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In ThaT EnvyronmenT If Wuhn'z Bod Ohrganz Ahr HeLThee, They MyT Keep Wrkeeng WeL If Wuhn Mohr Tym Kush STeem Iz BreeThd In.

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If MeTh In BeesT PrevenTs Huhngr FeeLz Then:

  • EeT HelTh Conscious Even If U Non Hunger.

Meth Powdr SnorT Aizd Kuz Koz DevIl Pain In NosTrils.

Too Much MeTH DusT And|ohr Steem On Tung Duz Koz Tung SohrNess.

MeTH In NeedL Injected Haz Been ReporTed Tu Sum Tymz Koz DeTh.

Fruhm: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methamphetamine_in_the_United_States#Legal
The levorotary form of methamphetamine, levomethamphetamine, is an over-the-counter drug used as in nasal decongestants such as Vicks VapoInhaler.

Methamphetamine is double methylated phenylethylamine. Methamphetamine actually breaks down and metabolizes into amphetamine. Amphetamine is scientifically known as methylated phenylethylamine.

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What is PEA HCL?

Found in foods like chocolate, beans, and nuts, phenylethylamine (PEA) is an organic compound that acts as a neurotransmitter in the body. It is a byproduct of the amino acid phenylalanine, which studies show improves focus, mood, and energy.

This supplement contains hydrochloride (HCL), which makes it easier for the body to digest PEA.

A handful of foods made from cocoa beans contain phenylethylamine, or PEA.

Fruhm: https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/health/healthyliving/amphetamine]
Legal and illegal amphetamines
How amphetamines work
Effects of amphetamines
Symptoms of high doses of amphetamines
Amphetamine dependence, tolerance and withdrawal
Physical effects of long-term amphetamine use
Social effects of long-term amphetamine use
Responding to amphetamine overdose
Where to get help
Things to remember

See: https://amphetamines.com/types/natural/5-common-natural-amphetamines/

MeThyL Grwp Kemz Deekuhmpohzd Frum methamphetamine Braik Down Hav Ben BLaimd Fohr Toxxic Sufreeng In BeesT GuT, Thoh MeThyL Grwp Kemz Ahr Kommuhn In Biochemistry.

MeThyl Food Sources

Methyl-related nutrients are found in three groups of compounds: B Vitamins, Betaine and SAMe, S-Adenosyl-Methionine. In food sources, methyl-related nutrients can be found in foods rich in natural folate, or Vitamin B9, including strawberries, citrus fruits and leafy green vegetables. Good sources of Vitamin B12 are fish, meat, milk, and eggs. Choline oxidizes to form a source of methyl called Betaine, which is found in its highest concentration in beef liver. Toasted wheat germ and eggs are also excellent sources of choline, with cod, beef, brussel sprouts, broccoli, shrimp and salmon being good sources as well. Two large eggs contain 252 mg choline, nearly half of the recommended 550 mg per day for men.

"When heated to decomposition [Amphetamine] emits…nitroxides."

Nitroxides as Antioxidants and Anticancer Drugs

Fruhm Chemistry and Biology of Nitroxide Compounds: Conclusion
Although nitroxide radicals have long been utilized as biophysical tools for ESR spectroscopic studies and spin labeling oximetry, over the past two decades, research involving nitroxide compounds has flourished. As more studies are performed, more is revealed about these fascinating compounds, and more potential applications are uncovered. Experiments involving these compounds have ranged from radioprotection studies that revealed much about the antioxidant nature of these compounds and opened the door to their use as therapeutic agents to imaging studies that exploit the innate polarity of these compounds for use as MRI contrast agents. Nitroxides appear to have the ability to delay cancer formation and progression and someday may even be used to treat certain tumors. Damage from acute and chronic ischemic conditions could potentially be lessened with nitroxide compounds and their use in aging and weight control have yet to be fully explored. This wide variety of applications of nitroxide compounds all ties back to the ability of these compounds to alter the cellular redox state by scavenging oxygen free radicals and destroying O2•− because, incredibly, all of these seemingly disparate disease processes are related in some way to free radicals. Nitroxides provide an unprecedented ability to study the mechanisms underlying many disease states by interfering with a single important cellular metabolic phenomenon. With continued study, there is no doubt that even more experimental and clinical applications for nitroxides will be found.


