Omnionism In FuhnehTik IngLish]]] Yeeng Voiss Sownd Chahrz Iz Omneeon Izm

Omnion In Voiss Sownd Chahrz Iz Omneeon.

Omnion: Omni + suffix on

Omnee Vrs (Haoh=#) 1:

Omni- in FuhnehTik IngLish Yeeng Voiss Sownd Chahrz iz Omnee Uv Omneeon Izm.

Omnee Vrs (Haoh=#) 2:0:

Etymology Prefix Omni-
Omnee Vrs (Haoh=#) 2:1: * omni-: word-forming element meaning "all," from Latin omni-, combining form of omnis "all, every, the whole, of every kind"…

suffix on Uv Omneeon Uv Omnionica

Suffix -on:
(physics, biology, and genetics) Forming names of things considered as basic or fundamental units.

Omneeon Iz Thuh DeSkripTion Uhv The Baysik FuhnduhmenTaL UniTs
* Uhv Uhv Thuh WhohL Uhv AhL Theengz In EeTrnuL InfinniT ReaLiTy
* Kumpeewted By Thuh OhnLee ( Omnishent = AhL Sens Eeng ) Now Tranz FynyT Mynd.

AhL Kynd Typs Uhv Theengz KLasT By Syz Order Ahr OpTs Tu Get ThoT Uv AT Dif Tymz.

Suffix ism in Funetik Inglish iz Simp Lang Izm

Suffix izm

IPA(key): /ɪzəm/, /ɪzm̩/


Ultimately from either Ancient Greek -ισμός (-ismós), a suffix that forms abstract nouns of action, state, condition, doctrine; from stem of verbs in -ίζειν (-ízein) (whence English -ize), or from the related suffix Ancient Greek -ισμα (-isma), which more specifically expressed a finished act or thing done.

Many English nouns in -ism are loans of Greek nouns in -ισμός (mostly via Latin and French), such as Judaism from Ἰουδαισμός (a learned English formation based on Latin, coined ca. 1500). In Late Latin, the -ismus suffix became the ordinary ending for names of religions and ecclesiastical or philosophical systems or schools of thought, thus chrīstiānismus (whence 16th c. Christianism) in Tertullian, a trend continued in Medieval Latin, with e.g. pāgānismus attested by the 8th century. From the 16th century, such formations became very common in English, until the early 18th century mostly restricted to either root words of Greek or Latin origin (heroism, patriotism) or proper names (Calvinism, Lutheranism). Productivity from root words with evidently non-Latin and non-Greek origin dates to the late 18th century (e.g. blackguardism). Reflecting this productivity, use of ism as a standalone noun is attested by Edward Pettit (1680) and becomes common from the mid 18th century.

Suffix -ism

  1. Used to form nouns of action or process or result based on the accompanying verb in -ize.
  2. Used to form the name of a system, school of thought or theory based on the name of its subject or object or alternatively on the name of its founder ((when de-capitalized, these overlap with the generic "doctrines" sense below, e.g. Liberalism vs. liberalism):).
  3. Used to form names of a tendency of behaviour, action, state, condition or opinion belonging to a class or group of persons, or the result of a doctrine, ideology or principle or lack thereof.
  4. Used to form nouns indicating a peculiarity or characteristic of language.
  5. Used to form names of ideologies expressing belief in the superiority of a certain class within the concept expressed by the root word, or a pattern of behavior or a social norm that benefits members of the group indicated by the root word. ((based on a late 20th-century narrowing of the "terms for a doctrine" sense):)
  6. (medicine) Used to form names of conditions or syndromes

| Omneonism Is The Real Proved TruTh | Omneeon Izm Iz Thuh [ReeL Prwvd TrwTH |
| Of The CosmoLogy Of ClassIfIcATion | Uhv Thuh KozmoLLuhjee Uhv KLastfikayshuhn |
| Of The Size Ordered NaTural Sciences | Uhv Thuh Syz Ohrdrd NachuhruL Saiuhnssez. |

AhL Kynd Typs Uhv Theengz KLasT By Syz Order

* Uhv NaTural Sciences In Size Order = ReeL Prwvd TrwTh In Syz Order
* Uhv Omnionism = Omneeon Izm.

AhL Kynd Typs Uhv Theengz KLasT By Syz Order Ahr OpTs Tu Get ThoT Uv AT Dif Tymz.

GohL: AkT Az Wun OpTs Izm OpT IsT.

