PasT SyenTiffik Ed

PasT SyenTiffik Ed Uhv SaienTiffik KwohTs Tu Maeek AkkyruhT

NexT TekST PLand Tu GeT BeTr ReeNaemd Tu Wy AnTee SmahL T

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OhridjinuL AhThenTik Ahthr Naemd Reel Proovd TrooTh Syz Ohmz Paedj WiTh Suhm PahrTs fohrdjd

SyenTiffik Lahz ToT Frum:
1: PasT SyenTiffik Ed Paeedj Naeemd SaiunTihfik Lahz
2: And PLanehTehree Kom Tek NeT SohrsT SaienTiffik KwohTs Tu Maeek AkkyruhT Paedj LisT WiTh Naemz Fohr SaienTiffik Ed In WikkeeDoT Kohd TekST Paedj FyLz.

SaienTiffik PasT KwohTs Tu Maeek AkkyruhT

SaienTiffik Naeem LisT WiTh OhLd WikkeeDoT Kohd TekST Paedj FyLz

SaiunTihfik Lahz Uhv SaienTiffik PrinsipuLz

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