Empirrikkul Syenss

Empirrikkul Syenss

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Ðŭ NeksT TeksT Wŭz Frŭm:

[ Dehskripshuhnz Uhv Wrd ] empirical

empirical adjective

1 : originating in or based on observation or experience empirical data

2 : relying on experience or observation alone often without due regard for system and theory an empirical basis for the theory

3 : capable of being verified or disproved by observation or experiment empirical laws

4 : of or relating to empiricism


Wrd Wuhz TypT KuhnsisTenT WiTh FohnehTik Eeng-gLish Speech Sownd Synz
Az BeTr Ðan Ðŭ SpĕLēng " Empiricism "

Empirrsscizm, in FiLLossuhfee

Ðŭ NeksT TeksT Wŭz Frŭm:

Empiricism, in philosophy, the view that all concepts originate in experience, that all concepts are about or applicable to things that can be experienced, or that all rationally acceptable beliefs or propositions are justifiable or knowable only through experience. This broad definition accords with the derivation of the term empiricism from the ancient Greek word empeiria, “experience.”

Ðĭss Ĭz Ðŭ LăsT Lŏēn Ūv TĕksT Ĭn Ðŭ Păēj Năēmd " Empirrissizm ".

Ðĭss Ĭz Ðŭ LăsT Lŏēn Ūv TĕksT Ĭn Ðŭ Păēj Năēmd " Empirrikkul ".

It+ If Senss muhsT ohr sinnuhnem deemand Then MyT Juhj iT

r FohnehTik Eeng-glish Speech Sownd Synz

if Self Duhz Sense uh ( "You must " ohr sinnuhnem ) deemand __**

* Then Self MyT WohnT ImmeedeeaT-Lee obey Simply Kuhz DEEMANDEENG IZ RUUD AND INSULTEENGI!!


Syenss UhgehnsT must-izmz

Syenss] FakTz UhgehnsT muhst-izmz: wrd muhst and sinnuhnemz uhv 'muhst':

1: Ahrn't KuhnsisTenT WiTh SyenTiffik EkspehrimmenT Tu TesT BeeLeefss And Pruuv Reel TruuTh

2: Kan'T Prohduuss AhThenTik Jehnyuuin ATTiTTuud Uhv WLL Tu Chuuz { Ehnee Dif OpT Fruhm Ehnee UhThr Dif Mohr OpTss]]].

Wrdz " Yuu must " [ Dohn'T And Kan'T ] { GehranTee Nohr Pruuv } 1 Theeng.

Wrd 'manditory' [ Duhzn'T And Kan'T] { GehranTee Nohr Pruuv } 1 Theeng.

Wrd 'obliggattohree' [ Duhzn'T And Kan'T ] { GehranTee Nohr Pruuv } 1 Theeng.

Wrd 'rekwyr' [ Duhzn't And Kan'T ] { GehranTee Nohr Pruuv } 1 Theeng.

Deskripshuhnz : muhst-izmz ahr wrd must and sinnuhnemz uhv 'must'.

Self MyT WohnT deemand ( must+yess+izm =ban-NŌ-izm )
DespyT Seeyeeng wrd muhst.

Self MyT WohnT insist ( mandattoree+yess+izm = anti-NŌ-izm )
DespyT Seeyeeng wrd MandaTTohree.

Self MyT WohnT obligate tu ( obligattohree+yess+izm = shood-non-kom-NŌ-izm )
DespyT Seeyeeng wrd obligattohree.

Self MyT WohnT Fohrss 1 Def Self Tu
( ree+kwyr+yess+izm = Uhgehn-kom-No Tu-Dif-(Self-Ohr-Selvz)-Kommeeng-NŌ-izm )
DespyT Seeyeeng Trm ree+kwyr.

Anti-No IsTs Shood GeT Told "I Kom Noh Tu anti-No-izm!!!"

( Voluntay Consent Izm ) Iz ( Free Will Tu Kom Yes If U Djeneewin Li Uhgree)
( VoLunTary Non-ConsenT Izm ) Iz ( Free Will Tu Kom No ), espehshaLLee Tu (must-yes =anti-no izm).

Proh LeesT muhst-izmz ( Twohrdz And Fruhm ) Mee

* Az Proh (0=Zeeroh) muhst-izmz Fruhm Eech Self.

No WohnT Muuv Ehnee UhThr Wayz Than Thuh Feew PrefT Wayz Self Duhz Now Chuuz Tu Muuv.


