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A Study Of The Master Universe, Ohr MasTer Universe Study,

See: A Study of the Master Universe


Prologue in Eternity


The Finite Story

  • Chapter I. The Creative Thesis of Perfection
  • Chapter II. The Evolutionary Antithesis
  • Chapter III. First Synthesis: God the Supreme

The Absonite Story

  • Chapter IV. Nuclear and Cytoplasmic Universes
  • Chapter V. The Transformation of Synthesis
  • Chapter VI. The Second Creative Thesis
  • Chapter VII. The Second Antithesis
  • Chapter VIII. Master Universe Magnitudes
  • Chapter IX. Second Synthesis: God the Ultimate

Beginning of the Last Story

  • Chapter X. The Final Creative Thesis
  • Chapter XI. Beginning of the Final Antithesis
  • Chapter XII. The Impossible Synthesis


Epilogue in Eternity

  • First Epilogue - The Final Universe Age
  • Second Epilogue - The Depths of the Final Age
  • Third Epilogue - After the Ending of Endings


Appendices To Study Of The Master Universe Uv MasTr Eewnivrs TekST

See: Appendices To Study Of The Master Universe

MasTer Universe AnTecedenTs Uv Appendices To Study Of The Master Universe

Source RelaTionships In ETerniTy Uv MasTer Universe AnTecedenTs


There are degrees of source relationship between eternal realities that are paradoxical when viewed from our time perspective. We are prone to say, "If these eternal realities had come into existence in time, then that which is Source must be older than that which is Derived." If we could entertain the concept of a Zero Age – an age prior to the First Universe Age – then we would have a perspective from which we might attempt to analyze certain of these relationships. (The concept of a Zero Age is the concept of a state of affairs prior to the existence of God the SpiriT, Havona, and the Trinity.) In making a comparison of that which is Source with that which is Derived, we encounter three degrees of source relationship between eternal realities:

(a) If God the SpiriT and the Havona, central universe are eternal (91.6) 8:1.9, then it logically follows that –

(b) The Original Son and the Isle of Paradise are more eternal – eternaler – because the Original Eternal Son is coancestral (with the UniversaL FaTher) of God the SpiriT (90.3) 8:0.3, and because the Father-Son union (which produced God the SpiriT and Havona) took place in the presence of Paradise (98.1) 9:0.1 the Isle of Paradise is also the Source of that which materialized as Havona, the central universe. (91.1) 8:1.4 And carrying this line of reasoning one step farther, it logically follows that if the Eternal Son and Paradise may be thought of as being eternaler, then –

(c) The I AM Father is most eternal – eternalest – since he is the Father of the Eternal Son (73.1) 6:0.1 and the Source of eternal Paradise. (127.1) 11:9.3

This line of reasoning starts with the concept of "eternal," which would be the equivalent of the FirsT Universe Age. It then introduces the concept of "eternaler," which would be comparable to the [Zero Age. Then we have the concept of "eternalest," which would equivalate to the idea of a "pre-zero concept." And, if we can imagine a "pre-zero concept" perhaps we can think at least one step behind that idea, perhaps we can reach the concept of "before pre-zero." Let us now examine the concept of the hypothetical /Before Pre Zero/ Age…

Before Pre Zero Third Pre-Universe Age Uv MasTer Universe AnTecedenTs


We can take at least one more step in the exploration of the "historic past" of eternity; we can make an effort to visualize a concept that is Before Pre-Zero, a hypothetical "Third Pre-Universe Age." The UranTia Book Papers do provides us with such a startling point; they refer to it as the "hypothetical static moment of eternity." (1153.2) 105:1.5 Here we encounter a concept that presents a state of affairs prior to the separation of the deified and the non-deified. But, even in this primal concept the UranTia Book Papers do not validate monism – "The doctrine that there is only one kind of substance or ultimate reality." (Webster) The UranTia Book Papers do not validate the concept of absolute uniformity at the very beginning of universe things. The UranTia Book Papers insist that this concept of past-eternal reality must include the potential (the possibility for the expression) of self-will. (6.2) 0:3.22; (1152.5) 105:1.2 and (1153.6) 105:2.1

Before Pre-Zero we entertain a primal concept that is pre-potential — a concept of that which exists before potentials have even appeared. This must be the first level of the function of Total DeiTy — the static level. (2.4) 0:1.4 This is the "quiet moment," the moment in which deity is "self-contained and self-existent." (ibid) The presence of the possibility of self-will at this eternally distant moment is proved by the fact that potentials were segregated and did develop out of the static condition, and by the further fact that these potentials have ever since been actualizing by associative, creative, and evolutionary techniques.

