ALL Sizome Named Omnia In FuhnehTik IngLish Simp Lang

Thuh AhL Syz Ohm Iz AhLsoh KahLd Thuh EeTrnuL 3 dihmenshuhnaL InfihniT Tranz AhL Bowndz Wun.

Omnia (Prefix Omni- + suffix ia):

Omneeuh iz thuh FuhnehTik IngLish Naim uv thuh AhL-Syz-Ohm Wich Iz Thuh EetrnuL All-Being Uv Thuh AhL STaiT, Wich Inklwdz: Thuh AhL Mynd, And THuh Omneevrs.

Omnia (Omni- + suffix ia): the collection uv infinit thingz…

InfiniTy STaTisTics Prohpozez ThaT Eech Kynd Uv Theeng That Kan Happen:

  1. Haz Happend An Tranz FynyT Nuhmbr Uhv Tymz
  2. Now Iz Happehneeng A Tranz FynyT Nuhmbr Uhv Tymz
  3. ShaL Happen A Tranz FynyT Nuhmbr Uhv Tymz.

Dif Kyndz Uh THingz Happen Mohr Ohr Less FreekwehnTLee Than Dif Theengz.

(Eternity=EeTrnihTee) Meenz:

1: Thuh InfihniT PasT And InfihniT Feewchr Tym Uv Thuh UniversaL One Of InfiniTy. ( A.K.A. Tranz AhL Bowndz Wun (A.K.A. [[[Thuh AhL Syz Ohm)That InkLwdz ( Thuh [ In Eech InsTanT Prwvd Three Dihmenshunz Uv Tranz FyNyT EgzisTenss ] And [ JusT Wun Prwvd Dyrekshuhn Uv Evr Now Floheeng Tym ] ) ).

2: In Thuh Urantia Book, THuh Wrd Eternity Iz EEwzd Tu Reefr Tu Thuh MohsT Ohld Pree Stahrt Uhv Thuh Observable Universe Fohk Hw Supposed[Lee CreaTed Thuh Universes.