CreaTor Son And CreaTive SpiriT

CreaTor Son And CreaTive SpiriT

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Urantia Book 33:3. The Universe Son and Spirit

33:3.1 While pervading all the universes of time and space, the Infinite Spirit functions from the headquarters of each LocaL Universe as a specialized focalization acquiring full personality qualities by the technique of creative co-operation with the Creator Son. As concerns a LocaL Universe, the administrative authority of a Creator Son is Supreme; the Infinite Spirit, as the Divine Minister, is wholly co-operative though perfectly co-ordinate.

33:3.2 The LocaL Universe Mother Spirit of Salvington, the associate of MichaeL in the control and administration of Nebadon, is of the sixth group of Supreme Spirits, being the 611,121st of that order. She volunteered to accompany MichaEL on the occasion of his liberation from Paradise obligations and has ever since functioned with him in creating and governing his LocaL Universe.

33:3.3 The Master Creator Son is the personal sovereign of his LocaL Universe, but in all the details of its management the LocaL Universe Mother SpiriT is codirector with the CreaTor Son. While the CreaTive SpiriT ever acknowledges the CreaTor Son as sovereign and ruler, the Creator Son always accords the Creative Spirit a co-ordinate position and equality of authority in all the affairs of the realm. In all his work of love and life bestowal the Creator Son is always and ever perfectly sustained and ably assisted by the all-wise and ever-faithful LocaL Universe MoTher SpiriT and by all of her diversified retinue of AngELic personalities. Such a Divine Minister is in reality the mother of spirits and spirit personalities, the ever-present and all-wise adviser of the Creator Son, a FaiThful and true manifestation of the…Infinite Spirit.

33:3.4 The Creator Son functions as a father in his local universe. The CreaTive SpiriT, as mortal creatures would understand, enacts the role of a mother, always assisting the CreaTor Son and being everlastingly indispensable to the administration of the LocaL Universe. In the face of insurrection only the Creator Son and his associated Sons can function as deliverers. Never can the CreaTive SpiriT undertake to contest rebellion or defend authority, but ever does the CreaTive SpiriT sustain the CreaTor Son in all of everything he may be required to experience in his efforts to stabilize GovernmenT and uphold authority on worlds tainted with evil or dominated by sin. Only a Creator Son can retrieve the work of their joint creation, but no CreaTor Son could hope for final success without the incessant co-operation of the Divine Minister and her vast assemblage of SpiriT helpers, the daughters of God, who so faithfully and valiantly struggle for the welfare of mortal men and the glory of their Divine parents.

33:3.5 Upon the completion of the Creator Son’s seventh and final creature bestowal, the uncertainties of periodic isolation terminate for the Divine Minister, and the CreaTor Son’s LocaL Universe helper becomes forever settled in surety and control. It is at the enthronement of the CreaTor Son as a Master Son, at the jubilee of jubilees, that the LocaL Universe MoTher SpiriT, before the assembled hosts, first makes public and universal acknowledgment of subordination to the CreaTor Son, pledging fidelity and obedience. This event occurred in Nebadon] at the Time of MichaeL’s return to SaLvingTon after the Urantian bestowal. Never before this momentous occasion did the LocaL Universe MoTher SpiriT acknowledge subordination to the LocaL Universe CreaTor Son

33:3.6 After this pledge of subordination by the LocaL Universe MoTher SpiriT, Michael of Nebadon nobly acknowledged his eternal dependence on his CreaTive SpiriT companion, constituting the CreaTive SpiriT coruler of his LocaL Universe domains and requiring all their creatures to pledge themselves in loyalty to the CreaTive SpiriT as they had to the CreaTor Son; and there issued and went forth the final “Proclamation of Equality.” Though he was the sovereign of this LocaL Universe, the MasTer Son published to the worlds the fact of the CreaTive SpiriT’s equality with him in all endowments of personality and attributes of Divine character. And this becomes the transcendent pattern for the family organization and government of even the lowly creatures of the worlds of space. This is, in deed and in truth, the high ideal of the family and the human institution of voluntary marriage.

33:3.7 The MasTer Son and the CreaTive SpiriT now preside over the LocaL Universe much as a father and mother watch over, and minister to, their family of sons and daughters. It is not altogether out of place to refer to the LocaL Universe MoTher SpiriT as the creative companion of the Creator Son and to regard the creatures of the realms as their sons and daughters — a grand and glorious family but one of untold responsibilities and endless watchcare.

33:3.8 The MasTer Son initiates the creation of certain of the LocaL Universe children, while the CreaTive SpiriT is solely responsible for bringing into existence the numerous orders of spirit personalities who minister and serve under the direction and guidance of this selfsame MoTher SpiriT. In the creation of other types of universe personalities, both the MasTer Son and the CreaTive SpiriT function together, and in no creative act does the one do aught without the counsel and approval of the other.

UranTia Book Paper 34:3. The Son and Spirit in Time and Space

34:3.2 The InfiniTe SpiriT pervades all space and indwells the circle of eternity. Still, in their personal contact with the children of Time, the personalities of the Infinite Spirit must often reckon with temporal elements, though not so much with space. Many mind ministries ignore space but suffer a time lag in effecting co-ordination of diverse levels of universe reality. A Solitary Messenger is virtually independent of space except that Time is actually required in traveling from one location to another; and there are similar entities unknown to you.

34:3.3 In personal prerogatives a CreaTive SpiriT is wholly and entirely independent of space, but not of Time. There is no specialized personal presence of such a LocaL Universe [[[CreaTive SpiriT]] on either the Universe ConsTeLLaTion or LocaL SysTem headquarters. She is equally and diffusely present throughout her entire [[LocaL Universe]]] and is, therefore, just as literally and personally present on one world as on any other.

34:3.4 Only as regards the element of Time is a CreaTive SpiriT ever limited in her universe ministrations. A Creator Son acts instantaneously throughout his universe; but the CreaTive SpiriT must reckon with time in the ministration of the universal mind except as she consciously and designedly avails herself of the personal prerogatives of the LocaL Universe CreaTor Son. In pure-SpiriT function the CreaTive SpiriT also acts independently of Time as well as in her collaboration with the mysterious function of universe Reflectivity.

34:3.5 Though the SpiriT-gravity circuit of the Eternal Son operates independently of both time and space, all functions of the Creator Sons are not exempt from space limitations. If the transactions of the evolutionary worlds are excepted, these MichaeL Sons seem to be able to operate relatively independent of time. A Creator Son is not handicapped by Time, but he is conditioned by space; he cannot personally be in two places at the same time. Michael of Nebadon acts timelessly within his own LocaL Universe and by reflectivity practically so in the OrvonTon SuperUniverse. He communicates timelessly with the Eternal Son directly.

34:3.6 The Divine MinisTer is the understanding helper of the Creator Son, enabling him to overcome and atone for his inherent limitations regarding space, for when these two function in administrative union, they are practically independent of time and space within the confines of their LocaL Universe creation. Therefore, as practically observed throughout a [LocaL Universe, the Creator Son and the CreaTive SpiriT usually function independently of both time and space since there is always available to each the [Time and the space liberation of the other.

34:3.8 When a CreaTive SpiriT becomes “space conscious,” she is preparing to recognize a circumscribed “space domain” as hers, a realm in which to be space free in contradistinction to all other space by which she would be conditioned. One is free to choose and act only within the realm of one’s consciousness.

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