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NexT TexT Fruhm https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/compound/Phenethylamine#section=LogP
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When heated to decomposition it emits toxic fumes of /nitrogen oxides/.

NexT TexT Fruhm https://www.sciencedaily.com/terms/nitrogen_oxide.htm
NOx is a generic term for the various nitrogen oxides produced during combustion.

NeksT TekST Wuhz Fruhm: https://nootriment.com/phenylethylamine-hcl/

Phenylethylamine HCL Review: Mechanisms of Action

Phenylethylamine HCL, also known as PEA, Beta-Phenylethylamine or 2-Phenylethylamine, is a supplement used for different purposes, among them cognitive enhancement, mood improvement, weight loss, and as a concentration aid.

It naturally occurs within the nervous systems of humans and other mammals, where it is thought to act as a type of neuromodulator. It is considered to be a trace amine chemical and natural monamine alkaloid.

Within the human brain it causes the release of norepinephrine and dopamine, two very powerful brain chemicals involved in attention and alertness. Phenylethylamine HCL is the most commonly sold form of Phenylethylamine supplements available today.

Phenylethylamine HCL is contained in chocolate and has been affectionately referred to as the ‘love drug,’ since it is released by our brains when we have feelings of romantic love.

It is also a chemical related to amphetamines and is capable of raising the blood pressure and blood glucose levels. This is also what helps us to feel more alert and have a greater sense of well-being and contentment.

It is common to include Phenylethylamine HCL in nootropic stacks alongside Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors like Hordenine.

Phenylethylamine HCL Effects:

There are a number of different mechanisms of action for PEA once it penetrates the blood-brain barrier and enters the central nervous system.

One of the first things it does is to aid in the release of b-endorphin which is an opioid peptide that is the main force behind a number of pleasurable effects.

It also mimics the feelings that when have when falling in love or infatuation by stimulating the release of greater amounts of dopamine and norepinephrine.

It not only stimulates the release of dopamine, but also blocks the breakdown of dopamine, further increasing its levels.

PEA is also believed to help stimulate the release of Acetylcholine, another powerful brain chemical and neurotransmitter. This chemical plays a vital role in a number of different brain functions including memory, learning, recall, attention span, and even sensory perception.
Phenylethylamine HCL Benefits:

One of the most beneficial effects of this supplement is that it can significantly improve your mood and generate feelings of well-being. This can be critical in helping those who feel high levels of stress, anxiety, and possibly suffer from depression.

These effects are most likely due to the release of the b-endorphin and dopamine, the neurotransmitter which is thought to affect mood and movement. In fact, this supplement is often used as a component in treating anxiety and depression.

It also increases blood pressure and blood glucose levels, resulting in higher energy levels. This can help to reduce sensations of fatigue that often accompany conditions such as depression or anhedonia.

There are also a number of Nootropic effects associated with Phenylethylamine. This is most likely due to the stimulatory effect as well as the increased release of Acetylcholine.

Higher levels of the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine improve memory and normally result in a faster speed of memory retrieval. You may feel like you have deeper access to stored memories and do not have to search for relevant connections as they immediately come to the front of your mind.

Many users also report an increase in learning capacity and an improved or lengthened attention span. This includes a better ability to focus and concentrate. In some people, these benefits are also accompanied by an enhanced sensory perception, particularly in terms of sight and sound.

Due to the release of these powerful chemicals, combined with the increase in blood pressure and blood glucose levels, there is strong evidence suggesting that PEA may help to speed up the metabolism.

This also means that it can lead to an increased rate of fat burning. There are many diet and weight loss products currently on the market that include PEA as one of their main, active ingredients.

There are also a number of chemical compounds that are collectively known as Phenylethylamines. They are all loosely based upon the chemical structure of PEA, with either elements added or substituted.

These are typically used as psychoactive drugs and include MDMA (ecstasy). They also have a number of medical uses in decongestants, anti-depressants, and treatments for asthma.

Following TexT Frum: PEA – a Natural Antidepressant

Phenylethylamine (PEA) is the compound found in chocolate that is thought to produce its positive effects on mood. Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) is a particular strain of blue green algae that has been found to have many times more PEA than chocolate. Numerous studies have demonstrated PEA’s efficacy for depression and ADHD (Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder), and some scientists say that it may even be responsible for the brain chemicals involved with love and monogamy…

PEA is the same compound that is found in chocolate and thought to produce chocolate’s pleasurable effects on mood; however AFA/PEA contains many times more PEA than chocolate. Studies demonstrate phenylethylamine’s efficacy as an anti-depressant, and its effectiveness for ADHD, as well as being involved with “runner’s high” and even the chemicals responsible for romantic love…

