Thuh Wrd SpeLd "Phonogram" Iz Spohk AT

Thuh NeksT TekST Wuhz Fruhm:

phonogram noun

[ Deskripshuhn Uhv ] phonogram

1 : a character or symbol used to represent a word, syllable, or phoneme
2 : a succession of orthographic letters that occurs with the same phonetic value in several words (such as the -ight of bright, might, and flight)

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  • Then "Click on a phonogram to see sample words"…Annd|Ohr PoeenT AT [ Thuh SmahL Skwehr In Wich Ther Iz Thuh Dyuhgram Uhv EerFohnz ] Tu Heer Eech Speech Sownd ThaT MyT GeT Spohk Wen ThaT Phohnuhgram GeTs Red OwT Lowd ].