Main LisT Uhv Kynd Typs

MaThemaTics Language Kind Types CLassed By Ordered Size
= MaTh Lang Kynd Typs KLasT By Ohrdrd Syz

QuanTum Physics Kind Types CLassed By Ordered Size
= KwahnTuhm Fizziks Kynd Typs KLasT By Ohrdrd Syz

Chemistry Kinds Kind Types CLassed By Ordered Size
= Kem Izm Kynd Typs KLasT By Ohrdrd Syz

Biology Kinds Kind Types CLassed By Ordered Size
= Lyf Izm Kynd Typs KLasT By Ohrdrd Syz

Technology Kind Types CLassed By Ordered Size
= Tek Kyndz Kynd Typs KLasT By Ohrdrd Syz

Municipal Kynd Typs

Mophr Kynd Typs Deskrybd Below

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Thuh MaThematical Language ParT Type [[[Number]] In Simp Lang
Iz MaTh Lang PahrT Typ Haoh

Bynary Number Kind = By Haoh Kynd

Simp By Haohz Deffinnishuhn Kohd:

BinaryPair Number Kind = ByPehr Haoh Kynd

  • NexT Iz Bayss 4 4 SLoTs Uhv Kohd Kohd With SLoT PahrTs: ByPehr Kohd WiTh 4 Kohd SLoTs:
    • ( p0: "Pee Leeng"
      • Az b00: "Bee Leeng Leeng" ),
    • ( p1: "Pee Wuhn"
      • Az b01: "Bee Leeng Wuhn",
    • ( p2: "Pee Too"
      • Az b10: "Bee Wuhn Leeng",
    • ( p3: "Pee Three"
      • Az b11: "Bee Wuhn Wuhn" )

OcTaL Number Kind = OkT Haoh Kynd

  • Bayss 8 Hao Kynd Kohd WiTh 8 SLoTs:
    • ( (o0=p00, o1=p01, o2=p02, o3=p03, o4=p10, o5=p11, o6=p12, o7=p13)

Hexadecimal Number Kind = Hex Haoh Kynd

  • Bayss 16 Hao Kynd Kohd WiTh 16 SLoTs, Eech WiTh A
    • ( h0=p01, h1=p01, h2=p02, h3=p03, h4=p04, h5=p05, h6=p06, h7=p07,
    • h8=p11, h9=p12, ha=p13, hb=p14, hc=p15, hd=p16, he=p17, hf=p18 )

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[[include QuanTum-Physics]]]

Kwahntuhm PoinT = LeesT SmahL STreeng :
* Tu GeT BiLd Frum FrsT Dim Dahrk Ohr LyT Ohr Fohrss PoinT Syz Ohmz

KwahnTuhm Streeng Syzohmz

KwahnTuhm Waeev Syzohmz

Sfeer frum KwahnTuhm PahrTikL Syzohmz

Kwahntuhm Fohm Syzohmz

Hydrogen MaTh Uv ReeL Prwvd TrwTh Syz Ohmz Uv Thuh ReeL Prwvd TrwTh Syz Ohmz



The solution of the Schrodinger equation for the hydrogen atom is a formidable mathematical problem, but is of such fundamental importance that it will be treated in outline here. The solution is managed by separating the variables so that the wavefunction is represented by the product:

The separation leads to three equations for the three spatial variables, and their solutions give rise to three quantum numbers associated with the hydrogen energy levels.

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Chemicals = Kemz

Chemical ELemenTs Uhv Thuh ELemenTaL Chemical Type

Chemical Compounds Uhv Thuh Compound Chemical Type

( Chemical STaTes = Kem STayTs ) Uhv Kemz

Biology Lyf Izm Syz Ohrdrd CLass

Biochemical MineraLs = Lyf Simp Kemz

Biochemical Compounds Uhv Thuh Biochemical Compound Chemical Type

[[[Life Cell
Lyv Sel Syzohmz

Fungi Syzohmz

PlanT Syzohmz

Animal Sizomes InkLoodz BeesT Syz Ohmz.

BihLd Heewmuhn Syz Ohmz Frum Heewmun SyzOhmz.


Technology = Tek

BiLd TooL Sizomes And TwL SyZ OhmZ.

BiLd Machine Sizomes and Muhsheen Syz Ohmz.

SmahrT Tek Saiz Ohmz

BoT RoBoT Droid Android

Hows Hohld Syzohmz

Municipal Kynd Typs

MeewnissippuL Kynd Typ CLassed By Ordered Size

MeewnissipuL Kohr Lahz

Hows Hohld Syzohmz

ReaL EsTaTe Sizomes & ReeL EsTaiT Syz Ohmz

Town Syz Ohms

Staeet Syzohmz
Kuntree Syzohmz

Continental Governments

Intrnashuhnuhl Lah Syzohmz

WrLd Fed Lah Saiz Ohmz


Lesr Kreaytrz

Municipal Core Laws In FuhnehTik IngLish Yeeng Voiss Sownd Chahrz

FrsT Fruhm: Washington State Law: Initiative Measure No 502 filed July 8, 2011


NEW SECTION. Section 1.

