First Dimension Dark Or Light Or Force Point Sizomes

First Dimension Dark Or Light Or Force Point SizOmes

"The first dimension would consist simply of points" -Ryuho Okawa

Thuh LeesT SmahLL ( QuanTum STring = KwahnTuhm STreeng ),

  • Wich MyT Bee Thuh Streeng Syz That's LeesT Wyd And LeesT Deep And LeesT Long,
  • MyT GeT KahLd A KwahnTum PoinT.

MaTr PoinTs Ahr EeThr LyT PoinTs or Dark PoinTs.

Push And PuLL Fohrss Streengz Uhv Ehnrjee

Uh Push+ Streeng MyT GeT Dehskrybd Az

  • Uh Skweezd Tu Koz +Poz Chahrdjd STreeng Uhv Ehnrjee.

Simp Lang Zii In Funetik Inglish Iz Zee

Zii Pronunciation: Z + ee

"A zii is…the last and final division of the [Neg = NehgaTTiv Force]."
-Children of Mu, Chapter 16, by James Churchward

Soh the Zee iz:

  • Uh LeesT SmahL STrechT KwahnTuhm STreeng ThaT Duz Koz -Neg PuLL Chahrj Fohrss PoeenT Uhv Enrjee.
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