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What is Politics?

Politics is ethics applied to a group of people.

Why is this Impohrtant?

Politics tells you how a society must be set up and how one should act within a society. Except for hermits, this comes up a lot.

What is a rational Politics?

The requirement for a political system is that the individuals within that system are allowed to fully function according to their nature. If that's not the case, they will either rebel, as in Czarist Russia, or the system will eventually collapse, as in Communist Russia.

Reason is man's prime means of survival. A human being can not survive in an environment where reason is ineffective, and will thrive or starve to a degree in proportion to the effectiveness of reason. This means that the prime goal of a political system must be the preservation and enabling of the faculty of reason.

Reason does not function under coercion. A man can be forced to act at the point of a gun, but he can not be forced to think. Likewise, in an environment where might makes right, reason can not function because the fruits of rationality can not be enjoyed. Why plant crops and domesticate animals if any raider can come by and take them from you?

A moral political system must ban coercion. Or put another way, a moral political system must ban the initiation of force, since retaliatory force is both just and necessary. This means there must be some way to keep one person from killing, threatening, or robbing another. This is accomplished by bestowing on government a monopoly on retaliatory force and objectifying laws.



Right To Life

Right To Liberty

Right to Property

Right to the Pursuit of Happiness

Right to Free Speech

RyT Tu ReejekT Kom No Ohr Sinnuhnem And GeT ReespekTed

Right to Self Defense

Right to Bear Arms

Necessity of Government

Proper Role of Government

Laissez Faire Capitalism

Just Taxation

Non-theft sales Tax Iz needed tu pay police tu investigate And Prisons tu prevent And Court Personel tu prosecute and anti-violence psichiatric treatment hospitals tu treat criminal mentality that violates the innocent.

What should get investigated and prosecuted and treated?

1: Mrdr norm miss speld murder
2: Assault
3: sex violation rape
4: theft

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