WyL Eech Brayn Wuch Iz Uhwayk In Uh Wrkeeng BeesT Bod

  • Haz Uh { Senss And Nrv And MuhsuL } Mynd Self

ThaT Mynd Duhz KuhnTinyuuaLLee Chuuz:

NŌ Nrvz WohnT Koz MuhsuLz Tu Muuv Thuh OppuhsiT Way Than Way Thiss Mynd Duhz Chuuz,

And NŌ Nrvz WohnT Koz MuhsuLz Tu Muuv Thuh Way Wich Iz RyT ¼ SrkuL Dif Than Way Thiss Mynd Duhz Chuuz,

And NŌ Nrvz WohnT Koz MuhsuLz Tu Muuv Thuh Way Wich Iz LefT ¼ SrkuL Dif Than Way Thiss Mynd Duhz Chuuz,

And NŌ Nrvz WohnT Koz MuhsuLz Tu Muuv
Ehvree UhThr Way PoeenTed AT
By Ehnee Lyn RepreezenTeeng Uh Frakshuhn Uhv SrkuL
If ThaT Lyn PoeenTs AT Uh Way Dif Than THuh Way Thiss Mynd Chohz.

Eech UhThr Way PoeenTss Thuh Saym Way Az Uh Frakshuhn Uhv Uh SrkuL, EeThr Tu Thuh ( LefT Ohr RyT ) Dif Than Way Thiss Mynd Chohz.


Konshenss FilTreeng Uhv muhst-izmz

Thuh NeksT TeksT Wuhz Fruhm:



1: the inner sense of what is right or wrong in one's conduct or motives, impelling one toward right action: to follow the dictates of conscience.
2: the complex of ethical and moral principles that controls or inhibits the actions or thoughts of an individual.
3: an inhibiting sense of what is prudent: I'd eat another piece of pie but my conscience would bother me.


Thuh NeksT TeksT Wuhz Fruhm:

Manuel Velasquez, Claire Andre, Thomas Shanks, S.J., and Michael J. Meyer

Since the Nazi atrocities toward the Jews were discovered at the end of the World War II, people have wondered how so many could have engaged in such obviously unconscionable behaviors. The death camps in which Jews were systematically tortured and killed were efficiently organized and managed by well-trained administrative personnel. These administrators were not extraordinarily vicious savages running amuck. On the contrary, the Germans who ran the death camps seemed to be ordinary "decent" citizens, with consciences no different from those of any of us. How could they have blinded themselves to the clear injustice of what they were doing? More generally, what motivates the unethical acts of ordinarily decent people?

Perhaps one of the most fascinating experiments ever conducted to investigate this moral question is known as the Milgram experiment, after Stanley Milgram, the psychologist who devised the experiment. Subjects in his experiment were told that they were going to take part in exercises designed to test other people's abilities to learn. They were seated at a mock "shock generator" with thirty switches marked from 15 volts ("slight shock") to 450 volts ("danger—severe shock"). Through a small glass window they could see the "learner" in the adjoining room strapped to a chair with electrodes on his or her wrists. The subject was told he or she was to test the other person's ability to memorize lists of words, and to administer a "shock" when the learner made the mistake, increasing the intensity each time. As the intensity of the "shocks" grew, and the learner pretended to cry out in more and more pain, eventually fainting, the experimenter told the subjects they had to continue administering the shocks. Astonishingly, although the subjects grew nervous and agitated, more than two-thirds administered the highest level of shocks to the learners when ordered to do so by the experimenter. Milgram concluded that when people are ordered to do something by someone they view in authority, most will obey even when doing so violates their consciences.

In view of the Milgram experiments, the Nazi crimes are not difficult to understand. Milgram himself suggested that one of the major factors accounting for the Holocaust was the ready propensity of human beings to obey authorities even when obedience is wrong. Indeed, although Milgram's experiment has been repeated dozens of times with many different groups of people, the results are always the same: most people will obey external authority over the dictates of conscience.

Although Milgram's findings are disturbing, more recent research has suggested that obedience to authority over conscience is not inevitable. Indeed, the research of Steven Sherman, also a psychologist, suggests that education can strengthen the power of conscience over authority. Sherman had a colleague contact several people by telephone, ostensibly to "poll" them on their opinions. The "pollster" asked them what they would do if they were ever ordered to perform a certain act that was morally or socially undesirable, and spent some time discussing the issues with them. Several weeks after the contact was made, these same people were actually asked to carry out that act. Surprisingly, two thirds refused to obey the order, a sharp contrast to to Milgram's finding that two thirds of those ordered to act against their conscience would normally obey.

