UhbowT Lohn S At End Uhv Wrd

UhbowT Lohn s AT End Uhv Wrd

Lohn s AT End Uhv Wrd Kuhnfeewzeeng Tu Prohnownss.

Kuhmpehr Thuh Prohnownseeaeeshuhnz Uhv Thuh NexT 4 Wrdz:
1: Wrd { D->o->g->s ProhnownsT "Dogz" }
2: Wrd { C->a->T->s ProhnownsT "KaTss" )
3: Wrd { Does ProhnownsT "Duhz" }
4: Wrd { Previous ProhnownsT "Preeveeuhss" }

Thus, Lohn Chahr 's' AT End Uhv Wrd Iz SuhbsTuuTed WiTh AiThr:
1: Lohn Chahr 'z'
2: Ohr Chahr Pehr 'ss'

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