Kush Jem SmooThie Uhv Kush Byb EL

In A SmahL Kush Jahr:

1: PuT In Kush Bud Ground Tu Spyss

2: PuT In Kush Jooss Lyk Green Leef Tee Jooss With Green Leefs In It, EspeshuLLee

3: Eewz Maybe Maybe A SmahL UhmounnT Uhv ( Kush Powdr Lyk ( KohKoh Powdr And|Ohr PhenyleThylamine ) ), If UhvaylabuL,

  • Maybe A SmahL Pinch Fruhm A SmahL KLeer Kush Bag
  • Ohr A Breef SpringkuL Fruhm A Spyss Shaykr Lyk Frum In A SahLT Shaykr.

4. Shayk TiL MixT InTu A Kush Jem SmooThie

5. PuT A SimmiLr SmahL UhmounT InTu BowL Uhv A BuhbuL Pyp

  • AiThr A SmahL Scoop ( On Then Fruhm ) A SmahLL Thin Eenuf FLaT Skoop STik
    • DyrekTLee] In Throo Thuh BuhbuL HohL Down Tu Thuh BubbuL BowL
  • Ohr A SmahL ( Pinch Ohr SpringkuL ) In Throo ( [ A SmahL RecTaynguL Thin KahrdBohrd ( MayBe CuT Mayd ) Thuh Syz Uhv A Thin NohTKahrd ] Then ( RohLd Then TaypT ) InTu A Kohn FuhnuL WiTh Thuh SmahL Toob HohL RohLd Tu FiT In Thuh SmahL HohL Uhv Thuh BuhBuL PyP.

6. Cook WiTh A [[[Kush Tohrch]] InTu Vaypr Then Tohk.

Toke In Fohnehtik Eeng-glish Speech Sownd Synz Iz Tohk Uhv Kush Byb EL.

Thuh Wrd Tohk Iz Too OfT LimmiTTed Tu BreeTheeng In Smohk Frum BrnT Kannuhbiss.

PsychoAcTive Drugs CookT Tu A Gasseeuhss STaTe Iz OfT KahLd Smohk.

NexT TexT Frum: https://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/smoke

smoke (smōk)

a. A mixture of gases and small suspended particles of soot or other solids, resulting from the burning of materials such as wood or coal.
b. A cloud of such gases and suspended particles.
c. A vapor, mist, or fume that resembles this.

v. smoked, smoking, smokes
a. To draw in and exhale smoke from a cigarette, cigar, or pipe
b. To engage in smoking regularly or habitually
2. To emit smoke or a smokelike substance
a. To draw in and exhale the smoke of (tobacco, for example)
b. To do so regularly or habitually

Vaypr Iz A Much Mohr Precise Wrd For PsychoAcTive Drugs CookT Tu A Gasseeuhss STaTe.

Vapor In FuhnehTik IngLish Yeeng Voiss Sownd Chahrz Iz Vaypr

vapour (US), vapor
1. particles of moisture or other substance suspended in air and visible as clouds, smoke, etc

Thiss Uz Thuh Last Lyn Uhv Tekst In Thuh Oaeej Naeemd " Vapor ".

Thuh NexT TexT Frum:

toke (tōk) Slang
A puff on a cigarette, marijuana cigarette, or pipe containing hashish or another mind-altering substance.

Kuz Uhv Theez Non OfT Eenuhf Seen Deffinnishuhnz,