SyehnTiffik MehThuhd

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SyehnTiffik MehThuhd Uhv SyehnTiffik PrakTiss

SyenTiffik MeThuhd Uhv Syenss And SyenTiffik Trmz

Thuh Fraeez Trm "ScienTific MeThod"

SaiunTihfik Methud iz Saiuntihfik + Methuhd,

SyenTiffik Wrd Deskripshuhnz

Thŭ NĕksT ( ETTimmoLLuhjee = ĔTĭmŏLŭjē ) Ŭv Wrd SyenTiffik Wŭz Frŭm:

scientific (adj.)

1580s, from Middle French scientifique,

from Medieval Latin scientificus "pertaining to science,"

from Latin scientia "knowledge" (see science) + -ficus "making, doing,"…

Originally used to translate Greek epistemonikos "making knowledge" in Aristotle's "Ethics."…

First record of scientific revolution is from 1803;

scientific method is from 1854;

scientific notation is from 1961.

Thuh NexT Tekst Wuhz Fruhm:

scientific adjective…

[ Deskripshuhnz [[[Wich]] Deskrah-eeb Wrd ] scientific

1 : of, relating to, or exhibiting the methods or principles of science

2 : conducted in the manner of science or according to results of investigation by science : practicing or using thorough or systematic methods

Thuh NexT TeksT Wuhz Fruhm:


1. (prenominal) of, relating to, derived from, or used in science: scientific equipment.

2. (prenominal) occupied in science: scientific manpower.

3. conforming with the principles or methods used in science: a scientific approach…

Cite: Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, 12th Edition


1. of, pertaining to, or concerned with a science or the sciences: [ Az In Reegahrdeeng Syenss Branch Kyndz Breef ].

2. regulated by or conforming to the principles of exact science.

3. systematic or accurate in the manner of an exact science

Cite: Random House Kernerman Webster's College Dictionary,

Thuh NexT TeksT Wuhz Fruhm:

[ Deskripshuhnz [[[Wich]] Deskrah-eeb Wrd ] 'scientific'

1: adjective [usually ADJECTIVE noun]
Scientific is used to describe things that relate to science or to a particular science [ Uhv Syenss Branch Kyndz Breef ].

2: adjective [usually ADJECTIVE noun]
If you do something in a scientific way, you do it carefully and thoroughly, using experiments or tests.

Thuh NexT TeksT Wuhz Fruhm:

Synonyms of 'scientific'

1 (adjective) in the sense of technical

[ deskripshuhn ]: relating to science or a particular [ branch uhv ] science [ In Syenss Branch Kyndz Breef ]

Synonyms: technological, chemical, biological, empirical, factual

2 (adjective) in the sense of systematic

[ Deskripshuhn ]: done in a systematic way, using experiments or tests

  • [ Az In: ] " an engineer who takes a scientific approach to the sport "

Synonyms: accurate, exact, precise, ordered, controlled, rational, mathematical, rigorous, analytical, methodical

A: in the sense of empirical

Deskripshuhn: derived from experiment, experience, and observation rather than from theory or logic

[ Iz Ther ehnee ] empirical evidence to support his theory.

Synonyms: first-hand,direct,observed,practical,actual,experimental,pragmatic,factual,experiential

B: in the sense of accurate

a more accurate description of the terrain

Synonyms: precise,right,close,nice,regular,correct,careful,strict,proper,exact,faithful,explicit,

  • authentic,spot-on,just,clear-cut,meticulous,truthful,faultless,scrupulous,unerring,veracious

C: in the sense of exact

Deskripshuhn: precise, as opposed to approximate

She is very punctual and very exact in her duties.

Synonyms: meticulous,severe,careful,strict,exacting,precise,rigorous,painstaking,scrupulous,methodical,punctilious (formal)

Thiss Iz Thuh Last Lyn Uhv Tekst In Thuh Paeej Naeemd " SyenTiffik Wrd Deskripshuhnz ".


Thuh Nekst Tekst Wuhz Fruhm:

early 15c., "regular, systematic treatment of disease," from Latin methodus "way of teaching or going," from Greek methodos "scientific inquiry, method of inquiry, investigation," originally "pursuit, a following after," from meta "in pursuit or quest of" (see meta-) + hodos "a method, system; a way or manner" (of doing, saying, etc.), also "a traveling, journey," literally "a path, track, road," a word of uncertain origin… Meaning "way of doing anything" is from 1580s; that of "orderliness, regularity" is from 1610s. In reference to a theory of acting associated with Russian director Konstantin Stanislavsky, it is attested from 1923.

Methuhd MyT Get Deskrybd In Simp Lang

Thiss Iz Thuh Last Lyn Uhv Tekst In Thuh Paeej Naeemd " Methuhd ".

Senss Pruuf Fakt Syz Lrn Waee

Deskripshun Uhv Thuh Senss Pruuf Fakt Syz Lrn Waee Wich Iz Uh Uhv Syuhnss } Iz:
1: Yuuzeeng Uh ( Syentiffik = Syenss-Baeesst ) ( Methuhd = PLand Task Akts )
2: Tu Uhkwyr Senst Vehriffyd Faktss
3: Then Syz Eech Fakt
4: Then Klassiffy That Fakt Intu 1 Uhv Thuh Syenss Main Branch Kynd Typs Klast By Syz Ohrdr.

Thĭs Ĭz Thŭ Lăst Lyn Ŭv Tĕkst Ĭn Thŭ Păēj Năēmd "Senss Pruuf Fakt Syz Lrn Waee ".

Nekst Iz Uh Standrd Deskripshuhn Uhv Syentiffik Methuhdolluhjee.
Thuh Uhbuhv Immaj Wuhz SohrsT Fruhm:

Wuhn SyenTiffik Ed Task Iz

  • Tu KuhmeewnikkaeeT ReezuLTs Uhv SyehnTiffik PrakTiss OpTs.

Thĭs Ĭz Thŭ Lăst Lyn Ŭv Tĕkst Ĭn Thŭ Păēj Năēmd " SyenTiffik MeThuhd ".

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