NorLaTiadek Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

Frum [ Srch Thuh Urantia Book] Fohr "NorLaTiadek":

1 - (15:7.6) Edentia, the headquarters of your Universe Constellation of Norlatiadek, has its seventy satellites of socializing culture and training, on which ascenders sojourn upon the completion of the Jerusem regime of personality mobilization, unification, and realization.

2 - (15:14.6) [Your Local System] has a headquarters world called Jerusem, and it is LocaL SysTem number twenty-four in the constellation of Norlatiadek. Your constellation, Norlatiadek, consists of one hundred local systems and has a headquarters world called Edentia. Norlatiadek is number seventy in the universe of Nebadon. The LocaL Universe of Nebadon consists of one hundred Universe ConsTeLLaTions and has a capital known as SaLvingTon. The Local Universe of Nebadon is number eighty-four in the minor sector of Ensa.

5 - (35:6.5) The Most Highs surround themselves with a corps of counselors, which varies in number and personnel from time to time in accordance with the presence of the various groups at constellation headquarters and also as the local requirements vary. During times of stress they may ask for, and will quickly receive, additional Sons of the Vorondadek order to assist with the administrative work. Norlatiadek, your own Universe Constellation, is at present administered by twelve Vorondadek Sons.

7 - (39:3.10) 6. The Recorders. The sixth order of supervising seraphim act as the special recorders of constellation affairs. A large and efficient corps functions on Edentia, the headquarters of the Universe ConsTeLLaTion of NorLaTiadek, to which your system and planet belong.

9 - (41:1.4) Ten Supreme Power Centers of the fifth order are assigned to each of Nebadon's primary subdivisions, the one hundred Universe ConsTeLLaTions. In Norlatiadek, your Universe ConsTeLLaTion, they are not stationed on the headquarters sphere but are situated at the center of the enormous stellar system which constitutes the physical core of the constellation. On Edentia there are ten associated mechanical controllers and ten frandalanks who are in perfect and constant liaison with the near-by power centers.

10 - (41:2.1) While the Master Physical Controllers serve with the power centers throughout the Grand Universe, their functions in a LocaL SysTem, such as [yours], are more easy of comprehension. [Your LocaL SysTem] is one of one hundred LocaL Systems which make up the administrative organization of the Universe ConsTeLLaTion of NorLaTiadek, having as immediate neighbors the LocaL SysTems of Sandmatia, Assuntia, Porogia, Sortoria, Rantulia, and Glantonia. The Norlatiadek systems differ in many respects, but all are evolutionary and progressive, very much like [Your LocaL SysTem].

11 - (41:2.8) The power-energy supervision of the evolutionary inhabited worlds is the responsibility of the Master Physical Controllers, but these beings are not responsible for all energy misbehavior on Urantia. There are a number of reasons for such disturbances, some of which are beyond the domain and control of the physical custodians. Urantia is in the lines of tremendous energies, a small planet in the circuit of enormous masses, and the local controllers sometimes employ enormous numbers of their order in an effort to equalize these lines of energy. They do fairly well with regard to the physical circuits of [Your LocaL SysTem] but have trouble insulating against the powerful Norlatiadek currents.

12 - (41:10.5) Urantia is comparatively isolated on the outskirts of MonmaTia, your solar system, with one exception, being the farthest removed from Jerusem, while [Your LocaL SysTem] itself is next to the outermost system of Norlatiadek, and this constellation is now traversing the outer fringe of Nebadon

13 - (43:0.1) URANTIA is commonly referred to as 606 of [Your LocaL SysTem] in Norlatiadek of Nebadon, meaning the six hundred sixth inhabited world in [your] LocaL SysTem.., situated in the [[[Universe ConsTellaTion of Norlatiadek, one of the one hundred constellations of the LocaL Universe of Nebadon. Universe ConsTeLLaTions being the primary divisions of a LocaL Universe, their rulers link the LocaL SysTems of inhabited worlds to the central Administration of the LocaL Universe on Salvington and by reflectivity to the superadministration of the Ancients of Days on Uversa.

14 - (43:0.2) The government of your Universe ConsTeLLaTion is situated in a cluster of 771 architectural spheres, the centermost and largest of which is EdenTia, the seat of the administration of the ConsTeLLaTion FaThers, the Most Highs of Norlatiadek. Edentia itself is approximately one hundred times as large as your world. The seventy major spheres surrounding Edentia are about ten times the size of Urantia, while the ten satellites which revolve around each of these seventy worlds are about the size of Urantia. These 771 architectural spheres are quite comparable in size to those of other Universe ConsTeLLaTions.

