See: Wy PrakTiss UhgehnsT SmahL T

EeLekTronz Uhbsohrbeeng And ReeLeeseeng FohTohnz

NexT TekST Wuhz Fruhm:

Electrons can absorb energy from external [LyT] sources…and be promoted to higher energy levels. [P]hoton energy is absorbed by an electron to elevate it into a higher energy level and how the energy can subsequently be released, in the form of a lower energy photon, when the electron falls back to the original ground state.

THuh NexT TekST Wuhz Fruhm:

The lines in an emission spectrum occur when the electron loses energy, "falls back", from a higher energy state to a lower one emitting photons at different frequencies for different energy transitions.

This IndikkayTs ThaT Ther Iz MohsT Lyk Lee Mohr Than Wuhn Syz Uhv ( LyT Sfeer Nohrm Naymd a "PhoTon" ) ThaT Ahr FohTonnikLee RaydeeaeeTed Fruhm EeLekTronz Chayngjeeng OhrbiTs.

BaysT On ThaT KwahnTuhm Fizziks Deskripshuhn,

Duz "Uhbzohrb InTuu EeLehkTronz And ReeLeess Fruhm EeLehkTronz " A Trans FynyT Nuhmbr Uhv
1: PhohTonnik PoeenTs, ProbbubLee Eech Uhv Thuh MohsT Dim Shayd Uhv Dahrk Dim BehrLee VizzibuL LyT, And
2: PhohTonnik Sfeerz Uhv Groheeng Syz, ProbbuhbLee If Mohr Big Then Mohr BryT.