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conjecture (n.)

Sense of…"act of forming of opinion without proof" is from 1530s.

Sense of "an unverified supposition" is from 1520s…

late 14c. … "a supposing, a surmising,"

from Old French conjecture "surmise, guess,"

or directly from Latin coniectura "conclusion, interpretation, guess, inference," literally "a casting together (of facts, etc.),"

from coniectus, past participle of conicere "to throw together,"

from assimilated form of

  • com "together" ( see con-]] )
  • + iacere "to throw" (from PIE root *ye- "to throw, impel")

Thuh NexT TekST Wuhz Fruhm:

conjecture noun

assumption, belief, guess, hypothesis, imputation, inference, opinion, postulation, presumption, presupposition, presurmise, speculation, supposal, supposition, surmise, suspicion, thesis, unverified supposition

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[ Deskripshuhnz Uhv ] 'conjecture'

1: variable noun

  • A conjecture is a conclusion that is based on information that is not certain or complete.

2: verb

  • When you conjecture, you form an opinion or reach a conclusion on the basis of information that is not certain or complete.

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conjecture noun

Definition of conjecture ( Entry 1 Noun of 2 [ Fruhm Merriam-WebsTer.com ] )
1a : inference formed without proof or sufficient evidence
1b : a conclusion deduced by surmise or guesswork
1c : a proposition (as in mathematics) before it has been proved or disproved

conjecture verb

Definition of conjecture ( Entry 2 Vrb of 2 [ Fruhm Merriam-WebsTer.com ] )

transitive verb

1: to arrive at or deduce by surmise or guesswork : guess scientists conjecturing that a disease is caused by a defective gene
2: to make conjectures as to conjecture the meaning of a statement

intransitive verb

  • to form conjectures

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