Citrus FruiTs Hav MeThyL Grwps And Nitroxides.


Many Anti-MeTh SyTs Com ThaT MeTH Decomposed Iz toxxic, Thoh Zeeroh UhThrz Seen Described How Ohr Why.

Tho, SyuhnTifik InvesTiggaishuhn Uv MeTh Decomposition Wuz Duhn ThaT Prwvd:
1: MeTh Decomposes Intu MethyL Toxxinz and Amphetamine
2: Amphetamine Decomposes Intu Nitroxide, ReporTed Thoh Non Kem Syuhnss Proved Tu Be Toxxik
3: Syuhntifik Reesrch Prwvd: "Nitroxides as Antioxidants and Anticancer Drugs"

  • "As more studies are performed, more is revealed about these fascinating compounds, and more potential applications are uncovered."

Meth withdrawal symptoms begin around 24 hours after the individual’s last dose. Fatigue often sets in first, followed by an overwhelming feeling of depression. Some patients also experience paranoia, anxiety, and insomnia during this time.

Crystal meth withdrawal signs and symptoms include fatigue, long periods of sleep, depression, increased appetite, and paranoia. The withdrawal timeline begins a few hours after last use and can last for up to 2 weeks. Stimulant withdrawal is typically less physically dangerous than withdrawal from some other substances…
Frum: https://www.withdrawal.net/learn/crystal-meth-symptoms-timeline-side-effects/

MohsT Web SyTs ThaT SkripT Uhv MeTh WiThdrawal Non ReporT Wen WiThdrawaL STahrTs. Thuh KuhpL ThaT Wr Found Non Uhgreed Regarding AfTr LasT Eewss EgzakT Li How Much Tym PasT Pree Thuh STahrT Uhv WiThdrawaL SimpTuhmz, AiThr A Few Hours Ohr 24 Hours… Kuzhz Uhv ThaT, Thuh Preesyss Koz Uv A Ex Methamphetamine Grwp Kem In BeesT Sufreeng SimpTuhm (AiThr WiThdrawaL, mal-Nutrition Ohr A Dif LrnUhbL Koz) Iz Now Non Reliably Prwvd..

STress Haz Ben SensT Tu Trigr MeThyL Grwp Kem In strest Beest GuT SympTum Sufreeng.

Non MeTh Eewzrz MyT Non WahnT Tu FeeL Thuh MysTerious MeThyL Grwp Kem Kem In Beest Suffering Symptomz.

Slow, Deep BreThs Kan ReeLeev Sum STrest BreTh Suffreeng.

Sum Well ReesrchT (Tho Probably Prescription) Drug Treatments of Methamphetamine withdrawal

Theeree: If Mohr AkTiv Nrv SeLz Eewz Mohr NutrienTs And ThaT BeesT Non Hungrz, Then Thuh ResuLT MyT Be NutrienT-stahrvd Nrv SeLz.

Kuhz Uhv ThaT, IT Iz ImporTanT Tu EeT & Drink Suhm HeLTh Foodz & Jwss, Even If
Wuhn Non FeeLz Hungr.

"Vitamins may help restore brain, organ and tissue function during the withdrawal..process." (No Clinical TesTs Wr ReporTed Tu Mehzhr Thuh Degree Uv ReeL Prwvd TrwTh In Any STaiTmenT Uv This SyT, Tho PahrT Uv Human Essential Nutrition Iz Kuhnsuhmpshuhn Uhv VyTuhminz, ThaT MyT Bee a VaLLid Baiss Fohr MohsT Lyk Li NuTrienT DeepLeeShuhn Kozd WiThdrawaL SimpTuhm Therapy.)

WaTer Soluble Vitamins In FuhnehTik IngLish Yeeng Voiss Sownd Chahrz

WaTer Soluble ViTamins Ahr VyTuhmin C & B CompLex VyTuhminz.

Kiwi, Strawberries & Orange FruiT Cells Grow Sum Uv Thuh GraiTesT KwahnTiTTeez Uhv VyTuhmin C.

Every single B vitamin can be found in eggs.

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2: AssulT Abuse Violation IsTs
3: Car Rape Violation Ists And Jail Rape Violation IsTs

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