Omniverse in FuhnehTik Inglish iz Omneevrs

Omniverse Dehfihnishuhn
The omniverse is ALL things existent in any dimension and universe in the entirety of what is.

The Omneevrs iz the Tranz FynyT Universe

Thuh Omneevrs Iz AhLsoh KahLd Thuh Cosmos Infinite.

OmniFoam in FuhnehTik Inglish iz OmneeFohm

Omneefohm iz Omnee plus fohm.

Omnee Vrs (Haoh=#) 1:

Omni- in FuhnehTik IngLish Yeeng Voiss Sownd Chahrz iz Omnee Uv Omneeon Izm.

Omnee Vrs (Haoh=#) 2:0:

Etymology Prefix Omni-
Omnee Vrs (Haoh=#) 2:1: * omni-: word-forming element meaning "all," from Latin omni-, combining form of omnis "all, every, the whole, of every kind"…

Quantum Foam in FuhnehTik Inglish iz:

"There is no such thing as empty space;
there is only ‘quantum foam,’ everywhere."

"Quantum foam (or space time foam) is a concept in quantum mechanics. It was created by John Wheeler in 1955. The foam is supposed to be thought of as the foundation of the things that make up the universe."

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Omneefohm iz therfohr Ahl thuh Quantum Foam in thuh Omneevrs.

EngLish Wrd Omnium in Yeeng Voyss Sownd Chahrz

Omnium (Omni- + -ium):

Omnee Vrs (Haoh=#) 1:

Omni- in FuhnehTik IngLish Yeeng Voiss Sownd Chahrz iz Omnee Uv Omneeon Izm.

Omnee Vrs (Haoh=#) 2:0:

Etymology Prefix Omni-
Omnee Vrs (Haoh=#) 2:1: * omni-: word-forming element meaning "all," from Latin omni-, combining form of omnis "all, every, the whole, of every kind"…

Suffix Ium In Yeeng Voyss Sownd Chahrz Iz Eeuhm

Pronunseeayshuhn Uv Suffix ium Iz Eeum.

EtymoLogy Uv -ium

word-forming element in chemistry, used to coin element names, from Latin adjectival suffix -ium (neuter of -ius), which formed metal names in Latin (ferrum "iron," aurum "gold," etc.).

In late 18c chemists began to pay attention to the naming of their substances with words that indicate their chemical properties.

Berzelius in 1811 proposed forming all element names in Modern Latin. As the names of some recently discovered metallic elements already were in Latin form (uranium, chromium, borium, etc.), the pattern of naming metallic elements in -ium or -um was maintained (in cadmium, lithium, plutonium, etc.; helium is an anomaly).

Therefore, (Omnium=Omneeuhm) iz:

  • the name of the PanEeTrnuL *Conservation Of Energy*** Kommuhn SubsTanss that constitutes AhL SubsTanss;
  • By -ium extension, appended to the prefix Omni-, (creates=krieits) a SubsTanss Naym;
  • Used to indicate the setting where all given activity uv the change uv the attributes of quantum pahrtikl Spheer sub-kemz, weivz And Streengz is carried out;

To interpret: Omnium iz the collective name for the energy of which all matter iz formed and Uhkohrding Tu Infinity STaTistics EgzisTs as a Macrocosmic Tranz FynyT Nuhmbr Uhv Grwps Uhv Physical Galaxy KLowd Webz formed of microcosmic quantum substance called QuanTum Foam by some Fihzihsists and called EThr by some Endjihneerz.

Omnium in Simp Lang Iz "AhL STuf" And Iz The Un Uv "AhL Non STuf" In Thuh Zeerohd Syz Ohmz.

Cosmos InfiniTe In Yeeng Voyss Sownd Chahrz Iz Kozmohss InfihniT

MasTr Eewnivrs TekST

§ 1 The Validity of the Concept

The concept of the Cosmos Infinite is no wild speculation; the UranTia Book Papers refer to it more than once. In speaking of one of the existential relationships of the FirsT Source and CenTer (the Triunity of Energy Infinity, (1149.7-13) 104:4.22-28 the UranTia Book Papers say that this particular association holds within its existential presence the full "… energy potential of the cosmos-infinite, of which the grand universe and the master universe are only partial manifestations." This association releases such energies to the experiential deities as they develop capacity "… to control and stabilize the metamorphosing cosmos." The emergence of the Cosmos Infinite is, then, a function of the emergence of the experiential deities. And the UranTia Book Papers go on to say —

(1169.6) 106:7.7 The MasTer Architects are presumed to perceive the relationship of the master universe to something external and larger.

(1168.2) 106:6.3 If Cosmos Infinite is assumed, there is some endless cosmos external to the master universe.

(1168.1) 106:6.2 The master universe provides a very suitable experiential foundation for the formation of the Second Experiential Trinity, but its function implies something much larger than this master universe.

(1163.1) 106:0.7 The fact of the existence of coabsolute reality implies the existence of something outside the master universe upon which experientials can be projected.

(130.2) 12:1.16 The full expression of the Infinite will require an infinite arena. There must be an unlimited domain on beyond the outer margins of the [[[master universe]].

(1160.16) 105:7.18 The outgoing expression of the First Source and Center may continue forever, on outward into "absolute infinity."

(1261.5) 115:3.1 It is impossible to limit the unqualified absolute cosmos in concept. Man cannot understand this, because man is a finite creature in an "infinite cosmos."

These citations reasonably validate the concept of some unending Unqualified Absolute creation that will be outside of, and will completely encircle, the entire master universe. This domain would have an inner margin but hardly an outer boundary, at least no fixed boundary in eternity — although it probably would have an expanding periphery at any given moment in time. It would likely have an origin in time, but no ending (no completion) in time. It might have many concentric and ever-larger subdivisions; each of which could have a beginning, a span of growth, an attainment of destiny — but never the last one, not the Cosmos Infinite as-a-whole.

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