Frst Dim Matr Lyt Fohrs Poynt Syzohms

First Dimension Matter Light Fohrce Point Sizomes in Funetik Inglish

Frst Dim Kwahntuhm Matr Points uv Syzohmz uv Omneeonizm uv Omneeoh

The first dimension would consist simply of points, each point in the same…axis.

If there were inhabitants of the first dimension, the only distinction between them would be the length of the…lines they make up together as points, end to end.

Matr points ahr eethr Lyt points or off points.

Jet+ Points myt get inkLwded in inrshuh and pozzihtiv enrjee.

Zii Sizome in Funetik Inglish iz Zee Syzohm uv Syzohmz uv Omneeonizm uv Omnio.

Simp Lang Zii In Funetik Inglish Iz Zee

Zii Pronunciation: Z + ee

"A zii is…the last and final division of the [Neg = NehgaTTiv Force]."
-Children of Mu, Chapter 16, by James Churchward

Soh the Zee iz:

  • Uh LeesT SmahL STrechT KwahnTuhm STreeng ThaT Duz Koz -Neg PuLL Chahrj Fohrss PoeenT Uhv Enrjee.
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