Municipal Core Laws In FuhnehTik IngLish Yeeng Voiss Sownd Chahrz

FrsT Fruhm: Washington State Law: Initiative Measure No 502 filed July 8, 2011


NEW SECTION. Section 1.

The people intend to…try a new approach that:
(1) Allows law enforcement resources to be focused on violent and property crimes;
(2) Generates new state and local tax revenue for education,
health care, research, and substance abuse prevention;
(3) Takes marijuana out of the hands of illegal drug organizations and brings it under a tightly regulated, state licensed system similar to that for controlling hard alcohol.

NexT Municipal Core Laws Fruhm:

RTh SihTihZen RyTs Uhv RTh Fed KonsTihTuushuhn And Meewnissipul Kohr Lahz

RTh SiTTizzen RyT 0: The inhabitants and citizens of Earth who are within the Federation of Earth shall have certain inalienable rights defined hereunder. It shall be mandatory for the World Parliament, the World Executive, and all organs and agencies of the World Government to honor, implement and enforce these rights, as well as for the national governments of all member nations in the Federation of Earth to do likewise. Individuals or groups suffering violation or neglect of such rights shall have full recourse through the World Ombudsmus, the Enforcement System and the World Courts for redress of grievances. The inalienable rights shall include the following:

RTh SiTTizzen RyT 1: Equal rights for all citizens of the Federation of Earth, with no discrimination on grounds of race, color, caste, nationality, sex, religion, political affiliation, property, or social status.

RTh SiTTizzen RyT 2: Equal protection and application of world legislation and world laws for all citizens of the Federation of Earth.

RTh SiTTizzen RyT 3: Freedom of thought and conscience, speech, press, writing, communication, expression, publication, broadcasting, telecasting, and cinema, except as an overt part of or incitement to violence, armed riot or insurrection.

RTh SiTTizzen RyT 4: Freedom of assembly, association, organization, petition and peaceful demonstration.

RTh SiTTizzen RyT 5: Freedom to vote without duress, and freedom for political organization and campaigning without censorship or recrimination.

RTh SiTTizzen RyT 6: Freedom to profess, practice and promote religious or religious beliefs or no religion or religious belief.

RTh SiTTizzen RyT 7: Freedom to profess and promote political beliefs or no political beliefs.

RTh SiTTizzen RyT 8: Freedom for investigation And research and reporting.

RTh SiTTizzen RyT 9: Freedom to travel without passport or visas or other forms of registration used to limit travel between, among or within nations.

RTh SiTTizzen RyT 10: Prohibition against slavery, peonage, involuntary servitude, and conscription of labor.

RTh SiTTizzen RyT 11: Prohibition against military conscription.

RTh SiTTizzen RyT 12: Safety of person from arbitrary or unreasonable arrest, detention, exile, search or seizure; Requirement of warrants for searches and arrests. [ See: Peeuur JusT WohrehnTs Fohr Srch AkTs And UhrehsTs ]

RTh SiTTizzen RyT 13: Prohibition against physical or psychological duress or torture during any period of investigation, arrest, detention or imprisonment, and against cruel or unusual punishment.

RTh SiTTizzen RyT 14: Right of habeas corpus; no ex-post-facto laws; Vrss 0: no double jeopardy; right to refuse self-incrimination or the incrimination of another.

RTh SiTTizzen RyT 15: Prohibition against private armies and paramilitary organizations as being threats to the common peace and safety.

RTh SiTTizzen RyT 16: Safety of property from arbitrary seizure; protection against exercise of the power of eminent domain without reasonable compensation.

RTh SiTTizzen RyT 17: Right to family planning and free public assistance to achieve family planning objectives.

RTh SiTTizzen RyT 18: Right of privacy of person, family and association; prohibition against surveillance as a means of political control.

Peeuur JusT WohrehnTs Fohr Srch AkTs And UhrehsTs

RTh SiTTizzen RyT 12:1: Safety of person from arbitrary or unreasonable arrest, detention, exile, search or seizure;

RTh SiTTizzen RyT 12:2:0: ReekwyrmehnT Uhv WohrehnTs Fohr Srch AkTs And UhrehsTs.

