Self-Bod Az Math Fohrmyuuluh

Self-Bod Az Math Fohrmyuuluh

Frst, Wy Duu I Typ Self-bod rather than my self in my bod?

Wyl Uhwaeek This Brain-Mynd Duhz Theengk That Thiss Heeuumuhn Bod Duhz Funhkshuhn Az Dif Aspektss Uhv Thiss Self.

In This Heeuumuhn Bpd, Wen Uhwaeek Thuh Sentrul Nrv Sistem fuhnkshuhnz Az Kohr-Mynd Fohkuhst In This Brain-Mynd, Wyl It Iz Uhwaeek, With Uh Konsept Uhv Thiss Self Az Uh Nrv-Mynd Wich Wyl Uhwaeek Duz { Senss And|Ohr Lrn And|Ohr Theengk And|Ohr Teech } And|Ohr Muuv This Heeuumuhn] Bod Tu Duu Uhthr Dif Akts.

Eech Fungshuhn Uhv Eech Pahrt Uhv Thiss Heeuumuhn Bod Iz Senst Az Eethr:
1: Uh Senss Uhv Thiss Senseeng Nrv-Mynd-Self Ohr
2: Uh Muuvment Uhv Thiss Muuveeng Nrv-Mynd-Self.

I don't own Thiss Self-Mynd Az "My self" Kuhz Thiss Senss Uhv Self-Mynd Iz Simplee Uh Fuhngshuhn Uhv Thuh Uhwaeek Nrvz In Thiss Brain And Sentrul Nrv Sistem.

I don't own Thiss Sentrul-Nrv-Sistem Kuz Ohnlee Wen It Iz Uhwaeek Kan It Fungshuhn Az Kohr-Mynd Uhv Thiss Self-Bod!!!

I can't own Thiss Heeuumuhn Bod Kuz I AM Thiss Heeuumuhn Bod!!!

I don't think I can own Mee-Nrv-Self Wich I-Am!!!

How Kan Uh Mynd Theenk That Thuh Wrd I can own az myn Thuh Wrd Self Ohr Mee???

Kan Ryt Hand own Ryt Hand Ohr Left Cheek own Left Cheek?

I Am Thiss Uhwaeek Brain-Mynd-Self Yuuzeeng Thiss Kohr-Nrv-Mynd-Sistem Tu Senss And Dryv Thiss Heeuumuhn Bod.

Heer Uhgehn Thiss Brain-Mynd Theengks Uhv Thuh Self-Bod Wohrn by Thiss Kohr Nrv Mynd Iz Uh Math Fohrmyuuluh Kuhmpyuuted Az Uh Math Task By Uh Math Kuhmpeewteeng " Mynd Uhv Naeechur " Wich This Uhwaeek Brain-Mynd Duz Pref Tu Theengk Uhv Az Thuh Now Tranz Fynyt Mynd ".

Thuhss, Thiss Kohr-Self-Brain Duhz Theengk That Thiss Self-Bod Iz Uh Math Fohrmyuuluh Heeuumuhn Chyld Task Uhv That Mohst Graeet Mynd Kuz Uhv Thuh Nekst Reezuhnz.

1: Thiss Heeuumuhn-Bod-Self Iz Kuhmpohzd Uhv Byohkehmistree Byohmollehkeeuulz And Electrons With Maybee Suhm Radiation Kyndz Deskrybd In Fizzikss Teksts Floweeng { Intu And|Ohr Insyd And|Ohr Out Uhv } Thiss Self-Bod.

2: In Thiss Self-Bod, Eech And Ehvree Byohmollehkeeuul Iz Kuhmpohzd Uhv Kehmikkul Ehlehments I Kahl " Simp Kemz ".

3: Kem Ehlehments With Dif Isotope And Ion Vrzhuhnz

Kem Ehlehments With Dif Isotope And Ion Vrzhuhnz

Thuh NexT TekST Wuhz Fruhm

What Is an Element in Chemistry? Definition and Examples

by Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph.D.
Updated April 17, 2018

A ChemicaL ELemenT is a substance that cannot be broken down by chemical means. Although elements aren't changed by chemical reactions, new elements may be formed by nuclear reactions.

Elements are defined by the number of protons they possess. Simp Kemz of an element all have the same number of protons, but they can have different numbers of electrons and neutrons…

Changing the number of neutrons form isotopes…

Changing the ratio of electrons to protons creates ions…

4: Thuss, Eech Simp Kem Iz Kuhmpohzd Uhv:

  • 1 Ohr Mohr Protons Az Thuh Kem Ehlehment Numbr And
  • Zeeroh Ohr Mohr Nuutronz Az Thuh Isotope Nuhmbr And
  • Zeeroh Ohr Mohr Electrons Az Thuh Ion Nuhmbr.