The implication of the Sherman experiment is that if people reflect on a moral issue before they are involved in it, they are more likely to behave in accordance with their consciences when that issue faces them in real life. Moral reflection and discussion of the kind found in the best types of moral education substantially enhance the ethical quality of a person's future choices.

Dec 1, 1988

Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

UhgehnsT must-izmz az ( ruud " dohn't theenk " kuhmandz ) Tu FilTr WiTh Konchenss

( MusT
& ManDaTe
& Manditory
& ObLigatory
& { Require FohnehTik+Lee Iz:

Wich LiTruhlee InTrpreTed Deskrybz " Wuhn Mohr Tym Seeng In Uh Kwyr " }

  • Ahr Eech EhThikkul Lee Syzd Tu Bee Min Uh Ruud " dohn't theenk " Kuhmand Wich Iz Uh Bad Mannr ThaT Iz An un-Sivvilyzd AkT Nohrm Uhv tirrannee Non-Sivvilyzaeeshuhn
  • Kuhz SelF { Kan & Shood } Yuuz:
    • { ( Konshenss Nohrm Speld Conscience )
    • = Wyz SmahrT Mynd FilTr
    • = ( AhrTifishul = Maeed By Man ) ( InTehlijjenss = SmahrT ThoT )
    • * * Tu { CaTch And FilTr }
    • * * * ( Thuh " eevil wrd 'must' " and ehnee sinnuhnem uhv thuh " eevil wrd 'must' " )
    • * * Then Theenk " ThaT deemand Iz ruud Thuss uh bad manr Wich Iz un-SivvLLlyzd " Kuhz { Good Manrz Ahr SivviLLyzd }
    • * * Then Theenk " I Shood Non-fohrss Ehvree UhThr Self Tu Duu Ehnee Theeng UhgehnsT Ther Non-KuhnsenT )
    • * * Then { Ask: " Shood Thiss Self-Bod Duu ThaT RuudLee deemanded OpT " }
    • * * Then Juhj And { Pref Choeess Wich MyT:
    • * * * Koz ( Min-bad Ohr BeTr KuhmpleeT Non-bad MohraL )
    • * * * And { ( { { LeesT Lehsen } EeThr|And BeTr } { MohsT En-Rich } ) Thuh Goodness Uhv Mohral
    • * * } Then WiTh Eech Choeess Try Tu Chwz Thohz Kyndz Uhv ( Uh Simp 1 Muuv AkT Ohr Uh Kompownd MuLTy Task ).

Thiss Iz Thuh LasT Lyn Uhv TeksT In Thuh Payj Naymd: " Konshenss FilTreeng Uhv muhst-izmz ".

Prmissiv Uhv:

  • ( OpshuhnuL Izm =
    • ( { Theenk Uhv Uh Min Uhv Wuhn Mohr OpT Tu Kuhnsidr }
    • And|EeThr { Theenk Uhv And Kuhnsidr Az GrayT Nuhmbr Uhv Opts Az Self|Gruup Kan }
    • Kuhnsidr { Speekeeng EeThr|And Theenkeeng } OwT
      • ( Thuh NeksT KwohTed SkripT EeThr|And Uh SkripT Lyk IT:
      • EeThr ( Less ShohrT Ohr Dif Suhm Ohr Mohr Long ):
      • " Thow Shood Theenk And Duu Min un-Sivvillyzd ruud kuhmandz with wrd must and|eeThr sinnuhnemz uhv wrd must )
    • And If Possibbul { Theenk Uhv Az Mehnee Mohr BeTr OpTs Az Self-Mynd Haz Tym Tu Theengk Uhv }
    • And Hohpful+Lee Kan ) Yuuz { LibrTee = Free Will Choeess } Tu Duu Az ( Smahl Ohr Big ) UhmounT Uhv Thuh un-Sivvilyzd Ruud must-ohr-simmilr kuhmand.

VolunTehree Free Will Choiss Prohdusez Djehnuin AhThentik AkTs.

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OpchuhnuL KuhnsenT Iz Okay!!!

( Voluntay Consent Izm ) Iz ( Free Will Tu Kom Yes If U Djeneewin Li Uhgree)
( VoLunTary Non-ConsenT Izm ) Iz ( Free Will Tu Kom No ), espehshaLLee Tu (must-yes =anti-no izm).

