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"A central concept in most of the Upanishads, Brahman is defined as the omnipresent, eternal and spiritual source of the universe."

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According to the Mundaka Upanishad Brahma declared the knowledge of Brahman to Atharvan. Atharvan in turn declared to Angirasa. He (Angirasa) declared to to Satyavaha of the Bharadvaja lineage…

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The term Brahmin meant originally “one possessed of Brahman”… The name Brahmin was given to the first specially trained priest… By the end of the Rig Vedic period dating 1500-1000 BC, the term was used for all members of the priestly class.

The Brahmin people are a prominent community spread across the whole of India. The Brahmin are…made up of priests and scholars of Vedic literature and their traditional occupation is to concern themselves with the spiritual guidance of the people…

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