List Uhv Pruuvd Fohrss Syz Ohmz

Thuh Now Tranz FynyT Shen DeeiTTee Haz Uh Now Tranz FynyT SpirriT Wich Duhz Now Tranz FynyT Mohshuhn Wich Now Omeemoovz AhL ( PuLL And Push ) Fohrss Ohmz Inkluudeeng Thuh List Uhv Pruuvd Fohrss Syz Ohmz Wich Inkluudz:

AhL Thuh ( PuLL Fohrss PoeenTss And Push Fohrss PoeenTss )

AhL Theez TuugeThr Moov Thuh [Kem Izm Kynd Typs Ohrdrd By Syz And By Thohz Moovz PrimmiTTiv Tek Uhv PrimmiTTiv Muhsheenz And PrimmiTTiv Lyf.

Then Ther Ahr Tek Kyndz ith Tek Ohrganz Needed Fohr Wrkeeng Mynd Lyk RoboTs And ( BeesTs Az AnnimmuLz WiTh Uh Braeen )

Then Ther Ahr [[[Lyf Izm Kynd Typs Ohrdrd By Syz]] And Tek Kynd Typs KLasT By Ohrdrd Syz Wich Moov EekohsisTemz] And SohsyehTeez And [[[Sivvilyzaeeshuhnz]].

Then THer Ahr Man Shaeept Az Android Ohr Heeuumuhnoid Ohr Mehtuhman Thuh MohsT SmahrT WiTh [[[Mynd KuhmpohnenTs Needed Fohr A Lrneeng Mynd]]

Then Ther aHr UhsTronnuhmee PLanneT Glohb Fohrss Ohmz Lyk Lahvuh Amd RTh Kwaeekss And WahTr KurrenTs And Wind Fkigz And Lee Lynz And MaggneTTik PohLz.

2.2: And AhL Thuh ( [Kozmik Fohrss Grav STreengz PuLLeeng And NohrTh PohL JeTs Pusheeng ) Astrohnommikul ObjekTss In BohTh GuhLakTik UhsTronnuhmee And In EksTruhGuhLakTik UhsTronnuhmee Wich Inkluudz Evree Theeng In OurHohm AbsuhLuuT MohsT Big UhbsrvuhbuL Yuuivrss..

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