Tu Try Tu Fohrss ( MandaTory Ohr [[[ObLigatory]] ) Consent Haz GoT Deskrybd Az:

It Iz OhKay Tu Be Uh:

  • Kom Noh Az Uh Non-KuhnsenT IsT And EeThr { Non-Duu wut wuhz with ruudness kuhmanded,
  • Maybee Kom Az An If Optional KuhnsenT IsT,
  • CondiTional KuhnsenT IsT,
  • EeThr|And MeewTchwuL KuhnsenT IsT.

Gruups Kan AhLsoh Uhgree Tu Co-PrakTiss Any Uhv Thohz Kyndz Uhv KuhnsenT

"Free OpTs Izm", A.K.A. "Free Will Optional Consent Izm", Tendz Tu Bee Mohr SmzhrT And Mohr Wyz, Thus Mohr Good Than Rude Delusional "manditory consent izm" A.K.A. "MusT Yes Izm"…

Every Mynd Should Akt Az A Non-Consent IsT Ohr OpshuhnuL+ConsenT IsT (OpT Tu Kom Noh Ohr Yes),
*and ( az less az possible or nevr ) az a mandatory-consent ist.

Optional Consent Izm Iz Mohr Considerate And Wyz Than:

  • ( manditory consent wich iz ( must yes and anti-no ) ) izm
    • Kuz WiTh Eech Simp AkT Duhn Fohr ( Majjik Az Gohl Winneeng ),
      • Wyl Eech Self-Bod Muuvz MulTipul Bod PahrTs
      • Ahlsoh ThaT Self ( Non-Muuvz Thuhs Komz Noh Tu Muuveeng ) Eech Muuvd Bod PahrT Ehvree uhThr Dif Way.

Noh MayBee YESS MayBee Noh Fohr Dryveeng


See Ahlsoh:

Eech Tym Mee Self Mynd Wilz Uh Muhsul Tu Muuv ( 1 Way Ohr In Uh Krvd Ahrk )

  • ( Mee Self Mynd Iz Ahlsoh Willeeng Eech UhThr Puld Muhsul In ThaT Muuvd Gruup Uhv Muhsulz )
    • Tu Moov ( 1 MohsT+Lee STrayT Way Ohr In Uh MohsT+Lee Krvd Ahrk ),
  • Durreeng Thuh Tym Uhv ThaT ( Simp AkT = 1 Floh Uhv Mohshuhn )
    • Mee Self Mynd Ahlsoh ( Non-Muuvz Thuhs Komz Noh Tu Muuveeng )
      • ( ThaT And Eech ) __Muhsul Pul Muuvd Bod PahrT Ehvree uhThr Dif Way.

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Deefenss Uhv Self Fruhm muhst-izmz ist threts

UhbowT ( muhst-izmz with threts ), ohbeedienss non-Reelyuhbul

Thoh If Uh ( muhst-kuhmand ohr sinnuhnem uhv wrd must )

  • wich iz uh ruud bad manr thuss un-Sivvilyzd
  • Wuhz EeThr|Ahl Uhv:
  • Thiss Senss And Nrv And MuhsuL Mynd Self Wich Iz My MohsT Saeekred Pohzeshuhn
  • ThaT ruud muhst-izmz kuhmmand Wuhz TreeTed Az An Opshuhnul Sugjeschuhn Wich Wuhz Duhn Az Uh Free Will OpT Tu Saeev Saykred Bod[z]
  • Thoh UhThr OpTss Inkluud:
    • Eskayp Fruhm evil muhst-izmz ist Veeuh Flee PaTh Wich MyT Inkluud LoTss Uhv FreekwenT Trnz,
    • RighT to Self Defense Inkluudeeng
      • thret uhv " death or grave bodily harm to the innocent " az Leegul Reezuhn
        • Fohr ( Self Ohr Ehnee Heeroh ) Tu Prfohrm

Thow ShoodsT AT LeesT Wuhnss Reed: Wy Praktiss UhgehnsT PuT OwT Smahl T.

RighT to Self Defense

* Uhv RyTs Uhv PolliTTikss Uhv Fillossuhfee Main Branchez Uhv Fillossuhfee Izm
* Uhv Fillossuhfee Uhv Syenss Uhv Syenss Main Branch Kyndz
* Uhv Syehnss Baeesiks Kynd Typs KLasT By Syz Ohrdr Uhv Omnyon Izm.