RTh SiTTizzen RyT 12:2:1:0: Thehr Ahr SimpLee Now 2 Lrnd JusT Reezuhnz Fohr Uh Srch WohrehnT.

RTh SiTTizzen RyT 12:2:1:1: If { Ther Wuhz Uh SeLf giltee Uhv AkTeeng OwT Uh Kung Fu FyT Skill Typ Deskrybd Az uhtak With Wuhn wehpuhn tuul Ohr mohr than wuhn wehpuhn tuulz that myt ( hahrm = ( { injur ( Uh Lyv BeesT WiTH Wrkeeng Nrvz ) } ohr|and { dammejyz ( Uh Muhsheen WiTh Wrkeeng EeLekTronniks ) } leeveeng uh ( hahrmd = ( injurd wuund ohr damajd damaj ) ) that kozd Less Fuhngkshuhn Uhv ThaT Wrkeeng Tek } ThaT Wuhz Pruuvd By ( FohToh Ohr|And Vid Ohr|And [ Uh hahrmd VikTim'z Reekohrded STaeeTmenT ] Ohr|And [ Uh WiTness'z Reekohrded STaeeTmenT ] ) Ehvihdehnss Pruuveeng ThaT an ObjekTiv hahrm uhsult vyohlaeeshuhn krym uhkrd } Then ThaT krym Ehvihdehnss Shood GeT Eeuuzd Az Baeesis Fohr Uh ** WohrehnT Fohr JusT Seezhur Uhv [ Eech And Ehvree ] hahrm uhsult wehpuhn Uhv Thuh spehsiffik [ typ ohr typs ] pruuvd tu hav got eewzd tu kuhmit thuh hahrm uhsult krym**.

RTh SiTTizzen RyT 12:2:1:2: If Ther Iz A Self Huu Iz InnuhsenT Uhv hahrm-wehpuhn-uhsult with ThaT SehLf's JusTLee Uhkwyrd Tu Ohn ProppurTee Wich got unreezuhnuhbullee ahrbitrehrihlee theft seezd Then ThaT theft rongd InnuhsenT SeLF MyT LisT [ Eech And Ehvree ] theft stohld AeeTem And SpehsihfihkuLLee How ThaT AeeTem Wuhz JusTLee Uhkwyred, PreefurruhbLee WiTh uh ReeseeT. THaT JusT[[Lee]]] Uhkwyrd LisT ReepohrT Shood GeT InvesTihgaeeTed Tu Vehrihfy THuh Degree Uhv ITs VaLLihdihTee Then Tu Thuh Degree VaLidaeeTed Eeuuzd Az Thuh Baeesis Fohr Thuh Ishuuanss Uhv Uh WohrehnT Fohr Reezuhnd JusT Seezhur Uhv ThefT STohL ProprTee

RTh SiTTizzen RyT 12:3:0: Ther Ahr Now 2 Lrnd JusT Reezuhnz Fohr An UhrehsT WohrehnT:

RTh SiTTizzen RyT 12:3:1: Thuh FrsT Iz Tu Az Suun Az PossihbuL STop Uhv hahrm uhsult vyohlaeeshuhn krym And Therby PreevenT Thuh kuhnTihnuueeng uhv hahrm uhsult krym akts;

RTh SiTTizzen RyT 12:3:2:0: Thuh Sehkuhnd Iz If Wen ( { uh pland mrdr } ohr {multi pland mrdrz } ) haz uhkrd Then Shood InvesTihgaeeshuhn Syenss Branch Kyndz Deskrybd Az DeeTekTiv Fohrenzikss PrakTiss AkTss Uhkr ReezuLTeeng WiTh HohpfuLLee UhresTeeng { theft and|ohr uhsuLt and|ohr mrdr } suspektss.