5: Eech And Ehvree Nuutron Kownt Isotope Vrzhuhn And Elektron Kownt Ion Vrzhuhn Uhv Ehvree Simp Kem Ehlehment In Biochemistry,
Uhv This Human Self-Bod Iz Uhsehmbuld Kuhmpleetlee Uhv Fizzikss Pahrtikkulz Protons, Nuutronz And Electrons.

6: Prohtonz And Nuutronz Az Kuhmpozzit Pahrtikkulz

Prohtonz And Nuutronz Az Kuhmpozzit Pahrtikkulz


7: Kwahrkss Fuhnduhmentulz

Kwahrkss Fuhnduhmentulz


THuh Nekst Tekst And Chahrt Wuhz Fruhm:

8: Uh Hydrogen ( " Simp Kem " = " Chemical ELemenT " ) Iz A MaTh FohrmyuuLuh  Az Shohn AT,

9: Simp Kem 1 H Math

Simp Kem 1 H MaTh

Thiss Paeej Iz Spehsiffikullee Uhbowt:

NexT Pikchr Frum:

The solution of the Schrodinger equation for the hydrogen atom is a formidable mathematical problem, but is of such fundamental importance that it will be treated in outline [ AT ]. The solution is managed by separating the variables so that the wave function is represented by the product:

The separation leads to three equations for the three spatial variables, and their solutions give rise to three quantum numbers associated with the hydrogen energy levels.

Eech Simp Kem Az A Math Fohrmyuuluh Iz Uhsehmbuld Intu Thuh Biochemicals Uhv Wich Eech Lyf Fohrm Iz Kuhmpohzd Fruhm

Thiss Iz Thuh LasT Lyn Uhv Tekst In Thuh Paeej Naeemd: " Simp Kem 1 H MaTh ".

10: Thohz 2 Math Fohrmyuuluhz, Thuh 3 Dymenshuhnul Geometry Diagram And Thuh Fizziks Eekwaeezhuhn, Ahr Thuh Mohst Kommuhn Simp Kem Az ( Kem Ehlehment Proton Count 1 Naeemd Hydrohjen ) Az Deskrybd At  Az ( Isotope Vrzhuhn 0 Nuutronz Naeemd Protium ) With ( Ion Vrzhuhn 1 Electron Wich Duz Koz Uh Nuutrul Chahrj ).

Then Baeest Fruhm Thohz, My KuhnkLuushuhnz Follow:

3:  Eech And Ehvree Nuutron Kownt Isotope Vrzhuhn And Elektron Kownt Ion Vrzhuhn Uhv Ehvree Simp Kem Ehlehment In Biochemistry,
Uhv This Human Self-Bod Iz Uhsehmbuld Kuhmpleetlee Uhv Fizzikss Pahrtikkulz Kahld: Protons, Nuutronz And Electrons.

  • Thohz Simp Kemz And Electrons Ahr Quantum Physics Theengz Deskrybd Az Eethr:

1: ( Nondivvizzibbul Ellemmentuhree PahrTikulz Such Az Electrons described with numbrd AtribbyuuTs AT Ohr
2: ( KuhmpozziT PahrTikles With Mohr Than 1 Ehlehmehntuhree Pahrtikkul Az Deskrybd At ) Ohr

Thuh Ohnlee Uhthr Theeng In This Heeuumuhn Bod Iz radiaiton.

( Radiation Iz Deskrybd At Az " the transfer of energy through waves (electromagnetic radiation) or fast traveling particles (particulate radiation) " ).

Thuh Nekst Tekst Wuhz Fruhm:

How can I calculate the wavelength of electromagnetic radiation?

1 Answer
[ By ]

To find wavelength (λ ), the equation is…
λ = c/ν …
FYI, ν is the Greek letter nu (it is not the same as a v)
and λ is the Greek letter lambda.

c = 3.00 × 10^8 m/s (the speed of light in a vacuum)
λ = wavelength in meters
ν = frequency in Hertz (Hz)

Eech Uhv Thohz Goeeng Fruhm Plaeess Tu Plaees Within Thuh Self-Bod,

Thuss Eech 1 Theeng in Thiss Self-Bod That I Hav Lrnd Haz Numerical And/phr Geometrical Math Proprteez, Az in Volume Decebals Ohr Letter Fohrmation Geometry Ohr ( Algebra-Lyk Ohr Calculus-Lyk)  Symbol-concept Uhsohseeaeeshuhn.

Kuz Eech Simp Kem Ehlehment, such az " Simp Kem 1 H " In Eech Biohkemmikkul Uhlong With Radiation Ahr Eech 1 ( Uhv Ohr Uhsehmbuld With ) Nondivvizzibbul Ehlehmehntuhree Pahrtikkulz In This Self-Bod Iz Uh Math Fohrmyuuluh
Kuhmpeeuuted By Thuh " Now Tranz Fynyt Mynd "

Thuss, I Reezuhn ThaT This SeLf-Bod Iz Uh Math Fohrmyuuluh Kuhmpyuuted Az Uh Math Task.

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