Pre Zero Age Ohr Second Pre-Universe Age Uv MasTer Universe AnTecedenTs


We might think of the Pre-Zero concept as "the Second Pre-Universe Age." In this concept we are departing still farther from [known] reality. Nevertheless, let us again take inventory of what is in existence; but first, we should make note of the absence of the Eternal Son and the Isle of Paradise. In the Pre-Zero concept we find the following realities:

(a) The Qualified Absolute, Total Deity. Here it would hardly be proper to use designation "Universal FaTher" as the name of this pre-Father reality of near-Total Deity. (6.2) 0:3.22 It is not that God the Father is nonexistent, it is rather that this concept visualizes him as pre-Father. (111.3) 10:3.5 God is existent as the DeiTy Absolute Personality and, as such, is diffused throughout Total Deity. (108.1) 10:0.1

It is through divestment (unclothing) of this DeiTy Absolute Personality ((the clothes from) which becomes the Eternal Son) (109.2) 10:1.4 and through union with the Son in the trinitization of [[[God the SpiriT] (90.3) 8:0.3, that the Volitional Principle of Deity, the "existence of the possibility of self-will" (1153.2) 105:1.5, becomes the Universal Father; and, in the Paradise Trinity escapes from diffusion throughout Total Deity. (6.3) 0:3.23 And, by the subtraction of the Trinity from Total Deity, there is left an infinite residue as the DeiTy AbsoluTe (and the UniversaL AbsoluTe) of all future ages.

(b) The Unqualified Absolute is present because the free will of deity has caused Total Reality to become separated into that which is deified and that which is not deified. The Qualified Absolute has become separated from total non-deity, thus constituting the latter the Unqualified Absolute – the Unconditioned absolute. (14.8) 0:11.10; (6.2) 0:3.22

(c) The Universal Absolute is also present and is functionally equalizing the tension which is produced by the separation of Total Reality into the deified and the undeified (14.8) 0:11.10; (6.2) 0:3.22

We should remember that this Pre-Zero Age concept is not [proven] reality. (111.3 10:3.4 Even the [succeeding] concept of the Zero Age is not a [proven] reality; but both are useful thinking tools and, as such, both are valid concepts…