DeeTekTiv Fohrenzikss Branch Kyndz Deskrybd AT fohr UhresTing { theft and|ohr uhsuLt and|ohr mrdr } suspects:

RTh SiTTizzen RyT 12:3:2:1: ( ThefT & UhsuLT & MrdR ) krym PLaeess InvesTihgaeeshuhn
RTh SiTTizzen RyT 12:3:2:2: Evidence collection
RTh SiTTizzen RyT 12:3:2:3: AhTopsee
RTh SiTTizzen RyT 12:3:2:4: WiTness Intrveewz
RTh SiTTizzen RyT 12:3:2:5: ReepohrT RyTeeng
RTh SiTTizzen RyT 12:3:2:6: Record keeping
RTh SiTTizzen RyT 12:3:2:7: Writing probable cause affidavits
RTh SiTTizzen RyT 12:3:2:8: Preparing arrest warrants
RTh SiTTizzen RyT 12:3:2:9: Courtroom testimony
RTh SiTTizzen RyT 12:3:2:10: Preparing and executing search warrants
RTh SiTTizzen RyT 12:3:2:11: UhresTeeng ( ThefT And|AiThr UhsuLT And|AiThr Mrdr ) SuspekTs
RTh SiTTizzen RyT 12:3:2:12: KohrT Fohrenziks TryuL
RTh SiTTizzen RyT 12:3:2:13: KohrT Jurree { DeeLibraeeshuhnz Then KuhnkLuuzhuhnz }
RTh SiTTizzen RyT 12:3:2:14: KohrT Juj Adjuudihkaeeshuhn
RTh SiTTizzen RyT 12:3:2:15: Krym SuhspekT { PeenuLyzd PehnuLTee And|Ohr ReeLeesT }

RTh SiTTizzen RyT 12:3:2:16:0: Krym PehnuLTeez InkLuud:

RTh SiTTizzen RyT 12:3:2:16:1:0: Ishuu Peeuur JusT WahrenT Tu:

RTh SiTTizzen RyT 12:3:2:16:1:1: Seez Theef ThefT STohL Suudoh-ProprTee

RTh SiTTizzen RyT 12:3:2:16:1:2: And|AeeThr Uhsess STohL ProprTee WrTh Az Neg DeT BaLLanss Uhv Nuu DeT UhkownT Uhv Hyrd DeT KohLehkshuhn Aeejehnsee Tu GradjuuaLLee RehgeeuuLrLee KohLehkT DeT PaeemehnTs Tu GeT Fohrwrded Tu STohL Fruhm VikTim.
RTh SiTTizzen RyT 12:3:2:16:1:3: And|AeeThr Seez Ohprehsohr Ohprehshuhn Hahrm UhsuLT Wehpuhn Ohr Wehpuhnz

RTh SiTTizzen RyT 12:3:2:16:1:4: And|AeeThr Koz Eech Pruuvd UhsuLT Ohpressohr And Eech KuhnvikTed Mrdrur Tu Bee { Took Tu Then PuT In Then LokT In } JaeeL Fohr:

RTh SiTTizzen RyT 12:3:2:16:1:4:1: And|AeeThr A ShohrT Peereeuhd Fohr Wuhn uhsult krym
RTh SiTTizzen RyT 12:3:2:16:1:4:2: And|AeeThr A Mohr Long Peereuhd Fohr muLty-uhsuLt tohrchr Ohpreshuhn
RTh SiTTizzen RyT 12:3:2:16:1:4:3: Ohr Fohr Thuh ResT Uhv Thuh LyfTym Fohr A deelihbureht mrdrur konvikt kuhnvikted Uhv less mrdrz Than ( DuhbuL Thuh GLohbuL Nuhmbr Uhv spureeuhss kuhnvikshuhnz uhv wuhn IhnuhsenT SuspekT uhv deeLihbureht mrdr ).

RTh SiTTizzen RyT 12:3:2:16:1:5: Ohr If Uh DeeLihburehT Mass-Mrdrur KonvikT Wuhz KuhnvikTed Uhv ( duhbul thuh GLohbuL nuhmbr uhv spureeuhss kuhnvikshuhnz uhv wuhn IhnuhsenT SuspekT uhv deeLihburehT mrdr ) then shood issuu uh deth wahrehnt tu koz that duhbuL GLohbuL spureeuhss mass mrdrurz kovikt tu get put in a min kruuehl leethul eeLehktrik chehr that wehn trnd on duz koz min suhfreeng then leest suun deth.