BeTr Iz Now Heer Deskrybd Az :

BeTr Iz Heer Deefynd Az:
1: If Ehnee Bad Mohral Then Proh Less Bad Mohral Ohr BeTr Kuhmpleet Non-bad Mohral And Ahl Good Mohral;
2: Proh Mohr Good Moral.

( If Ehny ( Troo Bad Rong Suffreeng SensT Then AkT:
Proh Less Bad Rong Sufreeng Fohr Thuh Troo ReeL Bad Rongd Sufreeng VikTim

DooTee UhgensT Sufreeng In Bod ThaT Self Werz Uhv BeTr

  • If Now Duz Senss In Bod ThaT Self Werz Ehnyee ( Troo Bad Rong Suffreeng )
    • Then A.S.A.P. Prfohrm ReeLeev sufreeng TreeTmenT Fohr Bod ThaT Self Werz,

A.S.A.P. Uhv DooTee UhgensT Sufreeng In Bod ThaT Self Werz

Az Soon Az PossibbuL

Proh Lessenneeng bad sufreeng Twohrdz Non Bad Peewr Good FeeLeeng

Az Much Az PossibuL Chooz Seereeiuhss Reesolv Tu {Theengk And|Ohr AkT) In Uhkohrdanss WiTh
Kohr KehruhkTr Vrchoo Tu Nevr Uhbanduhn__ ATTiTTood

proh non-sufreeng_izm And Proh Mohr Good SensT_)

Proh Less stress And Mohr Kahlm

Proh Less week And Mohr Strong

Proh Less stupid And Mohr Smahrt.

Proh less ignorant and Mohr Lrn Ed

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