Thuh Nekst Tekst Wuhz Fruhm:

The right to defend yourself is a corollary to the right to life. You must be able to protect what is yours when it is threatened. If you are being attacked the situation leaves the realm of morality - it leaves the realm of the everyday and becomes an emergency. In such an emergency, anything goes. That is the choice that your attacker has made, and he must live with his choice. The government must maintain the right to bear arms so that self defense will be possible.

Ethics Uhv Self Deefenss

Thŭ Nĕkst Tĕkst Wŭz Frŭm:

Self-defense as an ethical ideal

The pacifist dilemma is that non-violence leaves us, as individuals and communities, subject to oppression. One of the favoured examples against non-violence is that Ghandi’s ahimsa only worked because the British were not truly bad people. Ahimsa would never have succeeded against a more brutal regime like that of Nazi Germany. From a spiritual perspective, ahimsa is not about what ‘works’; arguing that non-violence ‘works’ or ‘doesn’t work’ presumes non-violence is about ‘working’, which it is not. Pacifists are generally resolved to embrace the bitter consequences of their philosophy, harbouring no illusions that their path can be both moral and utilitarian.

True pacifists deserve respect, but there is nonetheless a perfectly reasonable ethical distinction to be made between violence and self-defense. If my life and my health are good for me, then I have a right to enjoy these goods. Accordingly, no individual may have a countervailing right to harm these goods or take them away. Unjustified aggression is therefore ethically illegitimate, and the target of that aggression is right to defend against it, to protect their own life and the lives of others.

In defending against unjustified aggression, the target of our defensive actions is not the person, the aggressor, himself. Rather, our aim is the act of aggression, the violence. Hence a legitimate use of defensive force must be constrained by these ethical limits:

– it must be proportional to the threat.

A sense of threat is always somewhat subjective, but in ethics as in law, there is a ‘reasonable person test’ by which defensive actions will be judged. If someone shoves you at a party, it is not – all things being equal – proportional to hit him with a bar stool.

– any injury caused must be an unintended side-effect of self-defense.

In order to stop someone from hurting you or another innocent person, an appropriate use of defensive force may result in injuries to the aggressor. These injuries, though foreseeable, are considered ethically acceptable so long as one’s overriding intention is to defend, not to injure. In medical ethics this is known as the principle of double-effect, the recognition that good actions sometimes have foreseeable yet unintended negative effects.

Some people see self-defense as an excuse for violent retaliation, an opportunity to injure others with moral impunity. This is not true self-defense. If we do not abide by the principles of self-defense, we cannot walk away from a violent confrontation with a clear conscience.

At the same time there is something elegant about this view of self-defense: in merely defending the sphere of your own life and rights, it is the aggressor who bears moral responsibility for the harm and injuries that befall him as a result of his own violent intentions.

Ŏēkēdō Ĭz Wĭθ Ēŋgliʃ LĭsT Ŭv JŭsT Wŭn Ĉŏr Fōr Ēĉ Wŭn Spēĉ Săōnd

* Ănd Ahkeedoh Ĭz Wĭθ FohnehTik Eeng-Glish Speech Sownd Synz

Thŭ Nĕkst Tĕkst Wŭz Frŭm:

The word "aikido" is formed of three kanji:

– ai – joining, unifying, combining, fitting
– ki – spirit, energy, mood, morale
– dō – way, path

Thŭ Nĕkst Tĕkst Wŭz Frŭm:

What is Aikido?

Aikido is a powerful martial art developed throughout the mid 20th century by a Japanese named Morihei Ueshiba.

Aikido differs from most other martial arts in that the practitioner seeks to achieve self-defense without injury to attackers.

Furthermore, there are no competitions or tournaments in Aikido. Therefore, Aikido is non-competitive…

Instead of using potentially crippling kicks or punches, the Aikido student trains to apply various wristlocks, arm pins, or unbalancing throws to neutralize aggressors without injury.

Aikido is a 100% defensive martial art.

The so-called "attacks" taught in Aikido are merely for purposes of learning to defend against those attacks rather than for the purpose of injuring an opponent.

Thuh Mōst Kümmpăshŭnnĕt Străttĕjjē Uhv FyTeeng Iz ( Ŏ-ēēkēēdō = Ahkeedoh = [[[Aikidp]] ) Jĕntül Sĕlf Dēfĕnss ĂttĭTTūd Ănd Sĭstĕm Wĭĉ Myt Ĭnklūd Thŭ Tēchēngz:

1: Try Tū Nŏn-kŏz Sŭfrēēng Tu Ĕnnēē Ŭttăkr.

2: Prĕf Tū Flēē Ðăn Tū Fyt.

