Pehradyss Sohrss And SenTr

Paradise Source And CenTer In Yeeng Voyss Sownd Chahrz Iz Pehradyss Sohrss And SenTr Uv Sehven AbsuhLwts Uv InfihnihTee Uv Sohrss

Paradise Isle Art In Pehradyss AiyL AhrT


Uversa Commissioned UranTia Book [ Paper 105:3.4 3. The Paradise Source and Center.

Second nondeity pattern, the eternaL Isle of Paradise; the basis for the realization-revelation of “I AM force” and the foundation for the establishment of gravity control throughout the Universes. Regarding all actualized, nonspiritual, impersonal, and nonvolitional reality, Paradise is the Absolute of patterns. Just as SpiriT energy is related to the UniversaL FaTher through the AbsoluTe personality of the Mother-Son, so is all cosmic energy grasped in the gravity control of the First Source and Center through the Absolute pattern of the Isle Of Paradise. Paradise is not in space; space exists relative to Paradise, and the chronicity of motion is determined through Paradise relationship. The EternaL Isle Of Paradise is absolutely at rest; all other organized and organizing energy is in eternal motion; in all space, only the presence of the UnquaLified AbsoLute is quiescent, and the Unqualified is co-ordinate with Paradise. Paradise exists at the focus of space, the UnquaLified AbsoLuTe pervades it, and all relative existence has its being within this domain.

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