Sohl Sun Spheer

Thuh Payj Naymd " Sohl Sun Spheer "

SohL Fyr Wrld Egg
In Simp Lang Yeeng Voyss Sownd Chahrz


Thuh NeksT TeksT Wuhz Fruhm:

he·li·o·sheath (hē′lē-ō-shēth)


The region in the heliosphere between the termination shock and the heliopause.
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Thuss, Thuh Sohl Fyr Wrld Egg, Nohrm TypT Az " Heliosphere ",
1: Haz Insyd Bowndz AT WuhT Iz Nohrm Kahld Thuh ( Trminnayshuhn Shok Nohrm Speld Termination Shock ),
2: Haz An InTeereer Naymd Thuh ( SohL Fyr Wrld SheeTh Nohrm Speld Az " HeliosheaTh " ), And
3: Haz OwTsyd Bowndz AT WuhT Iz Kahld Thuh ( HeeleeohPahz Nohrm Speld Az " Heliopause " ).


See: Wy PrakTiss UhgehnsT SmahL T

SohLr SisTem In HeeLeeohsheeTh In HeeLeeohpahz


Ther Iz An EgzampuL Uhv Uh] LeesT SmahL Kynd Uhv Big Bom BLasT Sfeer Seen Surrowndeeng Owr SohLr SisTem.

Thiss LeesT SmahL Big Bom BLasT Sfeer Wuhz MohsT LykLee Kozd By Uh Big Bom Mayd By ( Uh Leest SmahL Gruup Kynd Uhv GrayTr KreeayTrz Wich Wuhz ProbbuhbLee Uh Gruup Fruhm Uh Glohb In Uh Neerby SohLr SisTem].

Thohz Leest SmahL Gruup Kynd Uhv GrayTr KreeayTrz MohsT Lyk[[Lee]]] Maeed ThaT LeesT SmahL Kynd Uhv [Big Bom UhgehnsT Uh ProbbuhbLee RehluhTiv[[Lee]]] Nuu Dahrk STahr Kozzeeng Thuh ExTrakshuhn TherFruhm Uhv Owr SohLr SisTem And Uhrownd IT Thuh (HeeleeohSheeTh=HelioSheaTh) And Uhrownd ThaT Wut Iz Nohrm Kahld Thuh (HeeleeohPahz=HelioPause).

Thss Iz Thuh Last Lyn Uhv Tekst In Thuh Paeej Naeemd: " SohLr SisTem In HeeLeeohsheeTh In HeeLeeohpahz ".

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