3: Prĕf Tū Dŏj Ðăn Tū Blŏk.

4: Prĕf Tū Blŏk Ðăn Tū ŬTTăk.

Thĭs Ĭz Thŭ Lăst Lyn Ŭv Tĕkst Ĭn Thŭ Păēj Năēmd Ahkeedoh.

Justiffyubul Hommissyd

Thuh NeksT TekST Wuhz Fruhm:


The concept of justifiable homicide in criminal law is a defense to culpable homicide (criminal or negligent homicide), and requires exculpatory evidence in the legal defense of justification. In most countries, a homicide is justified when there is sufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it was reasonable for the subject to believe that there was an imminent and otherwise unavoidable danger of death or grave bodily harm to the innocent. A homicide in this instance is blameless[1] and distinct from the less stringent criteria authorizing deadly force in stand your ground rulings.

Thuh NeksT TekST Wuhz Fruhm:

RCWs > Title 9A > Chapter 9A.16 > Section 9A.16.050

RCW 9A.16.050: Homicide—By other person—When justifiable.

Homicide is also justifiable when committed either:

(1) In the lawful defense of the slayer, or his or her husband, wife, parent, child, brother, or sister, or of any other person in his or her presence or company, when there is reasonable ground to apprehend a design on the part of the person slain to commit a felony or to do some great personal injury to the slayer or to any such person, and there is imminent danger of such design being accomplished; or

(2) In the actual resistance of an attempt to commit a felony upon the slayer, in his or her presence, or upon or in a dwelling, or other place of abode, in which he or she is.


Thuh NeksT TekST Wuhz Fruhm:

Felony Law and Legal Definition

Felonies are serious crimes, such as murder, rape, or burglary, punishable by a harsher sentence than that given for a misdemeanor… In general, a felony is an offense for which a sentence to a term of imprisonment in excess of one year is authorized.

Thĭs Ĭz Thŭ Lăst Lyn Ŭv Tĕkst Ĭn Thŭ Păēj Năēmd Fehluhnee.

Thĭs Ĭz Thŭ Lăst Lyn Ŭv Tĕkst Ĭn Thŭ Păēj Năēmd Justiffyubul Hommissyd.

Thiss Iz Thuh Last Lyn Uhv Tekst In Thuh Paeej Naeemd " Right to Self Defense ".

Thiss Iz Thuh LasT Lyn Uhv TeksT In Thuh Payj Naymd: " Deefenss Uhv Self Fruhm muhst-izmz ist threts ".

Thiss Iz Thuh LasT Lyn Uhv TeksT In Thuh Paeej Naeemd " If Senss muhsT ohr sinnuhnem deemand Then MyT Juhj iT ".

Kozmolluhjee Az Empirrikkul Syenss Branch Kynd Typs Klast By Syz Ohrdr

KozmoLLuhJee Wrd Deskripshuhnz

Thuh Nekst Tekst Wuhz Fruhm:

EhTimolluhjee Uhv Cosmology (n.)

1650s, "general science or theory of the material universe as an ordered whole," from Modern Latin cosmologia, from Greek kosmos (see cosmos) + -logia "discourse" (see -logy). By 1753 as "the branch of metaphysics which discusses the ultimate philosophical problems relating to the existence of the universe." Related: Cosmologist.

Thiss Iz Thuh Last Lyn Uhv Tekst In Thuh Paeej Naeemd " KozmoLLuhJee Wrd Deskripshuhnz ".

Thuh Kozmolluhjee Suhmuhree Iz Naeemd

Empirrikkul Syenss Maeen Branch Kynd Typs KlasT By Syz Ohrdr

If Wee Wr Reel SyenTisTs, Eech Kynd Uhv Theeng Wee See Wood Bee Stuhdeed Az Uh Mohr Ohr Less SyenTiffik Suhb-Branch Uhv Syenss.

MaTh KonsepTs ToT NeksT

* Zeeroh RooT Wrd Kynd Typss KLasT By Syz Ohrdr

* GeomeTry Shaeepss Uhv ( KwahnTuhm Fizziks Ahlsoh Kohld Frst Heer*Mykroh-Fizziksws ) Nohrm Speld ( QuanTum Physics Also First Here Called Micro-Physics )

KehmisTree Nohrm Speld ChemisTry

Uhplyd Syenss Nohrm Soeld Applied Science

* Lyf Syenss Nohrm Speld Life Science

* Beehaeevyohrul Syenss Nohrm Speld Behavioral Science

** Majjik Az GohL Winning

** Sohshul Syenss Nohrm Speld Social Science

* Tek Kynd Typs KLasT By Ohrdrd Syz

RTh Syenss Nohrm Speld EarTh Science

Uhstronnuhmee Nohrm Speld Astronomy

Thiss Iz Thuh LasT Lyn Uhv TeksT In Thuh Paeej Naeemd " Empirrikkul Syenss Maeen Branch Kynd Typs KlasT By Syz Ohrdr ".



