Second Source And Center

Second Source And Center Uv Sehven AbsuhLwts Uv InfihnihTee Uv Sohrss

I AM Alpha Presence In Yeeng Voyss Sownd Chahrz Iz Ai Am ALfuh Prehzenss


Uversa Commissiioned UranTia Book Paper 105:3.3 2. The Second Source and Center. Second Person of Deity, the Original and Eternal Son; the AbsoLuTe personality realities of the I AM and the basis for the realization-revelation of “I AM personality.” No personality can hope to attain the Universal FaTher except through his ETernal Son; neither can personality attain to spirit levels of existence apart from the action and aid of this Absolute pattern for all personalities. In the Second Source and Center SpiriT is unqualified while personality is Absolute.

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