GrayTr KreeayTrz Iz FohnehTik EengLish Fohr Greater Creators

Conservation Of Energy Versus Creation Out Of Nothing In Yeeng Voiss Sownd Chahrz

  • See sum rits uv sum hw tot "Creation Owt Of nothing":

Konsrveishun Uv Ehnrdjee Vrs (Haoh=#)1: Conservation Of Energy

Konsrveishun Uv Ehnrdjee Vrs (Haoh=#)2:0: Physics Principle: Conservation Of Energy

Konsrveishun Uv Ehnrdjee Vrs (Haoh=#)2:1: Conservation of energy, principle of physics according to which the energy of interacting bodies or particles in a closed system remains constant. The first kind of energy to be recognized was kinetic energy, or energy of motion. In certain particle collisions, called elastic, the sum of the kinetic energy of the particles before collision is equal to the sum of the kinetic energy of the particles after collision. The notion of energy was progressively widened to include other forms. The kinetic energy lost by a body slowing down as it travels upward against the force of gravity was regarded as being converted into potential energy, or stored energy, which in turn is converted back into kinetic energy as the body speeds up during its return to Earth. For example, when a pendulum swings upward, kinetic energy is converted to potential energy. When the pendulum stops briefly at the top of its swing, the kinetic energy is zero, and all the energy of the system is in potential energy. When the pendulum swings back down, the potential energy is converted back into kinetic energy. At all times, the sum of potential and kinetic energy is constant. Friction, however, slows down the most carefully constructed mechanisms, thereby dissipating their energy gradually. During the 1840s it was conclusively shown that the notion of energy could be extended to include the heat that friction generates. The truly conserved quantity is the sum of kinetic, potential, and thermal energy. For example, when a block slides down a slope, potential energy is converted into kinetic energy. When friction slows the block to a stop, the kinetic energy is converted into thermal energy. Energy is not created or destroyed but merely changes forms, going from potential to kinetic to thermal energy. This version of the conservation-of-energy principle, expressed in its most general form, is the first law of thermodynamics. The conception of energy continued to expand to include energy of an electric current, energy stored in an electric or a magnetic field, and energy in fuels and other chemicals. For example, a car moves when the chemical energy in its gasoline is converted into kinetic energy of motion…

Konsrveishun Uv Ehnrdjee Vrs (Haoh=#)2:2: With the advent of relativity physics (1905), mass was first recognized as equivalent to energy. The total energy of a system of high-speed particles includes not only their rest mass but also the very significant increase in their mass as a consequence of their high speed. After the discovery of relativity, the energy-conservation principle has alternatively been named the conservation of mass-energy or the conservation of total energy.

Konsrveishun Uv Ehnrdjee Vrs (Haoh=#)2:3: When the principle seemed to fail, as it did when applied to the type of radioactivity called beta decay (spontaneous electron ejection from atomic nuclei), physicists accepted the existence of a new subatomic particle, the neutrino, that was supposed to carry off the missing energy rather than reject the conservation principle. Later, the neutrino was experimentally detected.

Konsrveishun Uv Ehnrdjee Vrs (Haoh=#)2:4: Energy conservation, however, is more than a general rule that persists in its validity. It can be shown to follow mathematically from the uniformity of time. If one moment of time were peculiarly different from any other moment, identical physical phenomena occurring at different moments would require different amounts of energy, so that energy would not be conserved.

Konsrveishun Uv Ehnrdjee Vrs (Haoh=#)3:

Zeeroh Theengz Ahr Meid Frum Non-Theeng Ihzm.

Konsrveishun Uv Ehnrdjee Vrs (Haoh=#)4:0: See Also=AhLsOH:
Konsrveishun Uv Ehnrdjee Vrs (Haoh=#)4:1: *

Thus, Thuh Pruuvd Konsrveishun Uv Ehnrdjee Syuntihfik Lah

Waking Dreemeeng Iz Uhwayk ( Brayn And|Ohr UhThr Nrv Mynd PahrT(s) ) Dreemd ( Syn(z) And|Ohr Wrd(z) And|Ohr Immaj(ez) ) Wich Iz|Ahr Lyk HoLLuhgraffik ProjekTed Az AiThr:
1: Psi-SkiLL VizhyuuaLyz FohTonnik LyT Enrjee In Uh THuh Bod ThaT SeLf Wehrz Tu EnLyTen ThaT PahrT Uhv ThaT Bod, Ohr
2: Psi-SkiLL TehLehpohrT FohTonnik LyT Enrjee OwTSyd Uhv Uhv ( Nrv Mynd And|Ohr Bod ThaT SeLf Wehrz ),
3.0: SeLf Shood Ask Prmishuhn, "May I?", Pree Dreemeeng Ehnee ( Dim Dahrk Ohr GLoh BryT ) LyT In A Bod WiTh A Brain Wich A Dif SLf Wehrz

  • And ReespekT KuhnsenT And|Ohr Non-KuhnsenT, ELss SeLf Risks rongeeng Ther ( InTehMehT = In Thuh MayT ) Bod Wich ThaT SeLf Wehrz Veeuh AiThr:

3.1: If Pree KuhnsenT Iz Komd Then ThaT Iz UnSivvilyzd ruud manr,
3.2: Thoh If PosT Non-KuhnsenT Then ThaT iz UnSivvilyzd inTenchuhnuL vyolayTeeng Thuh InTehmaT Bod ThaT ThaT SeLf Wehrz.

