Tranz FynyT Trm Deskripshuhn

Tranz FynyT Trm Deskripshuhn Uhv Tranz FynyT izm

See: Wy PrakTiss UhgehnsT Smahl T


Thuh Nekst Tekst Wuhz Fruhm:

finite adjective
fi·​nite | \ ˈfī-ˌnīt
Definition of finite

1a : having definite or definable limits a finite number of possibilities
b : having a limited nature or existence finite beings
2 : completely determinable in theory or in fact by counting, measurement, or thought the finite velocity of light
3a : less than an arbitrary positive integer and greater than the negative of that integer
b : having a finite number of elements a finite set
4 : of, relating to, or being a verb or verb form that can function as a predicate or as the initial element of one and that is limited (as in tense, person, and number)

FynyT IndikaeeTs " KownTUhbuL Ohr Bowndyzd " Wich Deskrybz Thuh KonsepT " Non Tranz LimmiTs ".

Tranz Wrd Deskrybd

Simp Lang Wrd Tranz Uhv Tranz Izm

Simp Lang Wrd Tranz In FuhnehTik EengLish Iz BaeesT On Thuh NexT TekSTs And Leengks

Tranz Wrd Deskrybd Uhv Tranz Izm Uhv Tranz FynyT Izm Uhv Omneeon Izm

Tranz Wrd Deskripshuhn Fruhm DicTionary DoT Com Uhv:

NexT TexT Fruhm:

Word Origin for trans-
from Latin trāns across, through, beyond

trans- prefix

a prefix occurring in loanwords from Latin ( transcend; transfix ); on this model, used with the meanings “across,” “beyond,” “through,” “changing thoroughly,” “transverse,” in combination with elements of any origin:

FuhnehTik EengLish SyenTififfik KuhnkLoozhuhnz Tu ReePubLish AT Tranz Izm

Tranz Wrd RooT SohrsT KonsepTs Uhv Tranz Izm

Fohr: Tranz RooT Trmz

Fohr: Tranz BaesT Soopr Trmz

Tranz Wrd RooT SohrsT KonsepTs Uhv Tranz Izm

Fohr: Tranz RooT Trmz

Fohr: Tranz BaesT Soopr Trmz

Tranz RooT Trmz Uhv Tranz Izm

Fruhm: Tranz Wrd RooT SohrsT KonsepTs

  • Throo, Uhkross, Beeyond

See: Wy PrakTiss UhgehnsT Smahl T

InfinniT MyT GeT SpLiT Tu Simp Lang Wrdz Az:

  • "In Fin IT" Wich MyT GeT Dehskrybd Az: "IT Iz In A Fin".

Tranz FynyT MyT GeT Dehskrybd Az: Beeyond KownTuhbuL And Tranz Bowndz.

Thuh RealiTy Uhv ( ( Now Tranz FynyT Izm: "Ther Iz Always Mohr OuT" ) ) …, IZ NOT A DREEM!!!

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