KuhnTree Vrs (Haoh=#):1: Country in Yeeng Voiss Sownd Chahrz

KuhnTree Vrs (Haoh=#):2: Pronunciation

  • enPR: kŭn'tri
  • (UK, US, Canada) IPA(key): /ˈkʌntɹi/, [ˈkʌnt(ʰ)ɹ̥i], /ˈkʌntɹɪ/

KuhnTree Vrs (Haoh=#):3: Etymology
From Middle English contree, contre, borrowed from Old French contree, from Vulgar Latin (terra) contrata (“(land) lying opposite; (land) spread before”), derived from Latin contra (“against, opposite”). Cognate with Scots kintra.

KuhnTree Vrs (Haoh=#):4: What is COUNTRY?

KuhnTree Vrs (Haoh=#):4:1: The portion of the earth's surface occupied by an independent nation or people; or the inhabitants of such territory. In its primary meaning "country" signifies "place;" and. in a larger sense, the territory or dominions occupied by a community ; or even waste and unpeopled sections or regions of the earth. But its metaphorical meaning is no less definite and well understood; and in common parlance, in historical and geographical writings, in diplomacy, legislation, treaties, and international codes, the word is employed to denote the population, the nation, the state, or the government, having possession and dominion over a territory.

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