15 - (43:0.4) The Supervisor Seraphim, the third order of LocaL Universe AngELs, are assigned to the service of the Universe Constellations. They make their headquarters on the capital spheres and minister extensively to the encircling Morontia-training worlds. In Norlatiadek the seventy major spheres, together with the seven hundred minor satellites, are inhabited by the univitatia, the permanent citizens of the constellation. All these architectural worlds are fully administered by the various groups of native life, for the greater part unrevealed but including the efficient spironga and the beautiful [[[spornagia]]. Being the mid-point in the Morontia-training regime, as you might suspect, the Morontia life of the Universe ConsTeLLaTions is both typical and ideal.

17 - (43:2.8) The combined council of legislators consists of three members from each of these separate branches of the Universe ConsTeLLaTion deliberative assembly and is presided over by the reigning junior Most High. This group sanctions the final form of all enactments and authorizes their promulgation by the broadcasters. The approval of this supreme commission renders Legislative enactments the law of the realm; their acts are final. The legislative pronouncements of Edentia constitute the fundamental law of all Norlatiadek.

21 - (43:5.3) 1. The ConsTeLLaTion FaTher]. The present [[[Most High]] ruler of Norlatiadek is number 617,318 of the Vorondadek series of Nebadon. He saw service in many constellations throughout our LocaL Universe before taking up his EdenTia responsibilities.

26 - (43:6.2) About one half of Edentia is devoted to the exquisite gardens of the Most Highs, and these gardens are among the most entrancing Morontia creations of the LocaL Universe. This explains why the extraordinarily beautiful places on the inhabited worlds of Norlatiadek are so often called "the Garden of Eden."

37 - (55:7.3) When [The FirsT Or PLaneTary STage] is attained on your world, UranTia, no doubt Machiventa Melchizedek, now the vicegerent Planetary Prince of Urantia, will occupy the seat of the PLaneTary Sovereign; and it has long been conjectured on Jerusem that he will be accompanied by a son and daughter of the Urantia Adam and Eve who are now held on Edentia as wards of the Most Highs of Norlatiadek. These children of Adam might so serve on Urantia in association with the Melchizedek PLaneTary Sovereign since they were deprived of procreative powers almost 37,000 years ago at the time they gave up their material bodies on Urantia in preparation for transit to Edentia.

39 - (66:4.13) These antidotal complements of the LocaL SysTem life currents were derived from the fruit of the tree of life, a shrub of Edentia which was sent to Urantia by the Most Highs of Norlatiadek at the time of Caligastia's arrival. In the days of Dalamatia this tree grew in the central courtyard of the temple of the unseen Father, and it was the fruit of the tree of life that enabled the material and otherwise mortal beings of the PLaneTary Prince's staff to live on indefinitely as long as they had access to it.

40 - (67:6.5) The affairs of [[[Urantia]] were for a long time administered by a council of planetary receivers, twelve Melchizedeks, confirmed by the mandate of the senior LocaL ConsTeLLaTion ruler, the Most High Father of Norlatiadek. Associated with the Melchizedek receivers was an advisory council consisting of: one of the loyal aids of the fallen PLaneTary Prince, the two resident Life Carriers, a Trinitized Son in apprenticeship training, a volunteer Teacher Son, a Brilliant Evening Star of Avalon (periodically), the Chiefs of Seraphim and Cherubim, advisers from two neighboring planets, the director general of subordinate AngELic Life, and Van, the commander in chief of the midway creatures. And thus was Urantia governed and administered until the arrival of Adam. It is not strange that the courageous and loyal Van was assigned a place on the council of planetary receivers which for so long administered the affairs of Urantia.

42 - (74:2.6) The next act was the delivery of the charge of planetary custody to Adam and Eve by the senior Melchizedek, chief of the council of receivership on Urantia. The Material Son and Daughter took the oath of allegiance to the Most Highs of Norlatiadek and to MichaeL of Nebadon and were proclaimed rulers of Urantia by Van, who thereby relinquished the titular authority which for over one hundred and fifty thousand years he had held by virtue of the action of the Melchizedek receivers.

