Integrative Complex

Earth Constitution Article 8 - The Integrative Complex

Sec. A - Definition

Certain administrative, research, planning and facilitative agencies of the World Government which are particularly essential for the satisfactory functioning of all or most aspects of the World Government, shall be designated as the Integrative Complex. The Integrative Complex shall include the agencies listed under this Section, with the proviso that other such agencies may be added upon recommendation of the Presidium followed by decision of the World Parliament.

The World Civil Service Administration.
The World Boundaries and Elections Administration.
The Institute on Governmental Procedures and World Problems.
The Agency for Research and Planning.
The Agency for Technological and Environmental Assessment.
The World Financial Administration.
Commission for Legislative Review.

Each agency of the Integrative Complex shall be headed by a Cabinet Minister and a Senior Administrator, or by a Vice President and a Senior Administrator, together with a Commission as provided hereunder. The rules of procedure for each agency shall be decided by majority decision of the Commission members together with the Administrator and the Minister or Vice President.

The World Parliament may at any time define further the responsibilities, functioning and organization of the several agencies of the Integrative Complex, consistent with the provisions of Article VIII (Integrative Complex) and other provisions of the World Constitution.

Each agency of the Integrative Complex shall make an annual report to the World Parliament and to the Presidium.

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