UNESCO National cooperating bodies

UNESCO National cooperating bodies uv UNESCO Constitution

UNESCO Constitution Article VII UNESCO National cooperating bodies

1. Each Member [State shall make such arrangements as suit its particular conditions for the purpose of associating its principal bodies interested in educational, scientific and cultural matters with the work of the Organization, preferably by the formation of a UNESCO National Commission broadly representative of the government and such bodies.

2. UNESCO National Commissions or UNESCO National Cooperating Bodies, where they exist, shall act in an advisory capacity to their respective delegations to the General Conference, to the representatives and alternates of their countries on the Executive Board and to their Governments in matters relating to the Organization and shall function as agencies of liaison in all matters of interest to it.

3. The Organization may, on the request of a Member State, delegate, either temporarily, a member of its UNESCO Secretariat to serve on the UNESCO National Commission of that state, in order to assist in the development of its work.

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