OmniFoam in FuhnehTik Inglish iz OmneeFohm

Omneefohm iz Omnee plus fohm.

Omnee Vrs (Haoh=#) 1:

Omni- in FuhnehTik IngLish Yeeng Voiss Sownd Chahrz iz Omnee Uv Omneeon Izm.

Omnee Vrs (Haoh=#) 2:0:

Etymology Prefix Omni-
Omnee Vrs (Haoh=#) 2:1: * omni-: word-forming element meaning "all," from Latin omni-, combining form of omnis "all, every, the whole, of every kind"…

KwahnTuhm Fohm Iz FuhnehTik EengLish iz Quantum Foam

KwahnTuhm Fohm Iz KwahnTuhm Plus Fohm.

"There is no such thing as empty space;
there is only ‘quantum foam,’ everywhere."

"Quantum foam (or space time foam) is a concept in quantum mechanics. It was created by John Wheeler in 1955. The foam is supposed to be thought of as the foundation of the things that make up the universe."

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Omneefohm iz therfohr Ahl thuh Quantum Foam in thuh Omneevrs.

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