Eternal Son

Thuh Trm Nohrm Speld eTernal son Can'T Reefr Tu ReealiTTee Kuz:

1: Thuh FrsT Wrd Spohk Az EeTrnuL Reefrz Tu UhKonsepTT Uhv Evr Wuhz , Evr Iz Now And Evr Shall Bee.

2: Thoh Thuh Sehkuhnd Wrd Nohrm Speld " Son " Wen KLehrifyd Shood GeT Spohk Az Suhn Chyld And IndikaeeTss Uh Mayl Chyld Thuss Havveeng Uh Beeginneeng Az Ehvree UhThr Chyld, And Lojjik-Lee Iz ( MohrTal = Kan Die DeTh ) And In ThaT Paeej Naeemd " DeTh " Iz Deskrybd Thuh Followeeng Dekompuhzishuhn And Then Non-Fossilyzaeeshuhn, Thuss Havveeng Chaeengjd Soh Much Az ThaT This Then Ex-Suhn-ChyLd Shall Hav Ended.

3: Thuss ( Thuh Wrd EeTrnul IndikaeeTeeng An Evr-PasT And An Evr-Feewchr ) EgzakT-Lee KonTruhdikTss [ Thuh KonsepT Uhv Chyld, WeThr Mayl Ohr Diff, IndikaeeTeeng Uh FynyT Lyf Which Did STahrT AT Uh Spehsiffik Tym In Thuh FynyT PasT, And Howevr Long He Reemaeenz UhLyv, Haz Ohnlee Livd Uh FynyT UhmownT Uhv Tym And Iz DehfinniT-Lee ( MohrTul = { Did Ohr Kan Ohr Shall } Die DeTh ).

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