PrepT Wrd Deskripshuhnz

Thuh NeksT TeksT Wuhz Fruhm:


verb (used with object), prep·ping, prepped.

7: to prepare (a person) for a test, debate, etc.
8: to prepare (a patient) for a medical or surgical procedure, as by shaving and washing the skin with an antibacterial soap.

  • to prepare (a vehicle or craft) for sale, use, a test drive, or a race.


1: preparatory school.

2: a preliminary or warm-up activity or event; trial run

  • The race is a good prep for the Kentucky Derby.

3: preparation: dealer prep on the car included.

4: the act of preparing a patient for a medical or surgical procedure.


5: preparatory: a prep school.
6: involving or used for preparatio
*: the mortuary's prep room.

Wen Wrd Speld Az " Prepped " Iz Sownded OwT IT GeTs Hrd Az [Prep] Ed.


Thiss Iz Thuh LasT Lyn Uhv TeksT In Thuh Payj Naymd "PrepT Wrd Deskripshuhnz ".

Thuh NeksT TeksT Wuhz Fruhm:


  • as in prepared

Synonyms for prepped

all bases covered
all set
all systems go
in order
in readiness
of a mind
on guard
put up
up on

PrepT Wrd Haz Sinnuhnem Rehdee Havveeng Hommuhnem Trm Red E

Wrd PrepT Haz Uh Mohr Obveeuhss UhssohseeaeeTed AT PrrepT Wrd Deskripshuhnz

  • Wrd Speld " Ready " Wich Iz Sownded OwT Az Rēădŏē

Thoh Thuh Trm Sownded OwT Az


Haz Uh ( Homophone = Saym Sownd]]] Wrd Spohk Az ( Rĕdē = Rehdee ) Wich Haz Ben Deskrybd Az Uh Sinnnuhnem KaTTehgohree Uhv Wrd PrepT.

Thuh NeksT TeksT Wuhz Fruhm:


as in ready

Synonyms for prepped

warm up
clear the decks
fill in
fit out
gear up
get ready
get set
keep posted
let in on
make ready
make up
pave the way
psych up
put on to
wise up

Thiss Iz Thuh LasT Lyn Uhv TeksT In Thuh Payj Naymd " PrepT Wrd Haz Sinnuhnem Rehdee Havveeng Hommuhnem Trm Red E ".

Thiss Iz Thuh LasT Lyn Uhv TeksT In Thuh Payj Naymd "PrepT ".

Empirrikkul Syenss Sub Branch Kynd Typss KlasT By Syz Ohrdr

Wut Ahr Thuh Empirrikkul Syenss Sub Branch Kynd Typss KlasT By Syz Ohrdr?


Thuh Empirrikkul Syenss Sub Branch Kynd Typss KlasT By Syz Ohrdr

  • Ahr OpTs Tu Get ( { ThoT Uhv } And|Ohr { Red Fruhm } ) AT Dif Tymz.

GohL: AkT Az Wun OpTs Izm OpT IsT.

Wohrneeng: Suhm TexT In This Paedj And In Thuh Leengks Tu Paedj FyLz

  • MyT Hav GoT hakr prvrted tu a degree Non ReesrchT YeT.

Thuh Full Kozmolluhjee Iz Thuh
Empirrikkul Syenss Sub Branch Kynd Typss KlasT By Syz Ohrdr

MaTh-BaeesT EmpirrikkuL Syenss

* Zeeroh RooT Wrd Kynd Typss KLasT By Syz Ohrdr

* MaTh Lang Kynd Typs Ohrdrd By Syz

* KwahnTuhm Fizziks Kynd Typs Ohrdrd By Syz

Kem Izm Kynd Typs Ohrdrd By Syz

Uhplyd Syenss

* PrimmiTTiv Tek Izm

* Lyf Izm

Tek Kynd Typs Klast By Ohrdrd Syz

Technology = Tek

BiLd TooL Sizomes And TwL SyZ OhmZ.

BiLd Machine Sizomes and Muhsheen Syz Ohmz.

