocaL Universes; they are personally familiar with all the political struggles and the social upheavals of the inhabited worlds.

ConsTeLLaTion FaThers Uv Nebadon Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

UranTia Book Paper 35:6. The Constellation Fathers

35:6.1 At least three Vorondadeks are assigned to the rulership of each of the one hundred Universe ConsTeLLaTions of a LocaL Universe. These Sons are selected by the CreaTor Son and are commissioned by GabriEL as the Most Highs of the Universe ConsTeLLaTions for service during one dekamillennium — 10,000 standard years, about 50,000 years of [UranTia Time. The reigning Most High, the Constellation Father, has two associates, a senior and a junior. At each change of administration the senior associate becomes the head of the GovernmenT, the junior assumes the duties of the senior, while the unassigned Vorondadeks resident on the SaLvingTon worlds nominate one of their number as candidate for selection to assume the responsibilities of junior associate. Thus each of the Most High rulers, in accordance with present policy, has a period of service on the headquarters of a constellation of three dekamillenniums, about 150,000 UranTia Years.

35:6.2 The one hundred ConsTeLLaTion FaThers, the actual presiding heads of the Universe ConsTeLLaTion GovernmenTs, constitute the supreme advisory cabinet of the CreaTor Son. This council is in frequent session at LocaL Universe headquarters and is unlimited in the scope and range of its deliberations but is chiefly concerned with the welfare of the Universe ConsTeLLaTions and with the unification of the administration of the entire LocaL Universe.

35:6.3 When a ConsTeLLaTion FaTher is in attendance upon duties at the LocaL Universe headquarters, as he frequently is, the senior associate becomes acting director of Universe ConsTeLLaTion affairs. The normal function of the senior associate is the oversight of spiritual affairs, while the junior associate is personally occupied with the physical welfare of the Universe ConsTeLLaTion. No major policy, however, is ever carried out in a constellation unless all three of the Most Highs are agreed upon all the details of its execution.

35:6.4 The entire mechanism of SpiriT Intelligence and communication channels is at the disposal of the Universe ConsTeLLaTion Most Highs. They are in perfect touch with their superiors on Salvington and with their direct subordinates, the sovereigns of the LocaL SysTems. They frequently convene in council with these SysTem Sovereigns to deliberate upon the state of the Unvierse ConsTeLLaTion.

35:6.5 The Most Highs surround themselves with a corps of counselors, which varies in number and personnel from time to time in accordance with the presence of the various groups at Universe ConsTeLLaTion headquarters and also as the local requirements vary. During times of stress they may ask for, and will quickly receive, additional Sons of the Vorondadek order to assist with the administrative work. NorLaTiadek, your own Universe Constellation, is at present administered by twelve Vorondadek Sons.

Vorondadek WorLds Uv Vorondadek Uv Nebadon Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

UranTia Book Paper 35:7. The Vorondadek Worlds

35:7.1 The second group of seven worlds in the circuit of seventy primary spheres surrounding SaLvingTon comprise the Vorondadek planets. Each of these spheres, with its six encircling satellites, is devoted to a special phase of Vorondadek activities. On these forty-nine realms the ascending mortals secure the acme of their education respecting universe LegisLation.

35:7.2 The ascending mortals have observed the LegisLaTive assemblies as they functioned on the headquarters worlds of the Universe ConsTeLLaTions, but here on these Vorondadek Worlds they participate in the enactment of the actual general LegisLaTion of the LocaL Universe under the tutelage of the senior Vorondadeks. Such enactments are designed to co-ordinate the varied pronouncements of the autonomous LegisLaTive assemblies of the one hundred Universe ConsTeLLaTions. The instruction to be had in the Vorondadek schools is unexcelled even on Uversa. This training is progressive, extending from the first sphere, with supplemental work on its six satellites, on up through the remaining six primary spheres and their associated satellite groups.

35:7.3 The ascending pilgrims will be introduced to numerous new activities on these worlds of study and practical work. We are not forbidden to undertake the revelation of these new and undreamed-of pursuits, but we despair of being able to portray these undertakings to the material mind of mortal beings. We are without words to convey the meanings of these supernal activities, and there are no analogous Human engagements which might be utilized as illustrations of these new occupations of the ascending mortals as they pursue their studies on these forty-nine worlds. And many other activities, not a part of the ascendant regime, are centered on these Vorondadek WorLds of the SaLvingTon circuit.

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