Phenylethylamine is an alkaloid and a mono amine. In the human brain, it is believed to function as a neuromodulator or neurotransmitter. It has pharmacological properties similar to those of amphetamine. A colourless liquid that forms a solid carbonate salt with carbon dioxide upon exposure to air, phenylethylamine in nature is synthesized from the amino acid phenylalanine by enzymatic decarboxylation. It is also found in many foods, especially in chocolate. It has been suggested that phenylethylamine from chocolate in sufficient quantities may have psychoactive effects…

Phenylethylamine, an endogenous neuroamine, increases attention and activity in animals and has been shown to relieve depression in 60% of depressed patients. It has been proposed that PEA deficit may be the cause of a common form of depressive illness… PEA improves mood as rapidly as amphetamine but does not produce tolerance…

PEA is the same compound found in chocolate that is believed to produce chocolate’s positive effects on mood. The phenylethylamine in chocolate is believed to work by making the brain release b endorphin, an opioid peptide which is the driving force behind its pleasurable effects…

“…phenylethylamine is a natural stimulant produced by the body. It is related to amphetamines but without the long lasting, potentially dangerous effects.”

…Subnormal phenylethylamine levels have been linked to disorders such as attention deficit and depression…

Excess phenylethylamine has been invoked particularly in paranoid schizophrenia, in which it is thought to act as an endogenous amphetamine and, therefore, would be antagonized by neuroleptics. The importance of phenylethylamine in mental disorders is far from fully elucidated but the evolution of phenylethylamine concentrations in relation to symptoms remains a worthwhile investigation for individual psychotic patients.

Note: Except for this theoretical concern, PEA is considered very safe and has been used by many with no problems. However, patients pre-disposed to schizophrenia or psychosis should not take supplemental PEA without medical supervision.

In a number of controlled studies, by measuring urinary excretion levels, PEA was found to be significantly lower in children with ADHD and LD (learning disability). A decreased level of PEA is considered to potentially play an important role for the pathogenesis of LD and ADHD.

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What is PEA HCL?

Found in foods like chocolate, beans, and nuts, phenylethylamine (PEA) is an organic compound that acts as a neurotransmitter in the body. It is a byproduct of the amino acid phenylalanine, which studies show improves focus, mood, and energy.

This supplement contains hydrochloride (HCL), which makes it easier for the body to digest PEA.

A handful of foods made from cocoa beans contain phenylethylamine, or PEA.

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RecreaTional Drug Owners ConsTiTuTional RighTs Uhv Legalize All Drugs And End the drug war

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Legalize All Drugs And End the drug war

Drug DeTox NooTrishuhn

EnhansT NexT TexT Fruhm http://www.heretohelp.bc.ca/vision-alcohol-vol2/role-nutrition-recovery-alcohol-and-drug-addiction

A diet for recovery should include:

Complex carbohydrates (50% to 55% of the calories you consume),

  • which means plenty of grains, fruits and vegetable

Dairy products or other foods rich in calcium

Moderate protein (15% to 20% of calories):

  • two to four ounces twice a day of meat or fish (or another high-protein food such as tofu [ Or Milk ])

Fat choices (30% of calories), preferably good oils (EssenTial Fatty Acids)

NachruL DeTox

NexT TexT Frum: https://www.leaf.tv/articles/how-to-naturally-detox-from-drugs-at-home/

Drink lots of fluids

A daily intake of eight to 12 glasses of fluids each day flushes out the toxins and chemicals. All healthy fluids water, fruit juices, vegetable juices and herbal teas are a good way to clean the body internally. The wastes, impurities and drug residues are washed out of the cells, tissues and organs.

Lose fat by exercising.

Even if you aren't overweight, losing fat will help with detoxification from drugs. Most chemicals and toxins that enter the body are stored in the fat cell. By losing excess fat, a person also loses toxins. To lose the fat, do aerobic exercise. Swimming, running, dancing and cycling are good cardiovascular exercises that help to burn calories and fat. During a high-impact workout, a person also builds up a sweat. Toxins are released through the sweat glands. Building muscle with weights or resistance training also burns fat. In time, the muscles replace the fat deposits. Breathing deeply during any type of exercise helps to expel toxic carbon dioxide from the lungs. On inhalation, more oxygen enters the body.

Have a healthy diet.

Eating fruits and vegetables gives the body the nutrients it needs to repair itself

  • and carry out its many functions.

Organic foods are more expensive, but they are better for the body,

  • because they contain fewer chemicals like preservatives and pesticides.

Adding fiber to the diet helps in moving wastes & debris through the intestines & out the body.

DeTox NooTrishuhn


ReComMendEd, Common, NuTrishuhnuL Drinks DeTox, Eezee Tu GeT AT A Corner STore Drinks Include:

ION4 Advanced ELECTROLYTE SysTem POWERADE MounTain Berry BlasT

* SporTs Drink WiTh VITAMINS B3, B6, & B12
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