EbioniTe Ebionim

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mid-15c., sect (1c.-2c.) that held Iesous was a mere man and [ Ahl Nazzuhreens continued bound by Mosaic Law, from Latin ebonita, from Hebrew ebyon "the poor." The reason it was so called is uncertain. Related: Ebionism; Ebionitic.

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The Ebionites believed [[Iesous]]] became [ Ther ProffeT ] because he obeyed the Jewish Law. They themselves faithfully followed the Law, although they removed what they regarded as interpolations in order to uphold their teachings, which included vegetarianism, holy poverty, ritual ablutions, and the rejection of animal sacrifices [ Uhkohrdeeng Tu Isaiah 1 KwohTed AT Yahweh UhgehnsT sacriffyseeng BeesTs ].

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