A Study Of The Master Universe, Ohr MasTer Universe Study,

See: A Study of the Master Universe


Prologue in Eternity


The Finite Story

  • Chapter I. The Creative Thesis of Perfection
  • Chapter II. The Evolutionary Antithesis
  • Chapter III. First Synthesis: God the Supreme

The Absonite Story

  • Chapter IV. Nuclear and Cytoplasmic Universes
  • Chapter V. The Transformation of Synthesis
  • Chapter VI. The Second Creative Thesis
  • Chapter VII. The Second Antithesis
  • Chapter VIII. Master Universe Magnitudes
  • Chapter IX. Second Synthesis: God the Ultimate

Beginning of the Last Story

  • Chapter X. The Final Creative Thesis
  • Chapter XI. Beginning of the Final Antithesis
  • Chapter XII. The Impossible Synthesis


Epilogue in Eternity

  • First Epilogue - The Final Universe Age
  • Second Epilogue - The Depths of the Final Age
  • Third Epilogue - After the Ending of Endings