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CreaTor Son MichaEL Pikchr Uv MykuL And MichaEL of Nebadon Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

Frum: Christ Michael Aton Speaks on Man’s Choices

Urantia Book 33:1. Michael of Nebadon

33:1.1 Our Creator Son is the personification of the 611,121st original concept of…identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son. The Michael of Nebadon is the “only-begotten Son” personalizing this 611,121st universal concept of divinity and infinity. His headquarters is in the threefold mansion of light on Salvington. And this dwelling is so ordered because MichaEL has experienced the living of all three phases of intelligent creature existence: spiritual, morontial, and material…

33:1.2 Our Creator Son is not the Eternal Son, the existential Paradise associate of the Universal Father and the Infinite Spirit. Michael of Nebadon is not a member of the Paradise Trinity. Nevertheless our Master Son possesses in his realm all of the divine attributes and powers that the Eternal Son himself would manifest were he actually to be present on Salvington and functioning in Nebadon. MichaEL Of Nebadon possesses even additional power and authority, for he not only personifies the Eternal Son but also fully represents and actually embodies the personality presence of the Universal Father to and in this LocaL Universe. He even represents the Father-Son. These relationships constitute a Creator Son the most powerful, versatile, and influential of all divine beings who are capable of direct administration of evolutionary universes and of personality contact with immature creature beings.

33:1.3 Our Creator Son exerts the same spiritual drawing power, spirit gravity, from the headquarters of the LocaL Universe that the Eternal Son of Paradise would exert if he were personally present on Salvington, and more; this Universe Son is also the personification of the Universal Father to the LocaL Universe of Nebadon. Creator Sons are personality centers for the SpiriTual forces of the Paradise Father-Son. Creator Sons are the final power-personality focalizations of the mighty time-space attributes of God the Sevenfold.

33:1.4 The Creator Son is the vicegerent personalization of the Universal Father, the divinity co-ordinate of the Eternal Son, and the creative associate of the Infinite Spirit. To our universe and all its inhabited worlds the Sovereign Son is, to all practical intents and purposes, God. He personifies all of the Paradise Deities which evolving mortals can discerningly comprehend. This Son and his CreaTive SpiriT associate are your creator parents. To you, the Creator Son MichaEL of Nebadon, is the supreme personality…

33:1.5 In the person of the Creator Son we have a ruler and divine parent who is just as mighty, efficient, and beneficent as would be the Universal Father and the Eternal Son if both were present on [SaLvingTon and engaged in the administration of the affairs of the universe of Nebadon.

Urantia Book 33:2. The Sovereign of Nebadon

33:2.1 Observation of Creator Sons discloses that some resemble more the FaTher, some the Son, while others are a blend of both their Paradise ParenTs. Our CreaTor Son] very definitely manifests traits and attributes which more resemble the Eternal Son.

33:2.2 MichaeL elected to organize this LocaL Universe, and herein he now reigns supreme. His personal power is limited by the pre-existent gravity circuits centering at Paradise and by the reservation on the part of the Ancients of Days of the Superuniverse GovernmenT of all final executive judgments regarding the extinction of personality. Personality is the sole bestowal of the Father, but the Creator Sons, with the approval of the Eternal Son, do initiate new creature designs, and with the working co-operation of their [[[SpiriT]] associates they may attempt new transformations of energy-matter…

33:2.4 [The] subordination of the Divine Ministers to the Creator Sons of the local universes constitutes these Master Sons the personal repositories of the finitely manifestable divinity of the Father, Son, and SpiriT, while the creature-bestowal experiences of the MichaELs qualify them to portray the experiential divinity of the Supreme Being. No other beings in the universes have thus personally exhausted the potentials of present finite experience, and no other beings in the universes possess such qualifications for solitary sovereignty.

33:2.5 Although MichaEL’s headquarters is officially located on Salvington, the capital of Nebadon, he spends much of his time visiting the Universe ConsTeLLaTion and LocaL SysTem headquarters and even the individual planets. Periodically he journeys to Paradise and often to Uversa, where he counsels with the Ancients of Days. When he is away from Salvington, his place is assumed by GabriEL, who then functions as regent of the LocaL Universe of Nebadon.