SmahrT Tek Saiz Ohmz

BoT RoBoT Droid Android

Hows Hohld Syzohmz

Noh MayBee YESS MayBee Noh Fohr Dryveeng


See Ahlsoh:

* Man Shaeept Az Android Ohr Heeuumuhnoid Ohr Mehtuhman

* Tek Ohrganz Needed Fohr Wrkeeng Mynd

* Mynd KuhmpohnenTs Needed Fohr A Lrneeng Mynd

* PrinsippuL-Lee Ther Iz Syenss Fillossuhfee WiTh Thuh:

* * Syenss Fillossuhfee Branch Kyndz wich Inkluudz:

* * * Fillossuhfee Izm Wich Inkluudz Thuh Fillossuhfee Main Branchez.

* * * Fohrmul Syenss

FiLLuhsoffikkuL ReeLidjuhn

* Wen BeesT Growz InTu Prsuhn

* Prsuhn

* Wich Az Which WiTch ( Magic Az Magick Ohr Majjik ) EThics

* Good Ohr bad Manrz Uhv EThikss Mohruls BeTr Ohr wrss Mohral

* Vrchuu EThikss

* UTilitarianism

* Zen Fohr NohbuL TruuThs

* World NaTuropathic Federation

* Eekonnuhmee Kynd Typs KLasT By Syz Ohrdr

* MeewnissippuL Kynd Typs KLasT By Syz Ohrdr

Uhstronnuhmee Nohrm Speld Astronomy:


Wrd Glohb Deskrybd Az Uh ( Sfeerik AsTruhnommikkul ObjekT Uhv UhsTronnuhmee ) ThaT Kan GeT MapT Wich Iz EeThr:
1: An UhsTruhnommikul ObjekT Nohrm Kahld Uh PlanneT, Ohr
2: ( Uh Fyr Glohb Kahld Uh ( STahr Uhv UhsTronnuhmee ) Lyk Thuh LeesT Klohss Fyr Blohb Nohrm Naymd Thuh Sun ),
3:: Uh Spheer ShaeepT Map Uhv An UhsTronnuhmee Glohb.

Thiss Iz Thuh LasT Lyn Uhv TeksT In Thuh Payj Naymd "Glohb ".

* Urantia Gaia Earth Geoscience Sizomes

* SaTTuhLyT Syzohmz

* Lwnr Week Syzohmz

* SeezuhnuL KaLLendr Syz Ohmz

See AhLSoh:

* SohLr SisTem Az Sohl Fyr Glohb Suhn Glohbz And Egg Sheeld And Boh Shok

* LohkuL InTrSTeLr KLowd Syz Ohmz

* Galaxy Cloud Sizomes

* Local Bubble

* SyenTiffik ReeLidjuhn

* Lehsr KreeayTrz

* Astronomy Constellation Sizomes

* Dark STar Sizomes

* Scorpius-Centaurus Association Sizomes

* Gould Belt

* Orion Arm Our Hohm Spyrul Ahrm

* Thuh Milkee Waee Owr Hohm Gallaksee

* MiLkee Waee GaLLakTik UhsTronnuhmee

Extragalactic AsTronomy

* Superuniverse

* Local Group Sizomes

* Virgo Galaxy Cluster Sizomes

* Galactic Filament Sizomes

* Galactic Sheets Sizomes

* GraeeT UhTrakTr

* Lahneeuhkeeuh SuuprKLuhsTr Syz Ohmz

* ShapLee SuuprKLuhsTr

* MosT Big Supercluster = Hercules-Corona Borealis Great Wall

* Kozmogguhnee, Cosmogony Sizomes,

* Cosmology Sizomes

* GrayTr KreeayTrz Uhv SyenTiffik ReeLidjuhn

* AbsohluuT MohsT Big Uhbzrvuhbul Yuunivrss

Hohpful FayT Uhv Thuh AbsohluuT MohsT Big Uhbzrvuhbul Yuunivrss

Thiss Iz Thuh LasT Lyn Uhv TeksT In Thuh Paeej Naeemd " Empirrikkul Syenss Sub Branch Kynd Typss KLasT By Syz Ohrdr ".

Thiss Iz Thuh Last Lyn Uhv Tekst In Thuh Paeej Naeemd " Empirrikkul Syenss Branch Kynd Typs Klast By Syz Ohrdr ".

Ðĭss Ĭz Ðŭ LăsT Lŏēn Ūv TĕksT Ĭn Ðŭ Păēj Năēmd " Empirrikkul Syenss ".

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