The people intend to…try a new approach that:
(1) Allows law enforcement resources to be focused on violent and property crimes;
(2) Generates new state and local tax revenue for education,
health care, research, and substance abuse prevention;
(3) Takes marijuana out of the hands of illegal drug organizations and brings it under a tightly regulated, state licensed system similar to that for controlling hard alcohol.

NexT Municipal Core Laws Fruhm:

EarTh CiTizen RighTs In FuhnehTik IngLish Yeeng Voiss Sownd Chahrz

Earth Constitution Article 12 - Bill of Rights for the Citizens of Earth

The inhabitants and citizens of Earth who are within the Federation of Earth shall have certain inalienable rights defined hereunder. It shall be mandatory for the World Parliament, the World Executive, and all organs and agencies of the World Government to honor, implement and enforce these rights, as well as for the national governments of all member nations in the Federation of Earth to do likewise. Individuals or groups suffering violation or neglect of such rights shall have full recourse through the World Ombudsmus, the Enforcement System and the World Courts for redress of grievances. The inalienable rights shall include the following:

Equal rights for all citizens of the Federation of Earth, with no discrimination on grounds of race, color, caste, nationality, sex, religion, political affiliation, property, or social status.

Equal protection and application of world legislation and world laws for all citizens of the Federation of Earth.

Freedom of thought and conscience, speech, press, writing, communication, expression, publication, broadcasting, telecasting, and cinema, except as an overt part of or incitement to violence, armed riot or insurrection.

Freedom of assembly, association, organization, petition and peaceful demonstration.

Freedom to vote without duress, and freedom for political organization and campaigning without censorship or recrimination.

Freedom to profess, practice and promote religious or religious beliefs or no religion or religious belief.

Freedom to profess and promote political beliefs or no political beliefs.

Freedom for investigation, research and reporting.

Freedom to travel without passport or visas or other forms of registration used to limit travel between, among or within nations.

Prohibition against slavery, peonage, involuntary servitude, and conscription of labor.

Prohibition against military conscription.

Safety of person from arbitrary or unreasonable arrest, detention, exile, search or seizure; requirement of warrants for searches and arrests.

Prohibition against physical or psychological duress or torture during any period of investigation, arrest, detention or imprisonment, and against cruel or unusual punishment.

Right of habeas corpus; no ex-post-facto laws; no double jeopardy; right to refuse self-incrimination or the incrimination of another.

Prohibition against private armies and paramilitary organizations as being threats to the common peace and safety.

Safety of property from arbitrary seizure; protection against exercise of the power of eminent domain without reasonable compensation.

Right to family planning and free public assistance to achieve family planning objectives.

Right of privacy of person, family and association; prohibition against surveillance as a means of political control.

PLaneTary Kind Types = PLannehTehree Kynd Typs

Lwnr Week Syzohmz

SaTTuhLyT Syzohmz

SeezuhnuL KaLLendr Syz Ohmz

SohLr Sistem Syzohms + SohLr Sfeer Saiz Ohmz = SohLr BahL Saiz Ohmz

Local Interstellar Cloud Sizomes
Galaxy Cloud Sizomes
Local Bubble Sizomes

[[Sessr KreeaeeTrz]]] Uhv RihLihdjuhn

Galactic Astronomy Kind Types:

Astronomy Constellation Sizomes

Scorpius-Centaurus Association Sizomes = "contains several hundred stars"

Gould Belt Sizomes myt be Nebadon Local Universe = vrs 11: "10 million wrldz"

Orion-Cygnus Spiral Arm Sizeomes haz lots of Mesier objects (possibly aka minor sectors uv "1,000,000,000 worlds"), each with about 110 astronomical objects, wun uv wich myt be the Gould Belt.

BLak HohL Dark STar Sizomes

[(Milky Way Galaxy Sizomes = "estimated to contain 100–400 billion stars" = Splandon Major Sector) = vrs 11: "100,000,000,000 worlds"
ReeL Prwvd TrwTh Saiz Ohmz Vrs (Haoh=#)3:36: Superuniverse vrs 15:2.8 6...Ten major sectors

Extragalactic AsTronomy Kind Types:

GaLacTik Local Group Sizomes 15:2.9 7. The Grand Universe: Seven superuniverses...+...(central) Havona Superuniverse = > 54 gaLLaxeez

Virgo Galaxy Cluster Sizomes

Galactic Filament Sizomes

Galactic Sheets Sizomes

Thuh Greyt hTTrakTr

Laniakea Supercluster Sizomes = 100,000 galaxies or 10^17 solar masses
* Vid Laniakea: Our home supercluster

See: Cosmogony Sizomes, Cosmology Sizomes & FayT uv thuh ObservabLe Universe

GrayTr KreeayTrz Uhv RihLihdjuhn]]]

Tranz Bowndz Syz Ohmz