43 - (75:6.3) The Edenic caravan was halted on the third day out from the Garden Of Eden by the arrival of the seraphic transports from Jerusem. And for the first time Adam and Eve were informed of what was to become of their children. While the transports stood by, those children who had arrived at the age of choice (twenty years) were given the option of remaining on Urantia with their parents or of becoming wards of the Most Highs of Norlatiadek. Two thirds chose to go to Edentia; about one third elected to remain with their parents. All children of prechoice age were taken to Edentia. No one could have beheld the sorrowful parting of this Material Son and Daughter] and their children without realizing that the way of the transgressor is hard. These offspring of Adam and Eve are now on Edentia; we do not know what disposition is to be made of them.

44 - (93:3.2) MachivenTa MeLchizedek taught the concept of one God, a universal Deity, but he allowed the people to associate this teaching with the Constellation Father of Norlatiadek, whom he termed EL ELyon—the [Most High… To a majority of the Salem students EdenTia was heaven and the Most High was God.

45 - (93:3.3) The symbol of the three concentric circles, which Machiventa Melchizedek adopted as the insignia of his bestowal, a majority of the people interpreted as standing for the three kingdoms of Human, AngELs, and God. And they were allowed to continue in that belief; very few of his followers ever knew that these three circles were emblematic of…the Paradise Trinity of divine maintenance and direction; even Abraham rather regarded this symbol as standing for the three MosT Highs of EdenTia, as he had been instructed that the three Most Highs functioned as one. To the extent that MachivenTa MeLchizedek taught the TriniTy concept symbolized in his insignia, he usually associated it with the three Vorondadek rulers of the Universe ConsTeLLaTion of Norlatiadek.

46 - (104:1.3) The third presentation of the Trinity was made by MachivenTa Melchizedek, and this doctrine was symbolized by the three concentric circles which the sage of Salem wore on his breast plate. But Machiventa found it very difficult to teach the Palestinian Bedouins about the [Universal Father, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit. Most of his disciples thought that the Trinity consisted of the three Most Highs of Norlatiadek; a few conceived of the Trinity as the System Sovereign, the Constellation Father, and the local universe Creator Deity; still fewer even remotely grasped the idea of the Paradise association of the Father, Son, and Spirit.

48 - (114:4.1) The SovereignTy of UranTia is further complicated by the onetime arbitrary seizure of planetary authority by the government of Norlatiadek shortly after the planetary rebellion. There is still resident on Urantia a Vorondadek Son, an observer for the Most Highs] of Edentia and, in the absence of direct action by MichaeL, trustee of planetary sovereignty. The present Most High observer (and sometime regent) is the twenty-third thus to serve on UranTia.

49 - (114:4.2) There are certain groups of planetary problems which are still under the control of the Most Highs of Edentia… Authority in these matters is exercised by a Vorondadek Son, the Norlatiadek observer, who maintains very close advisory relations with the planetary supervisors. The race commissioners are very active on Urantia, and their various group chiefs are informally attached to the resident Vorondadek observer, who acts as their advisory director.

50 - (114:5.4) This rather loosely organized and somewhat personally administered planetary government is more than expectedly effective because of the timesaving assistance of the ArchAngELs and their ever-ready circuit, which is so frequently utilized in planetary emergencies and administrative difficulties. Technically, the planet [[UranTia]]] is still spiritually isolated in the Norlatiadek circuits, but in an emergency this handicap can now be circumvented through utilization of the ArchAngELs' circuit. Planetary isolation is, of course, of little concern to individual mortals since the pouring out of the Spirit of Truth upon all flesh nineteen hundred years ago.

51 - (188:3.15) The records of Edentia indicate that the Constellation Father of Norlatiadek was on Urantia, and that he received instructions from MichaEL during the time of the tomb.

52 - (189:1.4) As far as we can judge, no creature of this LocaL Universe nor any personality from another LocaL Universe had anything to do with this Morontia Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. On Friday he laid down his life as a mortal of the realm; on Sunday morning he took it up again as a morontia being of the Your LocaL SysTem…in Norlatiadek. There is much about the resurrection of Jesus which we do not understand. But we know that it occurred as we have stated and at about the time indicated. We can also record that all known phenomena associated with this mortal transit, or morontia resurrection, occurred right there in Joseph's new tomb, where the mortal material remains of Jesus lay wrapped in burial cloths.

53 - (191:4.7) [One] Wednesday, Jesus spent without interruption in the society of his morontia associates, and during the midafternoon hours he received visiting morontia delegates from the mansion worlds of every LocaL SysTem of inhabited spheres throughout the [[Universe ConsTeLLaTion]]] of NorLaTiadek