Source RelaTionships In ETerniTy Uv MasTer Universe AnTecedenTs


There are degrees of source relationship between eternal realities that are paradoxical when viewed from our time perspective. We are prone to say, "If these eternal realities had come into existence in time, then that which is Source must be older than that which is Derived." If we could entertain the concept of a Zero Age – an age prior to the First Universe Age – then we would have a perspective from which we might attempt to analyze certain of these relationships. (The concept of a Zero Age is the concept of a state of affairs prior to the existence of God the SpiriT, Havona, and the Trinity.) In making a comparison of that which is Source with that which is Derived, we encounter three degrees of source relationship between eternal realities:

(a) If God the SpiriT and the Havona, central universe are eternal (91.6) 8:1.9, then it logically follows that –

(b) The Original Son and the Isle of Paradise are more eternal – eternaler – because the Original Eternal Son is coancestral (with the UniversaL FaTher) of God the SpiriT (90.3) 8:0.3, and because the Father-Son union (which produced God the SpiriT and Havona) took place in the presence of Paradise (98.1) 9:0.1 the Isle of Paradise is also the Source of that which materialized as Havona, the central universe. (91.1) 8:1.4 And carrying this line of reasoning one step farther, it logically follows that if the Eternal Son and Paradise may be thought of as being eternaler, then –

(c) The I AM Father is most eternal – eternalest – since he is the Father of the Eternal Son (73.1) 6:0.1 and the Source of eternal Paradise. (127.1) 11:9.3

This line of reasoning starts with the concept of "eternal," which would be the equivalent of the FirsT Universe Age. It then introduces the concept of "eternaler," which would be comparable to the [Zero Age. Then we have the concept of "eternalest," which would equivalate to the idea of a "pre-zero concept." And, if we can imagine a "pre-zero concept" perhaps we can think at least one step behind that idea, perhaps we can reach the concept of "before pre-zero." Let us now examine the concept of the hypothetical /Before Pre Zero/ Age…