But this static condition is more than a valid concept. This static condition is also a factual reality: Total DeiTy still continues to function on the stat­ic level. The continuing existence of the static level of Total Reality is pointed out in the UranTia Book Papers in the discussion of The Infinity (1154.1) 105:2.2, and in the discussion of the Universal One of Infinity. (1155.4) 105:2.11 Therefore, at the conclusion of our analysis of past eternity we encounter more than valid concept, we encounter factual reality:

  • The 3D Infinte past-eternal [ever becomes] the 3D Infinte present-eternal,
  • and the 3D Infinte present-eternal [ever becomes] the 3D Infinte future-eternal.

Pre Zero Age Ohr Second Pre-Universe Age Uv MasTer Universe AnTecedenTs


We might think of the Pre-Zero concept as "the Second Pre-Universe Age." In this concept we are departing still farther from [known] reality. Nevertheless, let us again take inventory of what is in existence; but first, we should make note of the absence of the Eternal Son and the Isle of Paradise. In the Pre-Zero concept we find the following realities:

(a) The Qualified Absolute, Total Deity. Here it would hardly be proper to use designation "Universal FaTher" as the name of this pre-Father reality of near-Total Deity. (6.2) 0:3.22 It is not that God the Father is nonexistent, it is rather that this concept visualizes him as pre-Father. (111.3) 10:3.5 God is existent as the DeiTy Absolute Personality and, as such, is diffused throughout Total Deity. (108.1) 10:0.1

It is through divestment (unclothing) of this DeiTy Absolute Personality ((the clothes from) which becomes the Eternal Son) (109.2) 10:1.4 and through union with the Son in the trinitization of [[[God the SpiriT] (90.3) 8:0.3, that the Volitional Principle of Deity, the "existence of the possibility of self-will" (1153.2) 105:1.5, becomes the Universal Father; and, in the Paradise Trinity escapes from diffusion throughout Total Deity. (6.3) 0:3.23 And, by the subtraction of the Trinity from Total Deity, there is left an infinite residue as the DeiTy AbsoluTe (and the UniversaL AbsoluTe) of all future ages.

(b) The Unqualified Absolute is present because the free will of deity has caused Total Reality to become separated into that which is deified and that which is not deified. The Qualified Absolute has become separated from total non-deity, thus constituting the latter the Unqualified Absolute – the Unconditioned absolute. (14.8) 0:11.10; (6.2) 0:3.22

(c) The Universal Absolute is also present and is functionally equalizing the tension which is produced by the separation of Total Reality into the deified and the undeified (14.8) 0:11.10; (6.2) 0:3.22

We should remember that this Pre-Zero Age concept is not [proven] reality. (111.3 10:3.4 Even the [succeeding] concept of the Zero Age is not a [proven] reality; but both are useful thinking tools and, as such, both are valid concepts…

Zero Age Uv MasTer Universe AnTecedenTs Uv Appendices To Study Of The Master Universe


We might try to improve our concept of the Zero Age by otherwise naming it "the FirsT Pre-Universe Age." As we enter this hypothetical age we are leaving factual reality behind us, but we are not separating ourselves from valid concept. As we take inventory of the contents of the Zero Age, we should first make note of the absence of the Paradise Trinity, the God The Spirit, and Havona./ the central universe. The Zero Age concept is pre-Spirit, hence pre-Havona; and, without Goc the Spirit, there is no Trinity. In the Zero Age we find the following realities.

(a) The I AM FaTher. God has achieved dual expression of himself (127.1) 11:9.3, but not TriniTy expression. He has bestowed the absolute and unqualified spirit personality upon the Eternal Son (109.2) 10:1.4, (109.6) 10:2.2; (111.4) 10:3.6, and he has expressed his non-deity nature in the co-ordinate appearance of the Isle of Paradise. (127.1) 11:9.3

(b) The Eternal Son. The Original Son is in existence, but has not yet functioned. The first functional act of God the Son is in collaboration with God the Father, and this results in the appearance of God the Spirit (90.3) 8:0.3 and Havona, thus terminating the [Zero Age and inaugurating the First Universe Age.