SeLf Shood JehnyuuinLee ReespehkT Thuh Dif SeLf's ( InTehMehT = In Thuh MayT ) RyT Tu Bee JehnyuuinLee ReespekTed.

UhWayk Brayn Dreemd FohTonnik LyT Enrjee Kan GeT PushT WiTh SykohkinnehTik Psi-Enrjee In Thuh ( Aurah = Mag FeeLd ) ( Fruhm Uh MussuL Ohr Fruhm Uh Nrv ), EspeshuLLee If Thuh Nrv SeLL Thredz Ahr EeLekTrohSTaTikLee Chahrjd Lyk WiTh THC And UhThr Kannabbinnoeed NeuroTranzmiTTr Nrv Kom Kemz Fruhm Mehriwahnuh.

UhWayk Brayn Dreemd FohTonnik LyT Enrjee Kan GeT ( Aurah = Mag FeeLd ) FLoh Fohrss Muuvd ( Thruu Thuh Air And|Ohr ( In And|Ohr Thruu ) SoLLid Theengz ).

VaLLid Uhwayk Nrv Mynd PehruhSykoLLuhjee Psi SkiLLz Deskrybd InkLuud:
1: Waykeeng Dreem VizhyuuaLyz FohTonnik LyT Enrjee Shayp(s)
2: Waykeeng Dreem TehLehpohrT PhohTonnik LyT Enrjee Shayp(s) OwTSyd Uhv Thuh Bod Wich SeLf Wehrz
3: ( Aurah = Mag FeeLd ) Psi-Enrjee SykohkinnehTik Push LyT Enrjee Shayp(s).

Thuh Bod Thy SeLf Wehrz Iz SoLLid, Thus NoT Uh Dree!!!

Thyn KLohThz Uhrownd ThaT Bod Ahr SoLLid, Thus NoT Uh Dreem!!!

BeeneeTh Thee Iz Uh [ FLohr Ohr Grownd ] ThaT Iz SoLLid, Thus NoT Uh Dreem!!!

If ShehLTr Iz Uhbuhv Thee, IT Iz SoLLid, Thus NoT Uh Dreem!!!

Our PlaneT RTh Iz SoLLid, Thus NoT Uh Dreem!!!

Thuh Fyr GLohb ThaT Shynz Day LyT Iz SoLLid, Thus NoT Uh Dreem!!!

Thuh PoeenTss Uhv LyT In Thuh NyT Tym Sky Kan GeT Seen WiTh UhSTronuhmee TehLehskohps Az FizzikuL GLohbz, Thus Thohz Ahr NoT DREEMz!!!

The Milky Way Galaxy Should Be Vizzibbul WiTh Thuh Eye ( Naked Ohr Thru A TeleScope ) Wen Thuh Sky Iz Kleer Around (SagiTarius=SadjihTehreeuhs), Thus Should GET ThoT Uv Az Solid, Thus NOT A DREAM!!!

Sagitarius In FuhnehTik IngLish Yeeng Voiss Sownd Chahrz Iz SadjihTehreeuhs.

Sagitarius Iz In Our Zodiac Towardz Thuh Milky Way Galactic Core.

LykWyz, Thuh ObzrvuhbuL Univrss Iz ReepohrTed By UhsTronnuhmr SyehnTisTs Tu InkLuud Mehnee GaLLakseez.

NexT TekST Fruhm:

An international team of astronomers…at the University of Nottingham, have found that the universe contains at least 2 trillion galaxies…

WiTh Thuh HeLp Uhv UhsTronnuhmee TehLehskohp Camz And KuhmpyuuTr Mappeeng Aps, Thuh Pikchrz Uhv Thuh ObzrvuhbuL Yuunivrss MyT GeT Deskrybd Az UhsTronnuhmee TehLehskohp Pikchrz Ohrganyzd In KuhmpyuuTr Maps.

Thohz UhsTronnuhmee Maps

See: Wy PrakTiss UhgehnsT SmahL T

Big Bom Uhv GrayTr KreeayTrz Uhv Maeen List Uhv Baeesik Kynd Typs KLast By Syz Ohrdr

Thuh Big Bang Wuhz MohsT lykLee Kozd By Uh Space-STaShuhn KahLd A Big Bom Triggrd Tu Explohd Thuh GaLLakTik Kohr Uhv Uh SuuprcLuhsTr Syzd Galaxy KuhnTayneeng AhL Thuh MaTr In Owr UhbzrvuhbuL Eewnivrss.

Uh Tranz FynyT Numbr Uv GrayTr KreeayTr PanTheons Ahr

  • Thuh SyehnTiffik Ohrganyzayshuhns Incluudeeng FizzissisTs And Enjineers Uv A "Big Bom"
    • Possibly Sum Theeng Laik Thuh Hindu Brahmanda.

