Simp Lang SmarT Tech In Yeeng Voiss Sownd Chahrz Iz SmahrT Tek

Simp Lang SmarT FuhnehTik IngLish Iz Smahrt Uv Howss HohLd Saiz KLass

smart (adj.)

Meaning "executed with force and vigor" is from c. 1300. Meaning "quick, active, clever" is attested from c. 1300, from the notion of "cutting" wit, words, etc., or else "keen in bargaining." Meaning "trim in attire" first attested 1718, "ascending from the kitchen to the drawing-room c. 1880" [Weekley]. For sense evolution, compare sharp (adj.).

In reference to devices, the sense of "behaving as though guided by intelligence" (as in smart bomb) first attested 1972. Smarts "good sense, intelligence," is first recorded 1968 (Middle English had ingeny "intellectual capacity, cleverness" (early 15c.)). Smart cookie is from 1948.

Simp Lang Tech In FuhnehTik IngLish Iz Tek Uv Howss HohLd Saiz KLass

tech (n.)

1906 as short for technical college (or institute, etc.), American English; 1942 as short for technician.

Technician in Simp Lang iz Tek Ist.

Mohst Ywzd Smahrt Tek Langz Vrs (Haoh=#)1:

Most Used Smart Tech Langs In Voiss Sownd Chahrz Iz Mohst Ywzd Smahrt Tek Langz

Mohst Ywzd Smahrt Tek Langz Vrs (Haoh=#)2:0: Thuh MohsT Ywzd Smahrt Tek Langz Inklwd:

  1. Thuh WrLd Web NeT Langz: HTML, CSS, MySQL, ECMA SKripT and PHP
  2. CIL And UhThr CLI Langz Thuh SmahrT Tek Lang Uv Thuh CLI
  3. JVM Langz Uhv Thuh Java Virtual Machine
  4. Thuh Mohst Ywzd Artificial Intelligence Langz::

ZOOM Lang Vrs (Haoh=#)1:

Zoom In FuhnehTik Inglish Yeeng Voiss Sownd Chahrz

zoom (v.)

1886, of echoic origin. Gained popularity c. 1917 as aviators began to use it. As a noun from 1917. The photographer's zoom lens is from 1936, from the specific aviation sense of zoom as "to quickly move closer."

Zwm In: Tu See Less And Maik Mohr Big;

Zwm Owt: Tu Maik Less SmahL And See Mohr.

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