Now Tranz FynyT Shen DeeihTee

Now Tranz FynyT Shen DeeihTee Iz OhLd SpeLLeeng WiTh "ih" And InkLuudz Thuh NexT Paydj WiTh Thuh Wrd DeeihTee Reespeld Az DeeiTTee In ITs Naeem " Now Tranz FynyT Shen DeeiTTee ".

See: Wy PrakTiss UhgehnsT SmahL T

Now Tranz FynyT Shen DeeiTTee


DeiTy In Pin Yin Iz ( Ohr shén ) And In FohnehTik Eeng-glish Speech Sownd Synz

神 shén

  • deity
  • soul
  • spirit
  • unusual
  • mysterious
  • lively
  • expressive
  • expression

Uh Shen Gy Iz KahLd uh God Ohr Maybee Tu Yuuz Uh Greek Suffix: Uh Shennos.

Uh Shen GaL Iz Nohrm KahLd Uh Goddess, Tho Maybee IT MyT Bee BeTr Mohr ReespecTful Tu Uhsembul Thuh Nuu Wrd: Shenness.

See: DeeuhTee

Thiss Iz Thuh LasT Lyn Uhv TeksT In Thuh Paeej Naeemd " Shen ".

Thuh NeksT TeksT Wuhz FiksT Fruhm:

Question: "What does it mean that [ DeiTy ] is infinite?"

Answer: The infinite nature of [ DeiTy ] simply means that [ DeiTy ] exists outside of and is not limited by time or space. Infinite simply means “without limits.” When we refer to [ DeiTy ] as "infinite," we generally refer to Him with terms like omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence.

Omnipresence means that God is always present. There is no place that you could go to escape God’s presence. God is not limited by time or space. He is present at every point of time and space. God’s infinite presence is significant because it establishes that God is eternal. God has always existed and will always exist. Before [ the World ] began, [ DeiTy ] was. Before the world or even matter itself was created, God was. He has no beginning or end, and there was never a time He did not exist, nor will there be a time when He ceases to exist…

Omniscience means that God is all-knowing or that He has unlimited knowledge. His infinite knowledge is what qualifies Him as sovereign ruler and judge over all things. Not only does God know everything that [ has happened ], but He also knows all things that [ are now and all knowledge known by thuh Tranz FynyT Nuhmbr uhv myndz in EgzisTenss ].

Omnipotence means that God is all-powerful or that He has unlimited power.. Because [ DeiTy ] is omnipotent and has infinite power, [ Eech and Ehvree Theeng ThaT Muuvz Iz Muuvd By DeiTy ]…

Because [ DeiTy ] is infinite, He is also said to be transcendent, which simply means that God is exceedingly far above creation and is both greater than creation and independent of it…

Thuh Now Tranz FynyT Shen DeeiTTee Haz:

1: Thuh Now Tranz FynyT MaThemaTicaL RealiTy Proccessor Az Thuh Now Tranz FynyT Mynd

2: Thuh Now Tranz FynyT Shen DeeiTTee Haz Uh Now Tranz FynyT SpirriT Wich Duhz Now Tranz FynyT Mohshuhn Wich Now Omeemoovz AhL ( PuLL And Push ) Fohrss Ohmz Inkluudeeng Thuh List Uhv Pruuvd Fohrss Syz Ohmz.

3: Thuh Now Tranz FynyT Shen DeeiTTee Haz A Bod Naimd Omneevrs

The foLLoheeng ReeLidjuhss KonsepTs Hav AspekTs SimmiLr to Thuh Now Tranz FynyT Shen DeeiTTee

  • (in uhproxihmaT hisTorical order uv appearance):
  • Thuh Hindu Brahman, mantra: “Kham Brahm” (“All is Brahman”);
  • Thuh Baha'i concept of InfihniT Divine Reality, tho Baha'u'llah { wuz And Iz } not thu only manifestation uv Allah Ohr Infiinit Deity this millenium;

Dureeng Eech Uhv Thuh Tranz FynyT InsTanTs Uhv Tym, Thuh Now Tranz Bowndz Shen DeeihTee Iz:
1: OmnniPresenT: Omnipresence meenz Being evreewer;
2: And OmniscenT: Omniscence meenz Knowing Evreetheeng;
3: Then Omnipotent: OmniPoTence flohz Az Evree ( Pruuvd And PruuvuhbuL ) ( KwahnTuhm And Kozmik ) Fohrss.

See, and heer This Youtube Omnipresence, Omniscience, Omnipotence, Omnibenevolence and Eternity Playlist

Now Tranz FynyT Shen DeeihTee Az Imprsuhnul Tho Eksprehseeng Az MulTippuL PrsuhnalliTTeez


If Thuh Now Tranz FynyT Shen DeeihTee Iz:

1: EeTrnuL, Tranz FynyT, Omnipresent, OmniscienT And OmnipotenT,

2: (Divyn = WiTh Theez Tranz FymyT KwahLihTeez),

3: Now Tranz FynyT Mynd Exprehseeng Ehvree Degree Uhv InTehLijenss KappassiTee,

4: Then MyT Get KahLd Non-Prsuhnul DeeiTTee,

5: WiTh EetrnuL PoTenchuL Fohr ManifesTaTion Uhv Uh Tranz FynyT Nuhmbr Uhv MuLTipuL PrsuhnalLiTTeez,

6: Expressing Az:

Thuh Now Tranz FynyT Shen DeeihTee { Wuhz And|Ohr Iz }

( I, U And AhL UhThr PeepuL ) Ahr MulTihpuL PrsuhnalihTeez Uhv Thuh Now Tranz FynyT Shen DeeihTee.

See: Shen-DeeihTee

Brahman Versus Allah In FuhnehTik IngLish Yeeng Voiss Sownd Chahrz

Brahman Uhv [[[]]].

"A central concept in most of the Upanishads, Brahman is defined as the omnipresent, eternal and spiritual source of the universe."

This Hindu ConsepT Uhv (Brahman

AhLuh Iz FohnehTik EengLish Fohr [Allah.

AhLuh In Simp Lang Iz AhL Uh Ohr AhL Wuhn

THuh Mysterious Li Ohridjind Koran ReporT Ed KonsepT Uhv Allah ( Kuhnfeewzez = Non-Disrnz Tween ):
1: Thuh EetrnuL Now Tranz FynyT Shen DeeihTee
2: WiTh Thuh AncienT ( Supposed Immortal = Lyf WiTh Supposed Evr LasTing Longevity ) Lesser Creators Gyz: Semitic EL Dad And Hiz Suhn Hebrew=Heebrw YaHWeH ELohim.

Allah In FuhnehTik IngLish Yeeng Voiss Sownd Chahrz Iz AhLuh.

AhLuh Iz SumTymz ProhnownsT In EengLish Az AhL-Uh,

Thuh Lohn Char "A" ProhnownsT Az "Uh" Nohrm Meenz THuh Nuhmbr Wuhn.

Thus, "AhL Uh" Uh" MyT GeT Tranz Skrybd Az Tranz FynyT Shen DeeiTTee Uhv "AhL Now Wuhn".

See AhLsoh: Now Tranz FynyT Shen DeeiTTee

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