(c) The Isle of Paradise. Paradise is present; the eternal Isle comes into existence as the repercussion and the antithesis of the Father's action which personalizes the Son. (127.1) 11:9.3 But Paradise has yet to function as the Source of all subsequent physical creation. Outside of Paradise there are no universes; there is no space – only midspace (not-space). (See Appendix II § 1, Space Bestowals of Paradise, and § 2, Paradise Bestowals of Space Potency.)

(d) The Deity Absolute is present – but are we using the proper name here? Perhaps a better designation would be the "Qualified Absolute," or the "Conditioned Absolute." The Zero Age is pre-TriniTy in concept, and in a pre-[[[TriniTy situation God the Father has not yet achieved complete escape from diffusion throughout Total Deity. (6.2) 0:3.22; (108.1) 10:0.1; (111.6) 10:3.8

(e) The Unqualified Absolute is also present, but this presence would be quite different from the later space-presence and space-function of the Unqualified in the subsequent Universe Ages. In the first place, there is probably no space at this concept point in past eternity; secondly, there could hardly be any space potency. (Appendix II § 1, Space Bestowals of Paradise, § 2, Paradise Bestowals of Space Potency)

(f) The Universal Absolute is present as the co-ordinator of the Deity Absolute and the unqualified absolute. (15.1) 0:11.11, (15.5) 0:11.15 However, the Universal Absolute could have had no actual and active function in equalizing the cosmic tensions produced by the coexistence of absolute and subabsolute realities. (15.3) 0:11.13 In the Zero Age, as we conceive it, there could have been no subabsolute realities. Or could there have been?

This, then, is the inventory of Absolute realities in the Zero Age. Can we be sure, however, that no subabsolute reality is actually present in this age? This is moot. Let us look at the Zero Age a little more closely:

Were the Master Architect present? The traditions of Paradise hold that the senior Architect, the Paradise Architect, and three Havona Architects contri­buted to the planning of Havona. (351.5) 31:9.4) If this is correct, then at least these four Architects must have been present in the Zero Age. There is a further statement to the effect that the 28,012th Architect failed to absoni­tize because he would have transcended the upper limits of absonity. (352.3) 31:9.10 the Paradise Architect is the senior Architect and functions at the "upper limit of absonity,"…the…highest…possible Architect. This line of reasoning does suggest that the entire corps of 28,011 Architects were present in the Zero Age. If the Master Architects were present, then subabsolute reality was present…

…Quite possibly the mid-space zones would have filled all regions outside of Paradise. (124.2) 11:7.1…but if the Architects of the Master Universe were in existence, then Time and space could have been conceptually present in the absonite minds of the transcendental Architects.

Were the Paradise Citizens present? If the Havona natives are "eternal," than it would appear reasonable to assume the Paradise Citizens are "eternaler." Even if this were the case, we know this designation could not apply to all of the "more than three thousand orders" of these citizens, because the last of these groups was personalized at the time of the Trinity mandate which organized the superuniverses (222.5) 19:7.1, and this must have been in the "dawn" of the Second Universe Age.

FirsT Universe Age Uv Appendices To Study Of The Master Universe


If we stay with factual reality, no matter how far back in time we try to think, the innermost core of the MasTer Universe – the central and divine universe – is always there; it is eternal. (152.1) 14:0.1 This pattern creation of divine perfection is just as eternal as God the SpiriT, the Third Person of Deity. (91.5) 8:1.8

When we speak of Havona in the First Universe Age, what do we actually mean by this concept? This concept of the central universe is something quite unlike the story of Havona as told in the Papers. The Papers describe Havona in the present age, the Second Universe Age, and much has happened in Havona during this age. Suppose we examine the central creation as it once existed, in the First Universe Age. We might first consider the physical structure of the central universe, then examine the personality activities of First-Age Havona. (See also, Appendix VI § 3. Paradoxes in the Status of Havona.)