NexT TexT Fruhm:

Brahmanda (Sanskrit) [from Brahma cosmic spirit + anda egg] Egg of Brahma…

Thuh GrayTr KreeayTrz MohsT LykLee Ywzd Sum Kynd Uv Poz Chahrjd Fohrss Enrjee StrukTs
* Tu Cheindj:
1: Uh ( Eewnivrss-KuhnTayneeng GaLLakTik Kohr )
2: Ohr Uh ( SohLr SisTem KuhnTayneeng Dahrk STahr ( Tuu OfT rong KahLd Uh BLak HohL )
* Thru Uh Big Bang GreyTr Kreeaeeshun Uv
* ( An AbsohLuuT Eewnivrss Uv A Spehsihfihk Groweeng Syz )
* Ohr ( Uh SohLr SisTem In A SohLr Sfeer ).

This Iz KahLd Thuh "Big Bom" SyehnTiffik HypoThehsiss Uv Thuh Frst Koz Uhv Uh Big Bang.

FrThrMohr, Thuh EewnivrsuLLee GreyTesT GrayTr KreeayTrz SivviLyzayshuhn Uhv Owr Big Bang Ywnihvrs MyT Be LohkeyTed Neer Thuh Mid uv the MohsT Big GaLLaksee In Thuh Saiuhntihfihk AsTrohnommihcuL Mid Uv A Big Bang Kozd AbsohLuuT Eewnivrss.

Vid: Most Big GaLaxy In Thuh Univrs

It Iz FrThrMohr LykLee ThaT Thuh Thuh Big Bom ThaT FrsT Kozd Owr UhbzrvuhbuL Eewnivrss MyT Hav Ben In Thuh Kohr Uhv Uh SuuprKLuhsTr Syzd Gallaxee Thuh GaLLakTik Kohr Uhv Wich MyT Hav KuhnTaynd AhL Thuh MaTr In AhL Thuh SuuprKLuhsTrz In Our UhbzrvuhbuL Eewnivrss, Thuh Kohr Uhv Wich MyT Bee Thuh Kohr Uhv Thuh Laniakea SuuprcLuhsTr.

AbsuhluuT MohsT Big Uhbzrvuhbul Yuunivrss With Bowndz Sheeld

Thuh Uhbuhv Immaj Wuhz SohrsT Fruhm:

Ther Iz An EgzampuL Uhv Uh] MohsT Big Kynd Uhv Big Bom BLasT Sfeer Seen Surrowndeeng Owr Hohm AbsohluuT MohsT Big Uhbzrvuhbul Yuunivrss.

Thiss MohsT Big Kynd Uhv Big Bom BLasT Sfeer Wuhz MohsT LykLee Kozd By Uh Big Bom Mayd By ( Uh Mohst Big Gruup Kynd Uhv GrayTr KreeayTrz.

Thohz MohsT Big Gruup Kynd Uhv GrayTr KreeayTrz MohsT LykLee Maeed ThaT MohsT Big Kynd Uhv Big Bom UhgehnsT Uh ProbbuhbLee KwyT Ohld Dahrk STahr Kozzeeng Thuh ExTrakshuhn TherFruhm Uhv Ahl Thuh MaTr Wich Iz Now In Owr Hohm AbsohluuT MohsT Big Uhbzrvuhbul Yuunivrss And Uhrownd IT Thuh MohsT GraeeT Big Bom BlasT Sfeer.

Thss Iz Thuh Last Lyn Uhv Tekst In Thuh Paeej Naeemd: " Absuhluut Mohst Big Uhbzrvuhbul Yuunivrss With Bowndz Sheeld "

See: Wy PrakTiss UhgehnsT SmahL T

SohLr SisTem In HeeLeeohsheeTh In HeeLeeohpahz


Ther Iz An EgzampuL Uhv Uh] LeesT SmahL Kynd Uhv Big Bom BLasT Sfeer Seen Surrowndeeng Owr SohLr SisTem.

Thiss LeesT SmahL Big Bom BLasT Sfeer Wuhz MohsT LykLee Kozd By Uh Big Bom Mayd By ( Uh Leest SmahL Gruup Kynd Uhv GrayTr KreeayTrz Wich Wuhz ProbbuhbLee Uh Gruup Fruhm Uh Glohb In Uh Neerby SohLr SisTem].

Thohz Leest SmahL Gruup Kynd Uhv GrayTr KreeayTrz MohsT Lyk[[Lee]]] Maeed ThaT LeesT SmahL Kynd Uhv [Big Bom UhgehnsT Uh ProbbuhbLee RehluhTiv[[Lee]]] Nuu Dahrk STahr Kozzeeng Thuh ExTrakshuhn TherFruhm Uhv Owr SohLr SisTem And Uhrownd IT Thuh (HeeleeohSheeTh=HelioSheaTh) And Uhrownd ThaT Wut Iz Nohrm Kahld Thuh (HeeleeohPahz=HelioPause).