( Uh | uh ) Deskripshuhnz:

1: Uh Az 1

Wrd Uh FohnehTik Fohr-Lohn A Az 1 Uhv [[[

Thuh Wrd "Uh" Iz FohNehTik EengLish Fohr Thuh Lohn A Ohr Lohn a ** Deskrybd Az A KownT Uhv ( 1 = Wuhn )**,

2.0: FohnehTiks EengLish Voeess Sownd Chahrz

  • This AlfuhBeT Kohd Uhpeerz Az Chahr Pehrz Uh And uh.

Ther Ahr JusT A Feew EgzampuLz Uhv ( Uh Ohr uh ) In Kommuhn EengLish Eewss:

2.1: Thuh Frayz Uh Huh

2.2: And Thuh Wrd Duh.

Fohr Prohnuownseeaeeshun Uhv Wrd Duh Go Tuu:

NexT TekST Fruhm: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/duh

duh interjection
ˈdə, usually with prolonged ə

[Deskripshuhn] of duh

1 —used to express actual or feigned ignorance or stupidity

  • Duh, I don't know.

2 —used derisively to indicate that something just stated is all too obvious or self-evident

  • Well, duh!