Size Ordered Kinds Class = Syz Ohrdrd Kyndz KLas )
* Uhv NaTural Sciences In Size Order = ReeL Prwvd TrwTh In Syz Order
* Uhv Omnionism = Omneeon Izm.

GohL: Akt Az Wun Opts Izm Opt IsT.

Main LisT Uhv

MaThemaTics Language Kyndz Class Size Orderd = MaTh Lang Kyndz KLas Syz Ohrdrd

QuanTum Physics Kinds CLass Size Ordered = KwahnTuhm Fizziks Kyndz KLas Syz Ohrdrd

Chemistry Kinds Class Size Ordered = Kem Izm Kyndz KLas Syz Ohrdrd

Biology Kinds Class Suze Ordered = Lyf Izm Kyndz KLas Syz Ohrdrd

Technology Kinds Class Size Ordered = Tek Kyndz KLas Syz Ohrdrd

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Thuh MaThematical Language ParT Type [[[Number]] In Simp Lang
Iz MaTh Lang PahrT Typ Haoh

Bynary Number Kind = By Haoh Kynd

Simp By Haohz Deffinnishuhn Kohd:

BinaryPair Number Kind = ByPehr Haoh Kynd

  • NexT Iz Bayss 4 4 SLoTs Uhv Kohd Kohd With SLoT PahrTs: ByPehr Kohd WiTh 4 Kohd SLoTs:
    • ( p0: "Pee Leeng"
      • Az b00: "Bee Leeng Leeng" ),
    • ( p1: "Pee Wuhn"
      • Az b01: "Bee Leeng Wuhn",
    • ( p2: "Pee Too"
      • Az b10: "Bee Wuhn Leeng",
    • ( p3: "Pee Three"
      • Az b11: "Bee Wuhn Wuhn" )

OcTaL Number Kind = OkT Haoh Kynd

  • Bayss 8 Hao Kynd Kohd WiTh 8 SLoTs:
    • ( (o0=p00, o1=p01, o2=p02, o3=p03, o4=p10, o5=p11, o6=p12, o7=p13)

Hexadecimal Number Kind = Hex Haoh Kynd

  • Bayss 16 Hao Kynd Kohd WiTh 16 SLoTs, Eech WiTh A
    • ( h0=p01, h1=p01, h2=p02, h3=p03, h4=p04, h5=p05, h6=p06, h7=p07,
    • h8=p11, h9=p12, ha=p13, hb=p14, hc=p15, hd=p16, he=p17, hf=p18 )

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[[include QuanTum-Physics]]]

Kwahntuhm PoinT = LeesT SmahL STreeng :
* Tu GeT BiLd Frum FrsT Dim Dahrk Ohr LyT Ohr Fohrss PoinT Syz Ohmz

KwahnTuhm Streeng Syzohmz

KwahnTuhm Waeev Syzohmz

Sfeer frum KwahnTuhm PahrTikL Syzohmz

Kwahntuhm Fohm Syzohmz

Hydrogen MaTh Uv ReeL Prwvd TrwTh Syz Ohmz Uv Thuh ReeL Prwvd TrwTh Syz Ohmz



The solution of the Schrodinger equation for the hydrogen atom is a formidable mathematical problem, but is of such fundamental importance that it will be treated in outline here. The solution is managed by separating the variables so that the wavefunction is represented by the product:

The separation leads to three equations for the three spatial variables, and their solutions give rise to three quantum numbers associated with the hydrogen energy levels.

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Chemicals = Kemz

Chemical ELemenTs Uhv Thuh ELemenTaL Chemical Type

Chemical Compounds Uhv Thuh Compound Chemical Type

( Chemical STaTes = Kem STayTs ) Uhv Kemz

Biology Lyf Izm Syz Ohrdrd CLass

Biochemical MineraLs = Lyf Simp Kemz

Biochemical Compounds Uhv Thuh Biochemical Compound Chemical Type

[[[Life Cell
Lyv Sel Syzohmz

Fungi Syzohmz

PlanT Syzohmz

Animal Sizomes InkLoodz BeesT Syz Ohmz.

BihLd Heewmuhn Syz Ohmz Frum Heewmun SyzOhmz.

See Omneeon Izm And Go Tu Thuh [End] Fohr ResT Uhv Syz Ohrdrd Kyndz Tu Get KLassT Syzd.