Saiunss Lah Def

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Saiunss Lah Def Iz ShohrT Fohr And InkLuudz Paeej Naeemd Syenss Wrd Lah Dehfinnishuhn.

Syenss Wrd Lah Dehfinnishuhn

Thŭ Nĕkst Tĕkst Wŭz Frŭm:

What is SCIENCE?:

Knowledge that is comprised of verifiable and measurable facts that have been acquired by the application of a scientific method.

Thuss Syenss Iz Senss Proovd Reel Syzd TruuTh.

Thĭs Ĭz Thŭ Lăst Lyn Ŭv Tĕkst Ĭn Thŭ Păēj Năēmd " Syenss Wrd Lah Dehfinnishuhn ".

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